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For the site construction of the word as long as it is not unfamiliar with the internet, in Baidu, Google or search for more famous search engines, as long as you enter the site construction of the word will certainly see thousands of internet companies in there. Web site construction has been rampant on the Internet, but you are going to do the site or have done the site's friends do you really understand the site construction? Understanding is not equal to understanding. Okay, let's take a look at the Web site construction of the comparative terms of the content. First, what is the role of the site? The website is the enterprise displays own image, releases the product information, the contact network customer's new platform, the new world, then may open up the new market through the electronic commerce, obtains the extremely small investment to obtain the huge profit and the profits.

Second, what is the website construction?

Web site construction refers to the use of the identity language, through a series of design, modeling, and implementation of the process of electronic format of information transmission through the Internet, and ultimately in the form of graphical user interface by the user to browse. Website Construction is an enterprise to provide users and netizens with information (including products and services) a way, web site construction is the enterprise to carry out E-commerce infrastructure and information platform, leaving the site (or just use a third-party website) to talk about E-commerce is impossible. Enterprise's website is called "The Network Trademark", also is the enterprise intangible assets constituent, but the website is the Internet propaganda and reflects the enterprise image and the culture important window. Website construction is to cover the enterprise positioning considerations, from the marketing point of view of a construction site process, including the early site positioning, content differentiation, page communication and other strategic research established, to domain name registration, space leasing, website style design, website code production Five parts, this process requires site planners, Art designers, web programmers together to complete. The website can be divided into government, public institution website, commercial website, personal website and portal website, etc.

OK, for the website construction we know for a while probably is so one thing on it, the following will be from the website construction Nine steps to see how to do a good job of a website:

The first step: to give the site a preliminary status, to find the choice of who to do for their own station.

Site positioning this is a particularly important link in the construction of the website. Do the station from the location start, simply say is to do a what type of site, corporate websites, online shopping malls, school sites, government-type websites, industry information sites or simple personal sites. If this oneself is not very clear, that oneself want to do this website is what use or oneself is to do what, this always should clear! If still not clear, then I suggest that you are not do not do website good. Different types of Web sites will determine the interface style of the site, the cost of website construction. Note that in the beginning, don't rush to register the domain name and find space to buy space merchants. There are a lot of things you don't know about this time. What kind of domain name should I take? How much space or oneself to buy a server? Only oneself to the site has a certain positioning, you can choose to do the site of the company or studio to negotiate. According to their own budget and the actual situation to choose!

The second step: the website function demand and the column plan as well as the website construction expense discussion

Determine who to complete the site after the production, the two sides must continue to communicate and communicate the final consensus, and to develop a concise and clear features need to explain the document, which is also the final site function test whether the standards and basis. For example: the website has which function module, the foreground has which column, has which website (indicates the website address) may refer, whether includes the content input and so on. In general, more professional companies or studios in addition to you look at quotes, but also through consultation and exchange guidance and help customers find a more reasonable cost-effective solution. For example, a client is a business or company boss, and usually he just knows he wants to do a website. Because the site does not shape, the specific objectives of the site is not necessarily very clear. At this time whether professional and familiar with the industry knowledge or whether the experience is fully reflected. such as corporate websites generally have company profiles, corporate culture, company news, announcements, product display, success stories, customer messages, FAQs and so on. When the customer understands the content, they may make their own comments and suggestions. By communicating and guiding customers, helping customers find a cost-effective solution this is the professional, and only then can carry out the next step of work. Next is to negotiate Web site construction costs, advances and so on.

The third step: the application of domain name space and early site record

After the project is determined, you can start to apply for domain name space and site record. Domain name is not what to say is of course short and easy to remember and the meaning of the site and the name of the corresponding or relevant on the line. As for the legend of Pinyin more conducive to Baidu search this probably can not ignore. Domain name usually the first year is cheap the second annual rise, this must be asked clearly, if the rise is too large should not choose such a domain registrar. Space business advice to choose a relatively large trustworthy, it is best to help the site to record the best. The website record this depends on the luck, fast time two weeks on the line, slow time may let you wait for three months also is often the thing. And the speed of the record site open often is a snail faster than it several times. Normal to have no record of the site is not linked to the Internet, so please do the site quickly to record things is not wrong. Now the site is more stringent than before, to provide personal identity card number or company business license and the person in charge of the scan photos;

Fourth Step: Website Interface style design, first informer page effect chart

Website Interface style first of all according to their own preferences or the image of the enterprise itself to locate the color of the main hue. Blue stable atmosphere, red passion bold, blue or albumin simple refreshing, black cool, pink romantic lively and lovely. The choice of the main color of the website depends mainly on the type of website, in general, the choice of the majority of corporate websites blue, women's or underwear mall general Pink Majority, the industry station generally to light blue mainly color mostly, of course, this does not have a unified standard, nor a provision mainly to see personal preferences and aesthetic appreciation angle. And one of the most important site is the home page, the home page design is almost finished half of the design. Changes to other pages also have to change according to the home page. So in the whole site when the start of work or to Informer page effect chart, the audit confirmed before continuing the next step. Speaking of this has to mention a word "template", I think most people think that template is the template to build a station, in fact, many people are not very understanding of this. A template is an HTML-formatted Web page that you can browse directly in a browser. We can also understand the site template as a form of the interface style, it is not imagined that the use of templates are stereotyped, very common very no personalized pages. and template Building station is the use of the generation of Web site systems and procedures to generate Web sites, are a kind of interface style is not the same content. Like Multi-User mall Taobao is not the nature of this. These two ways of doing the web are like the difference between a handmade workshop and a machine-made production. So we usually say that the site template and template to build a station is two different things. It is easier to say that the site template should be changed to the site interface style more appropriate. The appearance of the template can be said to be a leap in the development of the Web site technology, because the process and interface separation makes the interface designed to do their own good things, and specialized in the development of the program features specialized development. Everyone is not very professional and proficient, the interface and process separation led to the IT industry has a lot of specialized templates for Network Studios and professional CMS or online mall management system such companies. And the Word template began to overrun the Internet, the price is from 5 yuan to tens of thousands. Templates can be said to be the site interface style, it is only by the Web designer with firework or Photoshop and other image processing tools to design a beautiful PNG or PSD format of the page effect map, and then cut the map and Dreamweare tool output into an HTML static page, Of course, the output also needs a certain technology, now more popular is the HTML tags and CSS style separation way, so that the HTML code looks more refreshing. The legendary Div is now all the more favored fantasy combination, in fact, table+css is not imagined so bad, from the perspective of visualization is also more convenient. Like what kind of on their own according to the actual choice of it!

Fifth Step: the website Management system choice or the website program code

The implementation of the website function and code writing, this is the site construction of a more time-consuming link. Now the network flooded website construction, build station company, really have the ability or say have the strength of professional studio or company is not many. All walks of life in the Internet free Open source code a lot of, but you download back will find a lot of problems in fact. is not the code to write confusion, modify the interface is only for learning exchange use, better professional management system price is not cheap. Now to find a set of management system is not found, but do not know how to choose and choice. Many people say that they are how professional to do the website of the network company, but also from the Internet under the source code to a slight change to use. Otherwise, how could a website be 100 or 200 dollars? Just be a user login I want to be very skilled programmers also have a long day! Plus, it's going to take a lot more effort. However, the community is progressive, online also has a number of Priority CMS website management system and online shopping malls, corporate web site management system. and the Web Program development language is also kind and version more, common have PHP,. NET, ASP, and database is commonly used with MySQL, MS SQL Server, access, large databases have orical other here I will not enumerate. The more popular combination is roughly php+apach+mysql the publisher and database for this platform is free. Oh, space business there is not free price is not cheaper than the Microsoft platform! But to build their own servers and to be bigger then you can consider because Apach, MySQL is free. and. Net+ms SQL Server \.net+access \asp+ms SQL Server \asp+access as for what platform and combination to see oneself like and familiar with that kind of, the difference, here do not make suggestions. Here I would like to add that the site is now almost a Web site management system + templates to do, not temporary to develop a website. Just a few k or even hundreds of, no one will be silly enough to spend so much time to earn this money. Relatively strong on their own first developed a set of Web site management system, and then according to customer demand a set of new templates, and then put on the label, up to one or two more flash or JS effect is very good. Not so strong is attached to a Web site management system, to help customers build stations only to collect the cost of the template. This is a bit more honest. There is not very kind of direct download the source code online, and then directly to help customers do the station, collect is the cost of the whole station naturally a little higher. Don't think about security or anything. Oh, this is the current Web site industry.

Sixth step: Website test, including the website front page and the Backstage management function test

Web site After the previous five steps can be said that the prototype of the site has been out, but the project has not ended, but also after careful testing to upload the site to space. Site test simple points include the front page test and the site background management function test. Front page of the test is mainly to check the integrity of the page, whether it is consistent with the effect diagram, whether there are JS errors, the page in different browsers are confused, whether there is a blank link or wrong page. The background management function test is to test whether the function is in accordance with the requirement document and whether all functions can be used normally. Other conditions can also do some Web site security testing, this must be based on their own a certain basis can be. What white box test, black box test, unit test and so on are used for software testers, as a webmaster does not need to use such professional testing.

Seventh Step: Website Daily maintenance and website security management

Website management and maintenance, this is a long-term work, after the site is put into use or there are some previously not found problems, so to timely correction and improvement. Web site management should pay special attention to some security management issues, such as security management configuration, the default password changes, often check the Web site log, have a message or forum must strengthen the content of the audit and management, otherwise it is easy to be sealed station Oh!

Eighth Step: Website operation, optimization and promotion

Website optimization and promotion This is often overlooked part of the site construction, from the real sense that this is the beginning of the site construction, the site's operation is from the site optimization and promotion began. Of course just to add a URL to your own business card or box is another matter. Why are some sites so valuable while others are treated as spam sites? Like that year's good 123 is just some static link address, and such a website navigation site has been favored by the vast number of netizens. Web site hanging on the internet has to do a good job, or do it again beautiful that is worthless meaningless. With the progress of the social web site optimization and promotion has been a lot of people's attention, so the current SEO and network marketing Such a word is very hot, I want to say is SEO actually did not do SEO optimization company said so marvellous, it is just a means of website promotion, and is attached to the search engine of a form of network promotion, the network is such an environment is a very small thing but a night was deified by the infinite level of amplification. We are in the network marketing and SEO optimization of the mysterious veil at the same time, we can consider the use of this relatively effective way of promotion.

This shows that the site construction contains a lot of content, and each link is moving towards professional development, domain name space business, Web design, Web site management system, website optimization promotion. Professional website Construction really do not know how to professional, once in some places saw large banner launched 168 Yuan professional website construction. I believe this price but I do not want to know how professional. Everyone has their own position and purpose of standing, but I think everyone except hobbies hope that they can do a more satisfied with the site, inexpensive is anyone want. As long as the broad masses of friends have a certain understanding of each link will certainly be able to do this, I wish every friend to do the site have their own satisfaction with the site it!

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