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First of all, the promotion of the site is a long-standing problem, but I summed up eight ways is also through the promotion of this download station

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8207.html "> Navigation website Landing

For a small traffic, not well-known sites, navigation sites can bring you more traffic than search engines and other methods. I made a statistic for my friend's so-and-so net. Simply recommended to the home page is its included in the pages of a humble place, every day to my friend's site to bring about 200 of the traffic.

Second, Friendship Connection

Friendship connection can bring a stable passenger flow to a website. In addition to help the site in Google and other search engine species rankings.

Third, search engine landing rankings

Search engine to bring the flow of the site will be more and more large, landing there are landing cavalry and many other software. But the most effective or manual landing. Through the manual landing to NetEase, Yahoo and other search engines to bring a lot of traffic. Some other portals currently take a toll landing and you can choose according to your situation.

Iv. Network Advertising

Network advertising Although to spend money, but to bring the flow of the site is very objective, but how to spend the least money to get the best results, this requires a lot of skills.

V. Mail advertisement

1. Title suggestion: Appealing, simple and clear. Don't deceive people.

2. Content suggestions: The use of HTML format is better, the other layout must be clear.

Vi. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is mainly the use of mutually beneficial methods, so that netizens to help their own propaganda, to create a virus like the spread of the same effect. Here are some common methods:

Vii. BBS Publicity

BBS publicity, although spending energy, but the effect is very good. Network Marketing, the details of winning, website promotion, comprehensive attack. Oh!! BBS publicity to choose their own potential customers in the BBS, or the popularity of a better BBS. BBS propaganda note several strategies:

Viii. Promotional Activities

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