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Cheng Jurong The smartphone market share, Android began to "grab" the handheld mobile Internet terminal market.  April 13, the Hong Kong Electronics Show in the spring, Oppo, a enjoy ebook eye-catching-the use of the core micro-RK2808 main chip, is the first electronic book based on the Android operating system.  In fact, with the market turmoil on the other side of the ocean's ipad and Kindle, China's handheld mobile terminal market is poised to emerge, and Android, an Up-and-comer in the smartphone market, could become the "new" leader of the "old" industry.  In recent days, our correspondent from Shenzhen, Hong Kong, a number of electronic exhibitions learned that the recent number of Chinese electronic equipment manufacturers began to push, tablets, paper books, MID (refers to handheld Internet terminals) and other handheld mobile terminal products, more and more manufacturers began to prefer to adopt the Android operating system.  Android's "false-catch" is similar to the smartphone sector, and Android, a successor in the handheld mobile terminal market, is increasingly playing a "predator" role. "We launched an Android-based 4.8-inch mid product in January and the market reacted well."  "Shenzhen Blue Magic Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy general manager Liu Shurun told our correspondent, the Hong Kong electronic exhibition Android products will be the focus of the company to promote." According to Liu Shurun, although the mid product based on Android is priced at 999 yuan-far higher than the traditional mid terminal 599 yuan Price, but the market is still hot: "At present, our single monthly shipments have reached 20,000 units, and the growth rate is very fast." "Android will be the trend of future mid products and the main direction of the company's future products." Liu Shurun told reporters, because Android in the mid market area is still in the initial stage, currently limited to some digital enthusiasts, short-term view of the market space is limited. But as the Android phone market climbs and future apps for mid are strengthened, the Android mid market is set to explode next year: "Our goal is to make 60,000 to 80,000 shipments per month."  "There is also a great enthusiasm for Android, as well as a person in Beijing, one of the Information Technology Co., Ltd., this is a main tablet computer manufacturers, used to mainly use Windows CE system platform, but now based on the Android platform of Tablet computer research and development, has occupied the company's main important position." "Android platform will be the focus of our future Tablet PC product development." "One person, vice President Fang told reporters, as early as in 2009, the company set up about 20 people's Android platform research and development team:" We even from the Windows CE team, some people have been deployed to do Android. The reporter learned that at present the company AThe Ndroid platform has more than 50 research and development teams, the first Android-based product that will be a 7-inch-screen tablet, scheduled to go on sale in July this year. In fact, the industry whirlwind of Android has been swept up in China's handheld mobile terminal market.  This reporter learned that, including love visual, Jinghua and other traditional digital manufacturers will be launched based on Android mobile terminal products.  Upstream Android race in fact, the Android boom is not just a terminal product line, but a race around Android has already begun in the most upstream chip research and development area of the industry chain. Fuzhou Rui-Core microelectronics is the first in China to develop an Android platform based on the main chip IC manufacturers. "We started the chip development of the Android platform as early as September 2008.  "Rui-core Microelectronics marketing director Feng told reporters that last March, after the first prototype out, after continuous optimization has been achieved in January this year production." According to Feng, the tablet, based on the micro Android platform, has a certain gap with Apple's ipad in some details: "But the overall speed and operating experience are similar to the ipad's 80%." "More importantly, based on domestic chip Android platform has a strong price advantage."  Feng told reporters, Apple ipad without wifi/3g price of $499, based on the Swiss core solution, the same size, touch screen and Android Tablet PC price may be only 1/3 of it. The launch of the Android platform "China core" has greatly reduced the entry of handset manufacturers into the android threshold. "In April, 8 customers have achieved mass production, which is expected to increase to 20 in May."  According to Feng, Rui-core micro-Android platform based customers cover tablets, mid, mobile phones, digital photo frames, including tablets and mid products occupy the bulk. "At present, we have shipments of about 200,000 tablets, which are expected to exceed 5 million pieces last year."  "Feng is optimistic about the market outlook for chips based on the Android platform. In fact, the upstream chip makers who covet Android are by no means the Swiss-core.  This reporter learned that Beijing June Zheng IC Co., Ltd. based on the development of Android Chip, is also a "gallop." "We started a little later on the Android platform, but it's getting tighter," he said. June Zheng, a head of the marketing department, said that the year June is based on the Android chip will certainly be listed. "In addition, MediaTek, including the traditional handset chip giant, is secretly working on the development of the Android chip." "Our Android smartphone chip will also be made to provide users with a ' one-stop ' solution."  "MediaTek CFO Ming told our correspondent. Class "IPad" product Android opportunity in traditional PCAnd mobile phones, Android has found another market space of its own – perhaps a revolutionary opportunity. "Windows CE is designed for stand-alone, and its Internet capabilities experience is weak." "Fang analysis, for example, the CE does not support flash, which makes the Chinese consumers accustomed to watching animation appear acclimatized."  In addition, the CE touch screen function is weak, not conducive to the Internet experience. By contrast, Google's Android system was first created to be designed for Internet applications. "Android's open mode will allow applications to be optimized, user experience and stickiness increasingly strong."  "ISUPPLI senior analyst Wenjun Analysis. According to our correspondent, Android mobile apps are compatible with Android based mobile handheld terminals. This means that Android handheld terminal users can enjoy Android harsh currently has nearly 20,000 applications.  And that number is growing. Android's rise in the smartphone market will boost Android's mid market.  "Feng believes that the Android platform's user stickiness will gradually emerge." That's not all of Android's advantage. Compared to Windows CE nearly 10 U.S. dollars in licensing fees, Android's free mode is undoubtedly more popular.  This reporter in Shenzhen shanzhai manufacturers understand that almost all shanzhai manufacturers, in the category of "IPad" products are inclined to use the Android system. "In fact, handheld mobile end products are a very awkward market for Microsoft and the Intel Alliance," he said. "Wenjun further analysis, as Microsoft and Intel in the highly profitable traditional PC domain monopoly, the development of tablets and other handheld mobile terminal products is tantamount to" left and right Mutual ":" In the external handheld mobile terminal business, Microsoft has been very contradictory. And that gives Android a rare market space. "The current Android system of all kinds of mid products just launched soon, its system stability has yet to be optimized." "In the long run Android will be the mainstream of mid products," said one Shenzhen electronics veteran, with technology maturity and price downgrades. ”
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