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May 20, 2014, Smartisan founder of Overheating hammer with his cell phone at the Beijing National Convention Center as the world tells the story of a craftsman about feelings, stories about dreams.

The story is very exciting, the presence of people and many later watched the video friends have been moved, which also includes me, a loyal fan of the old Luo.

I even wrote on the second day of the conference: " As headmaster of a former English school , controversy was conceivable when Lao Luo was presented with a consumer electronic product as CEO of a technology company , but despite being ridiculed consistently low to see, I still think this is a dream, feelings, and not just winning or losing serious craftsman spirit admirable, pay tribute to the hammer, the mad old Luozhi Jing paranoid. I would unequivocally support the old Luo and his hammer cell phone. "

In the past less than two months, I think not only me, but also many are touched the hammer powder are excited, nervously waiting for the official delivery of the hammer cell phone, this is no better than " fruit powder " look forward to feeling weak .

However, the worry happened. On July 5 , Old Lo disclosed on Weibo that shipments of the hammer cell phone Smartisan T1 will not exceed 1000 on the first day of sale, while the reason for restricting the previous shipment is "the current yield on the production line is relatively low . " Needless to say the ferromagnetic hammer powder, we will forgive the old Luo's perfectionism. But this is not a commercial experiment, is really fighting the market, low supply capacity really get everyone's understanding? I myself doubt.

After a very painful but rational thinking, I would like to say a few fair but not quite audible words to the hammer cell phone and Lao Luo:

1. hammer cell phone is a good phone, but not necessarily a good selling cell phone

Apple designers to join the T1 " born noble " , those intimate, meticulous, thought-provoking elegant design can really make people see the idealistic old Loyal sincerity, such as sophisticated dazzling UI and interaction, highly symmetrical appearance of the product , Consider the habits of right and left hand crowd ... As a product appearance Association plus obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, it can be said that this " heart " product is very lethal to me.

However, the old Luo true confidence that everyone can pay for this " feelings " it?

I can not help but want to take millet and hammer simple to do a comparative analysis. Carefully analyze the success of millet really Lei Jun told the story: " focus, extreme, word of mouth and fast " it? In fact, millet just seized the user's pursuit of " cost-effective " mentality, giving up the high-end market Apple, Samsung dominate, turn into the mid-market, through the price and fan stories continue to make all buyers feel support millet is a right decision .

Once released, the hammer T1 became the " topic king " immediately , which was related to the speech talent of Lao Lo's " Natural Inspiration " on the one hand, and T1 's " big upper " pricing strategy on the other hand . Smartisan T1 16GB version is priced at 3,000 yuan, 32GB version priced at 3150 yuan, while support for 4G network T1 price is 3500 yuan (16GB) and 3650 yuan (32GB), will be available before the end of the year. 3000 multivariate price has become the largest hammer cell phone " slot " , many users jokingly said " Hammer cell phone is so expensive, I buy a hammer! " Unless it is to do a hammer sale, otherwise the price is really hard to say is " industry conscience " It's

In addition to the high price, Hammer cell phone another puzzling decision is for the 4G follow-up strategy, Lao Luo said at the press conference: 4G in addition to watching video and no significant advantages, as well as lead to body heat Problem ... I see here I have to say: Old Luo ah, you really should do their homework! The competition in the domestic mobile market continued to intensify. As China Mobile increased its 4G network construction and promotion, many customers chose 4G networks with lower charges, faster speeds and better terminals after a period of wait and see . One obvious evidence is that this year In May , the number of new subscribers of China Mobile stood out. Mobile subscribers of China Unicom and China Telecom continued to show a year-on-year slowdown. In particular, net subscribers of China Telecom were negative. The half-life of 3G is approaching while 4G is rapidly expanding. But why all the treasure in the Unicom 3G above, the current three operators have received 4G licenses, and " China Cool Union " and other handset manufacturers continue to introduce very competitive price terminal products, China Mobile has even introduced the price of thousands Of the five-mode smart phone, which can not help but pinch the hammer for a sweat.

2. The phone carries a hammer craftsman feelings and dreams, but really "stand to make money the" capability

Whether it was a hammer ROM press conference more than a year ago or a hammer cellphone press two months earlier, the word " feelings " always appeared in our line of sight. For a time, the industry talk about " feelings " endless. There was a heartfelt blessing, a curse of ignorance, a contemptuous irony and a sincere advice. It is hard to imagine how much pressure Lao Luo had to bear.

However, the world is like this. Will not pay because of your dreams, but also because of your fledgling sympathy. After all, this is in itself a sale, there is no noble, nor more humble. Since it is a sale, then please put away the poet's spring and snow, come up with " stood to make money " will and action.

The first question: In addition to Lao Luo, who can speak for the hammer?

This seems like a false proposition, but it is also a real problem. As the creator of the hammer cell phone, Old Luo undoubtedly qualified spokesman. Although he was so proud, but it has a natural-like reality distortion position in the domestic product launches, this good gag and occasionally flashed the "light of humanity," the middle-aged man unique presentation style to ensure the phone has a distinctive hammer The first loyal fans, it is also these people may be able to help the hammer the first batch of handsets shipped smoothly, then? After all, this is not a one-shot deal, the user needs is not only a cell phone, it is a good story can be said. Lao Luo for the hammer cell phone labeled " feelings " is undoubtedly successful, but after all, he had only one person's volume, how to ensure that the sound has a broader coverage and more penetrating power is probably a problem. This not only needs Lao Lo alone, but also needs the power of mobilizing the masses of fans. It even needs to organize the activities of " I speak for the hammer " organizedly to form a concerted effort and then become a city.

The second question: official website can really meet the needs of all users? Who will control the sales channel?

From the channel point of view, the hammer cell phone millet buy, there is no spike like gimmicks, the official website is the only channel to purchase reservations, the author after the actual operation, you want to book the hammer cell phone also need to advance 300 yuan deposit, how to protect the popularity and sales Indeed a test. Although Lao Loe repeatedly stressed that the hammer does not sell the price / performance ratio, " uncompromising " is a natural attitude but the market is cruel. The importance of channels as a mass consumer electronic device is self-evident. Even if short-term to meet the needs of some hardcore fans, but in the long run, a single channel will be the key bottleneck in hammer sales. To blunt high sales, in addition to targeted development of channel partners, cooperation with operators is also a good choice. At present, all three operators are in the period of 4G development. Opening up with a high-end terminal product is very tricky. In the five- terminal and ten-frequency 4G terminals, there is a lack of diversity in high-end products. This is precisely a Opportunity, the hammer should be followed up as soon as possible, so as to avoid being dominated by other manufacturers.

The third question: Hammer cell phone service how to protect?

Although Lao Luo is very attentive to shell powder insurance for those who have prepared, but the smart phone players encountered problems not only " broken " this kind of situation, as the first generation, no matter what the perfectionism is inevitable To face a variety of weird after-sales problems, and in addition to playing " feelings " card Old Luo has kidnapped himself " must be perfect " moral cross, even if " brain residue powder " can accommodate the first generation of its hammer products Perfect, there is no guarantee that all users will be able to turn a blind eye to all problems, including accessories, software. Again, cooperation is the right way. Once the " industry conscience " of the English training community , the outstanding performance of Lao Luo English Agency in customer service is beyond doubt. However, in distributed systems, Hammer Technology obviously can not guarantee that users enjoy localized services in the short term. So, find a partner fly (with a wide range of mobile phone sales channels and experience, etc.) is the hammer more reliable choice, at least for low-cost millet left posterior its flaws, and 3000 yuan + hammer Cell phones will not have the chance to be forgiven.

As a middle-aged man flashed " human light " , Old Luo undoubtedly quite successful. Luo language recorded from the old network to Niu Bo, from the English school to the hammer cell phone, the old Luo his personality charm to the extreme, and therefore have a large number of fans.

As a flagship " feelings " brand entrepreneur, Lao Luo and some " foolproof . " Huang Taiji, Ma Jiajia, Diaoyutai Sirloin ... ... Mobile Internet era, feelings of consumer spending has long been the mainstream, the first can be unconventional, the second can be the pursuit of innovation, can be the third fourth, the feelings may become the street casually " Said two pounds " thing.

Finally, as a " roman powder, " I would still like to say that there are not many people like Lao Luo who are attached to the product, no matter how successful the hammer cell phone is or how many people lament Lao Lo's idealism. This " I Not for winning or losing, I am serious " effort is worthy of respect.

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