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In the Valentine's Day and the Chinese Lantern Festival in the two-day, Ma Yun in the "Rivers and lakes" together on the article, said employees must be Company's first product, others are second. He believes that the company's growth and development depends on talent, but "digging" talent is not wise , recruit potential employees is the most worthwhile and correct investment. The below is Mr Ma's view.

It is a great knowledge for the company to invite and keep people. Many of the company's best employees are often "dug" out by competitors. The company's growth and development depends on talent, but by means of the people dug up and did not cultivate their own good.

In fact, "dug" employees in the new company is often very difficult, because if you work hard in the new company to fight against the old company, it is "unjust", because then you are sorry to cultivate your old club. If you don't work hard against your old club, you are "unfaithful" because the new owner is inviting you to defeat your original business. Therefore, a lot of job-hopping employees will face the basic entanglements. So the employees who come directly from the competition are better off doing what they don't have to compete with their old club.

Companies that often rely on digging up opponents to become backbone are also prone to frustration and discouragement from the original employees of your own company. Well-paid employees are always given huge expectations, they are also easy to quickly prove their value and haste, it is very easy to lead to the original team did not cooperate ....

Today's enterprises have been very difficult to avoid the staggered turnover of employees, but the path of enterprise development must be to work hard to cultivate your own talent echelon. Training people is very tiring, difficult, and takes a lot of time, but anything that is fast can easily decline quickly. On the contrary, a down-to-earth and slowly developed enterprise, down is also slowly poured down.

Recruit potential employees, spend time with them, train them to change themselves, train them to improve themselves, and train them to go beyond themselves is always your boss's responsibility and the most rewarding and correct investment.

The company's first product must be your employees, followed by others.

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