Energy saving and consumption reduction in data center has become an important issue in the industry.

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With the increasing of the power consumption in the global data center, the energy Saving and consumption reduction of the data center has become an important issue of the industry. At present, many countries in the world have advocated to reduce the energy consumption of data centers, and actively develop relevant standards and norms, research and development of green energy-saving technology. "Green" has become the main theme of IDC development, singing the world.

Data center to reduce energy consumption and reduce the mainstream

In the past 5 years, global data center energy consumption growth rate of 56%, 2010 total consumption of electricity in 198.8 Billion-kilowatt, about 2010 years of global output of 1.1% to 1.5%, in the United States with a large number of data centers, this percentage even reached 1.7% to 2.2%. In this context, the United States, the European Union and other developed regions since 2005 began to pay attention to the "green" Problem of data center, and has taken relevant measures to encourage the development of "green" data center.

Since the summer of 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States (EPA) must report to Parliament on data center energy consumption estimates, as well as suggestions to reduce energy consumption in data centers; In 2008, the European Union issued the data Center Energy Efficiency Code of Conduct, Singapore in 2010, the Singapore Green Data Center standards- Energy and environmental management system; at the end of 2011, the South Korean knowledge-based economy will be the green certification of data Center as part of its energy policy.

At present, there are about 430,000 data centers in China, of which the operating data center has 921 rooms and an area of about 880,000 square meters. 2011 China's data center total consumption of 70 Billion-kilowatt, accounting for the entire social power consumption of 1.5%, in the next 5 years, China's data center capacity to deal with the demand will increase by 7 to 10 times times. Our Government attaches importance to data center energy consumption, in order to promote energy saving and emission reduction in the data center, the Ministry of Industry's "industrial energy Saving" Twelve-Five "plan" clearly pointed out that 2015 data center Pue value dropped 8%; the "Cloud Model project" of the NDRC requires that the data center be pue below 1.5% In early 2012 Wei minister and deputy minister of Chang, "currently to be finalized, published Internet Data Center technology and classification standards."

The development of "green" technology in data center

The "green" development of the data center involves a wide range of factors, including site selection, design, building materials, refrigeration, power supply, IT equipment, application systems and so on. For the internal data center, the data center mainly by IT equipment, refrigeration system, power distribution system, lighting and other related ancillary equipment, they are the main energy consumption elements of the data center. The first three items are the main power consumption part, so the Green data Center energy-saving technology mainly around these three.

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