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Now the establishment of the Enterprise station is a trend of the community, the building station friends are more and more. How to choose a good Enterprise station plan is the biggest demand of each enterprise customer. Anti-Nick (www.iisp.com/?s=sharly) comprehensive market of various aspects of the survey to give some of the establishment of several projects and make a corresponding comparison.

Project One: Please the professional company to build the station (traditional building station)

Plan two: Template Building station, self-service construction station, CMS station, etc.

From the above list can be seen for different customer groups to build the station is not the same, but another point can be seen more and more small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals to choose Self-Help station to build more. But now self-help build a lot of stations, how to build a complete enterprise website? Anti-Nick use his many years of actual combat experience, to share with you a complete enterprise website of the construction station tutorial, from the choice of domain name, purchase of virtual host, website production, website promotion.

Register a domain name

The domain name best not too long, and has certain significance, easy to remember, now a good domain name is not much, you can flexibly use the combination of numbers, English words, pinyin, in the domain name before, after plus I, E, 51, OK, Hao, 88, 163, etc., you can flexibly combine a lot of good domain names. Enterprise Domain name can choose CN or COM domain name, but the CN domain name needs mailing Enterprise business license to be approved before it can be opened, if the enterprise urgently need to use words to recommend registration COM real-time open.

Second, the purchase of virtual space

Now many of the host kinds of businesses are also layer out of the hundred poor. How to choose a stable and practical space is the most satisfying product in every consumer's heart. When choosing a virtual host can give you a few good suggestions.

1: To see whether the company has qualifications, the general is a ICP/ISP dual access qualification of the more formal.

2: Look at the location of the computer room, this is a major factor in determining the host, the location of the computer room determines the stability and speed of the host, generally in the national node room is a great advantage; At present, due to the domestic host procedures cumbersome, long time a lot of customers also choose to be exempt from

3: Look at the customer base evaluation, customer evaluation is also very important, which is very important for service and management.

4: See the virtual host there are no more value-added services like free post Office, self-service construction station system, etc., this can save a lot of costs.

III. website Production

According to the purpose and function of the site planning site content, general corporate website should include: Company profile, product introduction, service content, price information, contact details, online orders and other basic content. E-commerce Web site to provide member registration, detailed merchandise service information, information search query, order confirmation, payment, personal information security measures, related assistance. It is reported that in the production of Web sites, anti-Nick launched a free self-service build station system built station box, by thousands of exquisite Web site templates, hundreds of Web site features. Can be based on enterprise customers need to design corporate Web sites or e-commerce sites, the operation of human nature as long as the type can be used.
Construction Station Box specific flowchart:

Iv. website Updates

Quality to win, to new win, to win the website is the purpose of renewal. It is worth mentioning that the construction of the box to break through the traditional web site update inconvenient cost of the disadvantage. Use Build station box enterprise customers can own their own independent management backstage, at any time to update and maintenance, hundreds of templates, a variety of functions can be replaced at any time. To facilitate the full function to break through the site update.

V. website propaganda, promotion and cooperation with foreign countries

First of all, the enterprise itself to promote the awareness of the site: In any case where the company's information is added to the company's Web site, such as business cards, office supplies, promotional materials, media advertising. In addition, network advertising and search engine registration is the main way to promote the current site. As a result, not only can your site be easily found, but the number of visitors will also soar. In addition, the construction of a station box can provide free promotion, all the information and products in the box issued by the building will be published to (www.35ba.com) free promotion platform.

It is reported that with the large number of customer demand for the enterprise market, the virtual host 10 strong provider of anti-Nick for SME customers designed to save the cost of building the station package (domain name + space + Free construction station system). In addition, in order to deal with the issue of the record also launched the United States host 60 percent discount, exempt from the record easy to build sites. Let's hope that the best we can do is to have more development in every service.
More information: http://www.iisp.com/?s=sharly

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