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With the development of Internet, electronic commerce is more and more valued by enterprise bosses. That kind of http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/32219.html "> Taobao shop equivalent to the enterprise marketing platform of the boss estimate not too much, and many companies have opened their own corporate web site." According to the small compilation statistics, the enterprise establishes the website no more than three purposes: sells the product on-line, the propaganda company image, the production service. Most enterprises (except the IT industry) generally do not put a lot of human and money on their own website, the most is to spend money to buy a domain name and space, let the construction station company to take a program, find a technology responsible for the operation. Seemingly extensive, but limited to the strength of enterprises and site positioning, it can only be so. The following small series and you talk about, enterprises in the registration of domain names need to pay attention to what problems. In the domain name to buy the above small series and you will not talk about, the site has a lot of related articles, small series on the focus on the security of domain names, oneself.

Domain name Operations

If you buy a domain name, you should register the new domain name and purchase the old domain name. First of all to talk about the new domain name, I give you an analogy, I am a company selling toilets, want to register a domain name to engage in E-commerce, I will first think of registering a matong.com this domain name, because the advantage of this domain name is double spell and contains the key word of the toilet, and my business is mainly in the domestic, we will search the toilet to search this keyword first, and double spell domain name for domestic netizens to identify it. Oh, I build a website called toilet net, matong.com this domain name can not fire? But notice, double spell and with the keyword domain name is good, but like maijingpinmatong.com such a domain name is unworthy, one is too long for the domain name of others to lose trouble, the second is the Search Engine Optimization page is not easy, visitors do not like, search engines do not like, we can only do not like.

Then the old domain name, the old domain name seems to have a lot of webmaster like, but here is not recommended to use small series. People may ask why? Good old domain name has a very high weight, and search engines in the time will be very easy, and there are so many outside the chain, why not? The author is silly. Small series in fact not silly, or take that matong.com, if he is an old domain name, the weight is very high, the chain good tens of thousands of, and registered for a few years, just binding on space, after a short time was Baidu included. But one thing, the chain will cause you trouble, because the original site's outside the chain and the new site information more or less will be different, when people enter your URL, more or less will appear the original site of the chain, this chain content has good and bad, if not coincidentally, your site will be the old site "rap". This is not good for corporate websites to create brand image. I'm afraid no one would like to enter the toilet net three words, out of the treatment of hemorrhoids beriberi things. Oh, joking.

Domain security aspects

We all know that when registering a domain name, you need to fill in personal or corporate information, such as contact, enterprise qualification and so on. These content must be guaranteed to be true and valid, otherwise domain name appears the problem domain name everybody cannot solve in time that is troublesome. For example, the domain name continued time-consuming domain name provider to call to remind the payment, if not pay the domain name will be stopped using this first. If you are not contacted at this time, the domain name you have painstakingly built up may be burnt. But filling in the real information is also annoying. Spadger spite, as a business always want to buy something, then these providers follow your domain name information on the landline, mobile phone number, mail, corporate QQ continuously to you to promote their products. If once two times also forget, but time long who can bear, plus their own customers call is busy situation. I think a boss will explode. This is the time to use WHOIS information protection and Xwhois information enhancements. As the name implies, the domain name registration Information Protection Service is through certain technical means appropriately protects the user the registered contact person, the management contact person, the technical contact person, the payment contact information (causes the user to submit the registration information not in the domain name whois database public display). With this service, you can protect your privacy from disclosure, reduce spam and theft of personal information.

Enterprise registered domain name and common domain name registration is not the same place, but as a business, some things still pay attention to better. Try to avoid something that might not have happened. Some bosses are happy to see it, you know.

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