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Sohu It text/Mao recently, the newsletter article business model difficult to find, public transport free Wi-Fi face three challenges described the country currently has nearly 900 million public transport passengers, free bus network Wi-Fi become a well-deserved. So who pays for free Wi-Fi? What is its business logic? Ericsson China chief market Officer Changgang in an interview with the author of the analysis that the global 4G network, the basic operators to provide Wi-Fi may be free. The virtual operator uses Wi-Fi on the base operator's 4G network, not only will it be subject to network coverage, but also the profit model will be tested, and the virtual operator is not Wi-Fi in its mobile internet applications. Changgang said, Wi-Fi free, I do not think it is a very long-term way, after the charge, the user experience may be discounted, advertising or speed is also limited, with the 4G proposed, Wi-Fi free, Wi-Fi than 4G may be much slower ... Changgang also shared the following views: 1, virtual operators into the field of telecommunications, previously in foreign cases. But the virtual operators only use the free capacity of operators to do related business, will not touch the core technical capabilities of operators, will not be a major change in the existing pattern; 2, virtual operators are not directly wholesale to retail, if this to do the virtual operator, you may face a lot of problems, Because the operator's own tariffs are also very flexible, to earn wholesale difference is not good to survive. How the virtual operator can get the existing business and communication business through. For example, snail mobile launch game, users use game points to buy props, Jingdong Mall's online consumption accumulation, users can use it to recharge phone cards. Similar to the virtual money system and communications business through, you will see more interesting business model will appear; 3, the virtual operators in the billing capacity needs a certain investment. Traditional operators of the tariff package may be hundreds of, and virtual operators should not have so many tariff pricing, it is certainly the simpler the better, the boss system will not be so complex. 4, the opening of virtual operators to promote the development of telecommunications, open the Internet industry, another window, for example, the virtual operators a variety of profit patterns, personalized service to users, will be the entire network upgrades put forward higher requirements. 5, from the foreign virtual operators, more is to have their own brand, management and staff, have their own Internet products. The British virtual operator Virgin Mobile or the Spanish cable operator Ono, Italy post, they do not lie in the communications industry itself, but to seek the virtual operators of the existing business and communications business integration, increase user stickiness, so that the user experience better; 6, before, The author exclusive disclosure Ericsson chip support 5-mode 17-frequency 4G mobile phone chip has passed China, the US and European tests, which have been put into scale business, have been set up in a tablet or laptop, in addition to supporting smartphones, and will support a number of specific machine-to-machine industry applications that will be held in the upcoming communicationsExhibition operator Booth debut; 7, wearable equipment as a mobile smart equipment, a form, may become in addition to mobile phones, the second largest intelligent equipment, the market prospects are broad. At present, Ericsson has set up a smartphone lab in Hong Kong to help new, intelligent devices to make better use of existing networks.
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