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Increase safety requirements of relevant technical field and strengthen step pedal, etc. according to Xinhua news agency, China will soon promulgate the implementation of the new escalator national standards. The National Elevator Standardization Technical committee Secretary General Chen Fengwang yesterday said, the new escalator standard has completed the approval manuscript to report earlier this month, according to the plan, according to the new European standard Revised national standards will be promulgated in the near future.  According to the introduction, the new standards to increase the relevant technical areas of security requirements. Increased security requirements Chen Fengwang said that China's current national standards adopted 1995 years of European standards, the recent promulgation of the implementation of the new national standard is based on the European standards at the end of 2009 to modify. The National elevator Committee used about 1.5 of the time, research into draft, this year in early July to complete the report of approval.  According to the plan, the new GB revised according to the new European standards will be enacted in the near future. "China is revising the new version of the escalator standard, technologically advanced." "Chen Fengwang thinks.  According to the introduction, the new standard added some related technical areas of security requirements, such as the escalator and building interface requirements, but also strengthen the step pedal and apron side of the safety protection.  Chen Fengwang pointed out that, in addition to China, the current international implementation of the escalator standards are two, respectively, the European EN115 series standards and ASME Standard, which European EN115 series of standards used most widely.  Elevator should be 15 days a maintenance industry experts stressed that the promotion of safety management and maintenance level, is to ensure the safety of the elevator operation of the fundamental and key. "Maintenance Unit service quality is not guaranteed, property companies do not pay attention to elevator maintenance, keep the price of maintenance."  "Shanghai Elevator Industry Association vice President, senior engineer Mei Shulin said, this is the current elevator maintenance market prominent problems."  According to the introduction, the main basis of elevator maintenance in China is the "elevator use management and maintenance rules", maintenance units in accordance with the contract, the property company entrusted to the elevator for 15 days to maintain maintenance. "But most maintenance units small size, weak capacity, poor treatment, it is difficult to cultivate and retain a high level of skilled workers, so the quality of work is not guaranteed."  Mei Shulin said, on the other hand, some property companies from the owners to collect the property costs, including elevator maintenance, in order to earn more profits, blindly depress the price of maintenance, the quality of care is not enough.  It is reported that AQSIQ is studying the development of "Elevator safety supervision regulations" to further clarify and promote the use of elevators, maintenance units of the main responsibility of the implementation. 30 people are killed by ladder every year. Data from Aqsiq showed that up to the end of 2010, the total number of elevators in the country has reached 1.628 million units, and the amount of annual growth is the world's first.  Since 2005, the average annual elevator accident occurred in China about 40, the death toll of about 30 people. AQSIQ Accident Investigation and treatment center Director, senior engineer Wu Xuzheng said: "Overall, China and developed countries, the level of security is basically close." "According to the data released by AQSIQ, China's elevators are increasing at a rate of about 20% a year."Long, which means that more than 300,000 new elevators are added each year, which accounts for more than half of the total number of new elevators per year worldwide.
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