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Market Analysis before

construction website:

General stationmaster, is not the network constructs the station the expert, this causes the same construction station, the different result. So, have a good idea, for it to pay action (this I do not doubt like my webmaster), sincerely said: "Do not do the market before the station analysis, the final results can be imagined."

may be a lot of webmaster will say, I saw some aspect of the network is blank, is to do the late, depressed or regret ah. I think: there is nothing, a valuable site is service, do the site is equal to do products and services, customer-oriented is the right direction, the first aspect, efforts to turn the service width into assets, not liabilities. The key to this is integration: a combination of multiple independent services to create an experience that makes life easier for ordinary users. To achieve the site has a substantial and effective service, in the establishment of the idea to build a station before, you must do market analysis. This is the process of doing things, with good thinking, not a reasonable process, most of them will not succeed. The second area is to provide "vertical" content-such as personals, sports and finance-with self-featured services to become a trusted regional portal. In other words, become the main provider of certain types of information. Third, users want to be independent. Independent and specific, including two aspects 1, independent comments: for the provision of a variety of ' vertical ' sites, the question is: Is this the best and most appropriate content? "Less, better" vertical content "This independent user review can be used to improve the quality of the site content and to establish the entire website and even the company's brand and prestige." 2, independent management: Let users always feel in the use of this system is like designed for their own, do this step, almost now do the network or software a basic, who do this, who has achieved a successful website or software. Everyone is digging the market, mining technology and ideas, until now only a small number of websites and companies designed by the system or products to achieve this.

Construction Website purpose and function localization:

Why to build a website, is to establish a corporate image, promotional products, E-commerce, or the establishment of an industry site? Is the basic needs of the enterprise or the extension of market development? After considering these problems, the establishment of the station was preliminarily established. This should be based on each person or the company's own resources to decide, but the purpose is clear, to consider is to integrate the company or personal resources, further determine the function of the site, according to the site function, determine the initial and final development of the site should achieve the purpose and role. The middle of each link can not be ignored, should be based on their previous ideas and the purpose of the site to refine the function of the site.

Site positioning can be roughly divided into these two ways: one is the beginning of the location is very small, smaller size into a large; one is the initial positioning of a large, can become small. These two positioning has this obvious distinction, the former is generally personal webmaster, personal webmaster do not have enough resources, technology and funds to do the market analysis before the station, there is no strong team to go "big set for, small realization." The latter is generally the company for, the company needless to say, as long as there is room for development, as long as the argument that the favorable development of the company, then as a project, put into the corresponding human, material and financial resources to form a team to achieve the company's goals. Only the company can do from the big position, gradually small realization.

whether individual or company in the site construction and function positioning this step will make a lot of judgments, I personally always believe that: in the grasp of the purpose and positioning of the station, the most important thing is to improve the characteristics of the site, of course, want to be in the era of the network is not easy to make the characteristics.

but good thinking is half the success, after having characteristics, is to promote their own web site, which points, free and charge (the following specific)

no one or company has the power to do everything to the extreme, but you can do the best thing or a project!

on the Operation
of the website

website's business creativity: The core
of a company or website

directly point out that the so-called creativity is thought. Must have the advanced thought consciousness, must have the clear simple profit point. Site positioning: The purpose of the station is to solve what problems, to provide those people with what functions or services.

for the site builders need to know clearly the location of the site, for operators, it is also necessary to understand the location of the site in order to do the operation of timely adjustment methods to achieve the best results. (site positioning needs to pay attention to what please see the part of the page design: you want to make viewers have what kind of reading feelings?) Need to achieve a sense of beauty.

website important page Design The main problem is that Web design is easy to guide the two extremes:

1, too complex, appear disorderly.

2, too simple, seems monotonous, unattractive.

3, the home page opening speed is too slow, may be the Web pages into too many multimedia elements or Div.

From the above analysis is not difficult to see, proficiency in static Web page production and design skills is a Web site design and maintenance of the basic knowledge.

frame structure, content typesetting, color matching, the use of pictures to achieve a very harmonious unity, where we will be the main from the above several aspects of the site to specifically describe how to design a unique style of the regional information class site.

function design and implementation of
website: What specific services do you want visitors to receive? The background/page of the website provides function

Human Resources: The cornerstone of the rapid growth of web site

The weakening of
website management Not only shows the shortage of managerial talents, but also shows the unreasonable structure of talents and unreasonable allocation of resources. Quite a lot of websites, operators empty. This Talent resource allocation "a short, a long", and did not get effective, timely adjustment and improvement, will inevitably form the management of the "black hole", it is difficult to complete the site planning and capital Absorption, open up the market and other multiple tasks.

Daily maintenance of
website: Ensure the normal operation of the website/carry out the corresponding data update/and analyze the data of the third party statistic

website System maintenance services (such as: email account maintenance services, domain name maintenance services, website space maintenance, contact with IDC, DNS settings, domain name resolution services, etc.)

IDC:IDC (Internet Data Center Internet Datacenter) refers to the use of its own computer room network bandwidth and network performance and talent of the central advantage, relying on highly scalable room facilities and highly intelligent management system, external to provide the Internet A series of host-hosted to application outsourcing and other levels of service. To provide customers with high-speed network environment, powerful management functions of full-service large-scale cluster data hosting center.

dns:domain Name System or domain name service. The domain Name System assigns domain name addresses and IP addresses to hosts on the Internet. The user uses the domain name address, the system will automatically convert the domain name address to the IP address. The Domain Name service is an Internet tool that runs the domain Name System. The server that executes the domain name service is called a DNS server that answers the query of the domain Name service through a DNS server.

Domain name resolution: Domain name resolution is to convert the domain name to IP address of the process

Domain name resolution has two kinds: Dynamic Domain name resolution and static domain name resolution, the so-called static domain name resolution, that is, the user manually configured domain name to IP address mapping, dynamic Domain name resolution, the Domain name resolution server (DNS) to resolve.

after understanding the above basic knowledge, the following need to consider the specific maintenance.

First website overall layout maintenance

Second website content update

Third Monitor website operation status

Fourth website Security Maintenance

Fifth website passenger flow statistic analysis and so on

1, according to the different actual effect, realizes the different style

as the operator of the website, must be by 1-3 of the tacit cooperation, the overall understanding of the site's functional positioning, grasp the overall style of the site, especially in a specific holiday to have the appropriate layout, no Logo logo or color adjustment. (The maintenance of the page is designed to make people look good).

2, monitor site operation status

site In fact to accept two groups of visitors, that is, Internet users and search robot. Therefore, in the daily maintenance of the site, we should try to ensure that both of the normal access to the site. One might ask, do I have to monitor the operation of the site 24 hours a day? No, this needs to be determined by the visitor's access behavior. Internet users visit the peak period of the site if the site can not access, which caused the loss of traffic is very heavy. For a search robot, we can analyze its access habits by analyzing the server log or through third party software, making sure it works properly when visiting the site. Therefore, through two aspects of the analysis, we focus on selecting some important time to monitor it.

3, website operation statistic data analysis

Web site After a period of time, you should understand: which pages in the site are more welcome, why do these pages attract visitors? Which pages have the fewest hits and the pages with the least number of visits important? Which pages in the Web site no longer exist, and do these non-existent pages have links to other pages?

4, search engine data Tracking analysis

This section can refer to how to evaluate the search engine optimization effect to analyze the existing form of the site in the search engine, and then make relevant search engine optimization strategy adjustment.

5, website content update

website does not update the reason is similar, the website update but each has each reason. We will make a brief analysis of the reasons why the website needs to be updated.

How can
① attract people without fresh content?

Such a phenomenon we have not seen: a mall opened three years from no add or reduce a commodity. The phenomenon is everywhere: a website has never been changed in a few years after the production was completed. This era is not lack of web sites, this era is lack of content, fresh content. It seems like this phenomenon many people know, even happen to you, but no one has ever told you its seriousness. You spend time, energy, investment funds and enthusiasm, placed the desired site, not only because of lack of promotion, but also because of lack of maintenance, when people visit your site for the second time, see the same content, the same face, who would like to waste valuable time? If you want more people to come to your site, consider adding fresh headlines or constantly updating products and useful information to attract more attention.

② make your site full of life

a website, only constantly updated will have vitality, people surf the internet is nothing but to obtain the necessary, you can continue to provide people need content, in order to be attractive. The website is like a movie theater, if you are showing every day 10 years old movie, and always the same film one, who will come the second time.

③ and Promotion

website promotion will bring visitors to the site, but this is probably just a flash in the pan, really want to improve the popularity of the site and the number of valuable visits, only test repeat. Websites should often have attractive and valuable content that allows people to visit them frequently.

not only users like fresh information, search engines are also so! Periodically add new information content to the website, this should be a basic work. Also, it is worth mentioning that the old information updates that already exist on the site do not seem to cause much attention.

in short, a constantly updated network will have long-term development, will bring you real benefits

6, timely interaction with visitors

often communicate with the users who visit your website, listen to their opinions more. How to further improve the site can give them a pleasant access experience, this is very important. At the same time, this practice will also increase the Web site to the user's bond degree.

7, do a good job of the site's own security

first to put forward the Web site data security, data security is mainly reflected in the site itself, this is all the site must have a prerequisite, and part of this is to ensure the security of the user's relevant data, and based on the network of Business-to-business, Business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer transaction security.

is the second site to prevent the prevention of virus, this is mainly said that the security performance of the web, afraid of being attacked, or hanging Trojan, it is best to be safe until the so-called hackers leave opportunities.

is again to do a good job of the site data backup (home page data backup, server system backup). If you lose the site's data, it is equivalent to a new website.

last as a website, if in the peak traffic, can not be normal access, may be lost a large number of visitors, may also leave a very bad impression in the visitor's mind. To the user that the site is not safe to say, and then will choose to divert.

website Promotion: Realizing brand networking

in the network Operation network promotion is also crucial, the network promotion method and the way many, roughly may summarize for the following four kinds of methods (on the net see the most reasonable summary):

sns--Social Network

SNS is social receptacle sofwaret abbreviation, social network software, to know friend of friends as the Foundation, expand their network.

Second, p2p--Peer-to-peer networking

Peer-to-peer is the abbreviation of Peer-to-peer, peer in English has the meaning of "(status, ability, etc.) equivalent", "colleague" and "partner". In this way, Peer-to-peer can also be understood as "partner to partner", "point to point" meaning, or peer-to-peer networking. At present, it is believed that it has great future in enhancing the communication, file Exchange and distribution calculation of the people in the network.

III, im--Instant Messaging

IM is the abbreviation of instant Messenger, software can be said that the current Internet users in China the highest rate of use of software. Chat has always been the Internet users of the main activities, the main tool of online chatting has been from the initial chat room, the forum into MSN, QQ as the representative of instant messaging software. Most people will open their MSN or QQ as long as they surf the internet.

Four, seo--search engine optimization

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine optimization, specifically refers to the use of various tools or other

a variety of ways to make their own web site to meet search engine search rules to get a better ranking of the site.

after understanding the approximate network promotion method, can combine own resources to make corresponding promotion plan. After the website has been officially built and tested in public, and put into normal operation, as the owner of the site or the company must first understand the site's detailed features and the technical highlights of the site, clearly know what the site can provide users with what services, in the services provided, those are free of those who are charged, Those services retain the most, and only when they are clear can the right business plan be made.

if it is a personal webmaster, no money, then please first introduce the website to their friends, and then friends to pass friends. This is 1:8 percentage point. Your site will be hit by more than 1000 clicks. Then you can continue with the following actions

Initial investment, you can apply for the major search type of similar site search rankings, their own site in the first few columns, at the same time to reasonable combination of the above four methods, as far as possible to maximize the promotion. This will have more customers, then you need to open more services and functions for the site. And then start charging advertising fees.

the first year of income should be in balance, or there will be a certain failure.

but don't lose heart. If the second year is still not balanced, then it is not too late to consider.

If it is a company, we should fully play the advantages of capital and resources with the above four methods effective combination. Unlike personal webmaster. respectively, such as: can be based on the demand for search engine pay promotion, according to the technology to do search engines and the optimization of the site itself, according to the local humanities situation to do appropriate traditional media advertising, according to the site and the company's development requirements to enhance customer service concept.

to remind that whether the company or individual, in the network before the promotion, must make the corresponding promotion plan, for example: each promotion stage means method, staffing, financial equipment, the intended purpose and so on.

Web site Sales and profitability: The fundamental
of gaining the right to live and develop the network

website sales, simple can be divided into three steps to show profitability:

① own brand sales

Network in the promotion of their own brand is the first marketing, but also the most important. Promote their own brand to build network reputation, accumulate influence. The realization of network brand sales, many methods, based on the nature of the site and the company or individual resources, the implementation of the method is different, specific sites, specific companies, need to carry out specific analysis. Choose a suitable brand sales method, can be a short time to achieve brand networking.

② sales of its own products

the sales of its own products, which is the main channel and way to achieve profits.

③ self service

in the long-term promotion process, sound service system.

its own service is the extension of products, focus on services (technical advice, use of training, customer feedback mechanism, etc.), can increase the value-added products, and thus has a stronger market competitiveness.

These three need balanced development, the neglect of details is likely to be the opponents seize the opportunity to constitute a threat.

Web site financing: conducive to listing development.

with the gradual reduction of the cost of network software and hardware, the cost of starting a business through the internet has gradually declined, which is one of the backgrounds of the current network entrepreneurship boom. But even so, in the early days of entrepreneurship, the capital is still a high threshold for many entrepreneurs shut out, so to start a business, regardless of success or failure, financing has become a top priority.

The investors and financiers are concerned about who you want to help, how you get the funding, what your strengths are, and how you get the money.

The first step in
financing is to select the best investors. Generally speaking, the investor divides into two kinds: one kind is the angel investor, one kind is the venture capital person. If the site project in the seed period, has not yet taken shape, the best choice for angel investors, the most likely to succeed. Using three F to describe the angel investor type is no longer appropriate: a friend (Friends), a relative (accessibility), a Fool (jesters). For example, the Chinese network City ( Financing object, is positioned in the angel investor. This is because, in the site project seed period, the risk is huge, only friends, relatives, or "fool" type of person may be moved by your project, and invest for you. Venture capitalists are involved in the seed period, not without, but too little. In addition, if in the seed period to look for venture capitalists, because the site project prospects are difficult to predict, entrepreneurs in a weak position, bad equity will be diluted to become migrant workers, which I am afraid not many entrepreneurs would like to see. So, when you just have a website project, ask your relatives and friends for help while looking for the "fool" Around you. The so-called fool, is not these people really silly, in fact, often the contrary, these people are discerning, thinking forward, investment money to some people do not seem to have good results of the site project. These people may be experienced in one field or have a successful entrepreneurial experience in their own right. Pay attention to your circle of friends, if you are lucky, angels will come, of course, with the renminbi. (a partial view; from a network)

website Financing The second step is to consider, is to melt money, or melts, or melt people. It is no better to be able to get money directly. But if it's hard to get money straight, consider melting and melting. The so-called melts, that is, investors use some of the resources required to do the site as an investment, such as the establishment of a website, the need for a good performance of the server, just someone to see your website project, he provided the server as an investment. It is said that Chen to do online games, is the way to get the server, for its network game has laid a solid foundation for the hardware. If you lack experience in a certain area, you can seek help from some professionals and persuade them to join the group. For example, network Marketing, now become a very professional field, can find in the network marketing has the professional experience of like-minded partners, your site project from success on a big step forward.

Website financing the third step is to consider the reasons for others to invest, that is, business plan. Investors have two kinds of mentality: one is to value the development potential of the project, one is to value the team culture.

Congratulations to you reader, if you have the above mentioned various abilities, then you can go to the network of gold.

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