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As we all know, in 08, 09 years industry and Place is stationmaster industry share two big pieces of cake.

Although there are a lot of webmaster friends holding the attitude of the choice of the industry, but the real perseverance and the intentions of the few. Before the forum to see a lot of friends complained that "my station has been * months still no flow", "IP and PV is not proportional to" and so on. In fact, these problems should be solved by ourselves.

The establishment and promotion of the website is a let each of us webmaster headaches, local forum and local life portal generally we can use the Dede, Discuz, Phpwind and other programs to build. While the kernel is the same, the user is more concerned with the value of our content. If your site is your own program, but the content is collected, if you want to succeed, then please go back three years ago. The real local station to consider is the site direction and the operating mode of the site! First, we should note that local stations may be targeted only at local users. It may also be targeted at popular users. Here, we will be correct for their own site positioning, and their own station to make characteristics; no features, the site is always a replica. In fact, from the establishment of the site is not too difficult, in short, as long as we find the appropriate procedures, put some useful information to users, Web pages simple and elegant, then our site has been successful half.

The real headache is the promotion. Read a lot of articles before, which also wrote a lot of publicity and promotion methods, including some very practical methods, but not every one of US webmaster are practical! We should learn to pick and choose our own promotional methods.

We all have our own thoughts, so we do things that are different from others, but when we learn to walk, speak, and do things, do we still have our own souls? So, even if you do not care about the flow of search engines should also be considered for the user experience, to do more original content, so that the site rich, To prepare for the promotion of the website.

The promotion of local sites should mainly be from forum blogs, local groups (QQ\UC, etc.), event gatherings, offline advertising (traditional media, flyers, outdoor, etc.). The specific method of operation in the network too much, here no more nonsense.

Regardless of local, industry station, no matter build station, promotion, as long as "attentively do Station", then your website has laid a good foundation for success.

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