Excellent Project recommendation: The first half of 2013, domestic outstanding start-up Enterprise Summary

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This article summed up the first half of 2013 years of online or relatively high focus on the domestic excellent start-up companies, content from the Tianya Sea Pavilion on the weekly Web2.0share weekly selected domestic start-ups:

Voice360 is through the mobile phone horn to send audio signal (with 10K of silent Signal), and then use the microphone to receive decoding to achieve close range of data exchange technology, voice360 SDK, can quickly integrate acoustic communication functions, to achieve close range of data exchange, authentication, file sharing.

Link: http://www.voice360.cn/

Vehicle Holdings Limited is committed to become China's largest and most professional used car trading service provider to O2O (online to offline) model for consumers to build a second-hand car industry integrity, transparent trading platform: Online information platform (www.souche.com) To provide consumers with second-hand car product information services; Offline chain stores offer second-hand car certification, trading and warranty services to consumers

Link: http://www.souche.com/

The goal of the WiFi master is to build a master-level application for WLANs. Provide a secure, reliable, and convenient WLAN experience by aggregating management of public WiFi, such as operators and business organizations, and private hotspot resources.

Link: http://www.wifi-master.com/

The world is located in mobile local life service providers, for partners to provide local life services mobile Internet solutions. The track technology for your "track voice assistant", she is your intimate life assistant, your mobile encyclopedia advisor.

Link: http://www.uooji.com/

Love PayPal is committed to providing customers with professional trading support and operational solutions in the mobile internet sector, helping customers reduce product development and time costs. Trading support Solutions, has many well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturers, independent Androidmarket and other partners trading platform to use.

Link: http://new.iapppay.com/

Nanjing Anyone Information Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional dedicated to mobile Internet application development operations and brand new media promotion of the whole case, is for the domestic dozens of government agencies group company to provide outsourcing services.

Link: http://www.nuu.cn/

Tree Bear Network is the leading domestic Wi-Fi marketing service provider, the core product Witown intelligent Wi-Fi marketing system for catering, hotels, entertainment, exhibitions, museums and other commercial Wi-Fi advertising services

Link: http://www.witown.cn/

Micro-generation driving, is the use of mobile internet technology to transform the traditional driving industry revolutionary products, its vision is to provide users with the most direct and rapid demand information matching, and through meticulous and strict training and management under the line, thoroughly reform the traditional generation of driving industry ecology.

Link: http://www.weidaijia.cn/

Global trading assistants are for Alibaba global fast selling Qualcomm and other foreign trade platform to create offline foreign trade shop software. Allows you to deal with your products online, fast-operating products, picture Bank localization, more store management products, more than shop management orders-later will be integrated offline invoicing (ERP) and other functions.

Link: http://www.zhint.com/

Star Road network is a music people and related industries to exchange and deal with the professional website. Exclusive to the music and entertainment industry, display, exchange, cooperation, deal. Star Road refers to the growth of the music of the track, the stars may have forgotten what people have worked with, what kind of works, new stars are more like the future of the track more colorful, and the Star network is to provide such a platform site.

Link: http://www.ixingtu.com/

Ningbo Zhi Xuan thing Networking Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is a self-developed, innovative new High-tech enterprises of the Internet of Things, committed to "let people anytime, anywhere, arbitrary control and perception of their own equipment." After years of networking infrastructure technology reserves, the company will be the current mobile internet, cloud computing, things networking technology Organic integration, the original "mobile cloud" concept. And the use of Thinkcloud cloud computing, thinknet end-to-end processing of the patented technology, the creation of a full House intelligent brand Thinkhome

Link: http://www.thinkhome.com.cn/

The network was established in March 2013 to build China's leading car-sharing and self-service rental platform. The network creates a transformative business model and business philosophy, providing users with a new car-sharing service that is completely different from the traditional way of renting cars. It is helpful to improve the efficiency of automobile, alleviate the traffic jam, reduce the abrasion of the road and reduce the air pollution.

Link: http://www.huiche.com/

And Kang Intelligent Fetal language instrument so that expectant parents can easily do fetal heart care at home, that is, by hearing fetal heart rate changes, monitoring fetal heart rate is within normal range, expectant mother record fetal heart rate through recording, in the detection of abnormal fetal hearts, can also consult the doctor, so as to maximize the safety of mother and child.

Link: http://pay.icarenewlife.com/index.php

Good dog, focus on the pet industry, around the dog life, to provide a series of mobile application services, to help dogs Baba Dog hemp to raise a healthy, fashionable good dog, so that the world dog has a warm home!

Link: http://haogougou.cn:8080/site/index.html

Mutual message is a focus for the development of small and medium-sized mobile internet Marketing Cloud application platform, platform around the enterprise mobile display, mobile marketing, mobile management to provide one-stop solution. Through the mutual message can be very convenient design and management of their own exclusive webapp, built-in self-service integration of mobile marketing tools to facilitate the enterprise to carry out mobile internet marketing and customer management.

Link: http://www.infocn.cn/

Remote Control Restaurant Intelligent Dining System for Beijing I remote I Control Technology Co., Ltd. launched the first product, company focused on catering management system construction, customer and business interaction management platform to build the development and promotion work for the traditional catering industry enterprises to provide the country's leading food and beverage information services to enhance customer dining comfort and satisfaction, Improve the catering enterprise's continuous operation capacity and market competitiveness.

Link: http://www.yaokongcanting.com/

Paraquat is a lightweight mobile conferencing application that supports 2~6 people to hold voice and data conferencing anytime, anywhere, improve communication efficiency and reduce communication costs.

Link: http://www.baicaohui.com/

Riding (Idoufeng) is a location-based mobile social product, unlike other similar products, it is a car-core stranger dating platform, car and car, people and people, and the subtle relationship between cars in tandem with the entire product

Link: http://www.idoufeng.net/

Beneficial network – Innovative internet banking, providing safe and secure financing for individual users with financial needs.

Link: http://www.yooli.com/

Playmates, to provide travel arrangements for travellers, scenic Area voice guide, city tour, tour line recommendations and other services, covering food, travel, travel, shopping and other comprehensive travel information.

Link: http://www.iwanban.cn/

Beijing Xuan Tian and Chong Technology Co., Ltd. (English name: Iusky Marvell, Ltd is a cloud service company focused on helping business people and teams quickly improve their network maintenance efficiency by leveraging the combination of cloud computing and mobile connectivity to create a new blue sea in the field of business and sales efficiency improvements in this new era.

Link: http://www.91iu.com/

Rabbit clicks, a mobile internet based on the O2O mode of LBS application client software, bring users convenient, fast new digital shopping experience. Rabbit clicks, lets you no longer miss the store discount

Link: http://www.2cut.cn/index.php

The micron era is an industry-leading brand marketing service provider focused on micro-credit marketing, operations and technology development. The company is established in Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

Link: http://www.umtime.net/

Video Classroom (ppclass.com) is a new knowledge sharing platform, which subverts the traditional educational concept and advocates the concept of everyone's division and knowledge sharing. Through the knowledge sharing platform of the video Classroom (ppclass.com), you can find knowledge around you, learn the skills you need from them, and you can share your knowledge through this platform.

Link: http://ppclass.com/

Subject Recruitment network is based on the largest clinical trial of the professional website-Drug clinical Trial network, for clinical trials, patients were recruited, health volunteers recruited, healthy subjects recruited, subjects ' health information, patient information, subjects ' care, communication subjects and clinical trial information services were provided.

Link: http://recruit.druggcp.net/

Cfaspace is the CFA professional portal and CFA distance education model, a new knowledge sharing platform that subverts traditional educational concepts and advocates the concept of universal knowledge sharing. By cfaspace this knowledge-sharing platform, you can find knowledge around you, learn the skills you need from them, and you can share your knowledge through this platform.

Link: http://www.cfaspace.com/

CallMe Telephone is a high quality call software (standard fee 0.3 yuan/minute, the actual price is low to 0-0.1 Yuan/minute), the software through the telephone callback will you and the call to connect, let both sides for real-time call.

Link: http://www.icallme.cn/

Community worry is based on the community's most important life emergency information classification app, it can at the most critical moment to give you help. At present, the community worry-free app service covers: Properties, takeout, taxis, home economics, Express, unlocking, moving, neighborhood committees, dredging, maintenance, water delivery, laundry, pet hospital, etc. open cities are: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen. Compared to most of the mixed, not audited classified web site information, the community worry-free all the data and content have been hundred-percent artificial verification. (Via)

Link: http://www.xiaoquwuyou.com/

Aide driving under the Shanghai Dollar Tatsu Information Technology Co., Ltd., founded in September 2010, based on the Internet technology and the rapid development of smart phones, love to drive through the traditional mode of bondage, the scientific optimization of resource allocation, so that innovation has become a new driving force for the development of traditional industries.

Link: http://www.aidaijia.com/

Shenzhen Hong Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "macro intelligence") is a company engaged in research and development of children's education software and hardware products and design marketing animation brand companies. The company is committed to providing a new and entertaining multimedia interactive experience for Chinese families. By working closely with the American Brain-computer Interface (Brain-computer Interface) hardware vendors, the company has launched a series of brain-training software systems that include mind-manipulating elements, and has been marketed in North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea, and mainland China.

Link: http://www.macrotellect.com/

Micro-motivation is dedicated to provide a professional optional customized response function for the microblogging public platform account to help the micro-trust public platform account to create a convenient development environment, enhance the application of user stickiness, expand the application of the promotion channels.

Link: http://www.vvdongli.com/

Shanghai Liang Feng Information Branch Co., Ltd. 's products, focusing on image recognition technology and micro-letter open platform combination. Figure to allow your micro-letter public account has the ability to: users send you a picture, you can make intelligent response according to the picture Content!

Link: http://www.tudaying.com/

Baby to paint, and children together to sketch the world! Children's simple strokes are updated every day. Help you in the busy work, take the child to understand the world, outline the world. Quietly increased the modern life of the parent-child time, passed to the baby more love and care. The iphone client is currently available.

Link: http://wingedstone.com/childdraw/

"Bigeyes (Big Eyes)" Shenzhen Big Eyes International Travel Service Co., Ltd. is by (Japan, Britain, Canada and other countries famous elite overseas Chinese and foreign senior travel industry experts, to innovative ideas and operating methods, as well as years of management consulting industry case experience, United States National Tourism Administration of the major destinations , positioning in the quality of customized travel services, in-depth development of special tourism projects.

Link: http://www.bigeyestour.com/

Calf technology, intelligent lighting innovator. Calf Studio has designed a cool lamp, 3D infrared stereo gesture recognition system, power management system, love disk and other works. At present, the calf is constantly improving the studio and actively promote cool lights, hope that all over the college students can enjoy the cool lights brought by the new dormitory lighting experience.

Link: http://www.newdotech.com/

Bo Lian (broadlink) intelligent socket is based on Wi-Fi communication, can achieve any time, anywhere through the smartphone (iphone/android) arbitrary control of Home, office electrical appliances. As long as your home has a wireless router, smart sockets will automatically find the network, just enter the Internet password is complete configuration. (Via)

Link: http://www.broadlink.com.cn/home/index.php

Ohodata, lets you play the data, the newest data visualization on-line analysis platform, the perfect embodiment analysis namely service. Completely beyond the traditional bi tools, with faster, stronger data visualization capabilities, no deployment, no need to wait, can show immediate results.

Link: http://www.ohodata.com/index.html

Slow-Living is an online health site for people with chronic illnesses to explore, share, learn medication and treat health care methods and comfort emotions. Chronic disease, modern medicine can not be completely cured, it and the patient, the concomitant, not only need doctors and drugs for long-term treatment, more need patients and relatives of long-term self-management and health care.

Link: http://www.man-huo.com/

Learn the test app is a professional mobile phone test application, absolutely practical mobile phone test software, to help you pass the exam easily! Go to school. Model Test app is free to share, find, download questions, online exercises to answer questions, redo the wrong questions, chapter exercises, can help candidates to effectively use the fragmented time for review, preparation. This covers the accounting, civil servants, computer, qualifications, medical and health, architecture, foreign language, education, foreign trade, job interview category, driving test category of more than 100 kinds of 11 types of exams. Support both the phone client and the Web side to answer the two ways.

Link: http://exam.shangxueba.com/app/

Front ads (livng ads), is China's first relying on paper media content, the paper media advertising into HTML5 Interactive advertising, presented in Ipad/iphone and other mobile terminals on the advertising platform.

Link: http://www.epubchina.cn/

"Easy to order 365" is a colorful Guizhou Impression Network Media Co., Ltd. development, for the Guiyang region Catering Entertainment industry, to provide users with real-time inquiries and scheduled network service platform. At present, mainly provide catering, KTV and club reservations.

Link: http://www.yd365.cn/

Building passenger network is the Shanghai Building Guest Information Technology Co., Ltd. operation and management of the Office rental Services Network platform. Founded in Shanghai, is a fully integrated office building line, the line of professional services platform. The website has the accurate information database of the Shanghai office Building, the Creative Park, the service type office and so on many category products, devotes in provides the information interactive platform which the Office Building leasing, the office Building Leisure, the office building community and so on. At the same time, the building passenger network also provides one-stop precision marketing solutions for office buildings, including activity cooperation, keyword promotion and so on.

Link: http://www.loukee.com/

Durian net distance education face-to-face tutoring platform project in 2009, through more than two years of time research and development and testing, in 2012 formally set up a good source Culture Development Co., Ltd., and opened a Third-party network teaching platform.

Link: http://www.liulianwang.org/

The Growth Network (www.21upup.com) is an interactive website designed for Chinese kindergartens and primary schools, the only free online educator school in the country. Its products "growth pass" is a free auxiliary teacher teaching work, convenient for parents and teachers to communicate with each other tools and assistants to the Internet and mobile internet, breaking the traditional way of communication, break through the traditional children and parents one-on-one single mode.

Link: http://www.21upup.com/

"Poly 10 hui" is Hangzhou High Information Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development based on iOS system, Android smartphone consumer preferences platform products, is committed to all walks of life to provide consumers with a one-stop user management and promotional solutions, through mobile phone client app, server data statistics and other technologies , help merchants to promote sales, enhance customer loyalty, increase consumption frequency, attract new customers, etc. at the same time, "Poly 10 hui" also provide consumers with cumulative consumption, exchange prizes or concessions, management business information and other convenience functions.

Link: http://www.51jushihui.com/

With the old exchange of new 365 platform fully open online second-hand product recycling platform. Every city has a recycling business, online auction recycling, high-priced recycling second-hand goods. Recycling products include mobile phone recycling, computer recycling, notebook recycling, digital camera recycling, office equipment recycling, second-hand car recycling, the name of the list of famous wine and all kinds of luxury recycling, scrap metal recycling, electronic components recycling and so on.

Link: http://www.yjhx365.com/

Book Circle, is a personal collection management to share as the core of the university to divide the circle of mobile app. Provide a platform for book friends to share and exchange. Book Circle, through the sharing of personal books and experience, the same University of the book friends gathered to build the book circle. This circle is also a library. Based on such a form, you can help book friends to establish contacts, from online communication to offline communication or trading. In addition, the use of the label of the collection function, to a certain extent, can reflect the user's personality preferences, thereby promoting the formation of good social relations between the books.

Link: http://bookcircle.us/

Special Zone is free of the most professional audio and video network live platform to meet network conferencing, network courses, distance tutoring, distance education, remote recruitment, online consulting, online collaboration office, network marketing, online sales. Realize audio and video live, whiteboard synchronization, document sharing, online text chat.

Link: http://www.tetequ.com/

Rabbit Video is a content aggregation platform designed for high-definition screens that focuses on enhancing the user's Internet High-definition content appreciation experience. In the Intelligent network high-definition display, high-definition network terminals, with tuziv.com can easily enjoy clear and fluent domestic and foreign hot high-definition TV programs. Its products include rabbit video iphone/android/tv version and rabbit share Android version.

Link: http://tuziv.com/

Two-dimensional code tombstone is a new kind of tombstone based on two-dimensional code technology, Internet technology and laser technology. Relatives of the deceased can register a user online and create a Web page for the deceased to store the deceased's life details. Then for the deceased to buy a set of two-dimensional code tombstone, descendants only use a mobile phone to take a two-dimensional code to visit the deceased's Web page, to understand the deceased's life details. You can also see the deceased's photos or videos to learn about his life story. The deceased's family can also update and maintain Web content. The provider of the two-dimensional code tombstone says: "Using technology to provide more information about the deceased has also given birth to a shared experience." ”

Link: http://2dmubei.com/

gocheck.cn-dimensional General Tatsu paper detection system to provide the most accurate copy self-examination detection, based on the largest Chinese literature resource database and billions of of the Internet resources, launched has been more than 10 million times the trust of users. With the industry's most advanced semantic alignment algorithm, the system has rapidly developed into an authoritative online platform for the world's leading thesis original evaluation and writing counseling service.

Link: http://gocheck.cn/page/index.jsp

Micro-film, 6 seconds Creative video shooting, sharing! Take 6 seconds to feel, capture, and share the dynamics of life. In a simple and interesting way, create a heart-stirring cycle of video to let family and friends feel this wonderful moment. Similar to Vine.

Link: http://wei.pn/

Beauty Butler: Focus on mobile beauty solutions, services include: daily promotions, a selection of weekly beauty salon discount activities; Makeup counseling Beautician, makeup can consult beautician experts at any time, cosmetics people makeup, makeup no one to communicate, can find a person, beauty circle of those things, looking for similar makeup circle, together exchange Beauty self-examination function, related skills, can find their own beauty makeup knowledge, daily mass beauty, beauty news, related fashion trends

Link: http://www.mmapk.com/

It is a new generation of translation network solutions that allow you to obtain professional translation services at the price of employing a personal translator. Foreign similar translation crowdsourcing services have been summed up to obtain more than 17 million dollars in financing, domestic this direction can also get good development?

Link: http://www.transany.com/

Bang Bang provides a professional mobile application Security Service provider, providing a one-stop security service for developers. Provide mobile app security services to developers, including the application of reinforcement protection and channel monitoring. Recently won the red Dot investment and IDG's B-round financing.

Link: http://www.secneo.com/

Duo Bao-for offline merchant's intelligent payment marketing solution. Support 34 bank cards to upgrade to Red Envelope bank card, credit card customers quickly become merchant members, enhance customer loyalty while enjoy card 0 rate

Link: http://www.duolabao.com/

Based on the C2B model of the 100jia personalized mobile phone, through the O2O and Business-to-business Service Fusion mode to achieve a more flat channel. Hundred-percent company has created a domestic leader in the telecommunications level of direct supply platform, as a number of provinces in China Telecom Terminal Direct platform for the system builders and joint operating service providers, with China Telecom to promote the end of the process of direct supply.

Link: http://www.100jia.cn/

Wishbird thousand paper Crane Study abroad, in order to study, rely on everyone's purpose, the integration of the entire study of various institutions, all kinds of study abroad, all kinds of evaluation, so that the entire industry to serve you a person, do the exclusive FREE evaluation report!

Link: http://www.wishbird.com/

Love to save the United States is a collection of art transactions, art services, contemporary artists Online studio as one of the online art district. Provide a platform for art enthusiasts and quality life seekers to trade directly with the artist, as well as an online studio for artists to showcase themselves and run their work

Link: http://www.icunmei.com/

Jing Shun-stand in neutral, objective third-party financial institutions, the provision of family planning services, to provide group purchase financial products and services, to provide you with Nanjing Bank financial products, securities products, insurance products, maximize your investment income.

Link: http://www.tongtianshun.com/

Qingdao Happy Horizon Digital Media Co., Ltd., is a company engaged in the High star Hotel Digital multimedia Services professional manufacturers. The company belongs to Qingdao International Animation game Industrial Park High-tech Enterprises, since its inception, is committed to the hotel multi-media management technology research and development and application. As the world's first cloud-based technology based hotel multimedia system provider and content service provider, the happy Horizon by virtue of the Trans-era technology solutions, quality and efficient service, mutual benefit and win cooperation mode, quickly occupy the market, with many high star hotel established a partnership.

Link: http://www.happyview.com.cn/

Hundred meters is the domestic technology leading mobile Internet Application Service provider, committed to mobile Internet client application development and service, pay attention to the urban community, such as life problems, formed a perfect technology solution, is the mobile interconnection technology to improve the life of practitioners. Its products include: hundred meters taxi, hundred meters life, hundred meters market and so on.

Link: http://www.baimi.com/

The 17 Magic Carpet is a business solution provider for mobile applications and virtual goods industry. For game manufacturers, network applications and other merchants to provide product retail services. Compared with the general retail, innovation lies in the use of the first to pay. First of all, a certain discount price from the game manufacturers to wholesale some props, game time and other virtual products, and then added to the retail price to sell to users, but users can not immediately pay, first consumption, after repayment. To help the vast number of developers, businesses, to use the first to pay as a tool, through credit rewards, to achieve from the flow to the user, casual pay to loyal paid users change.

Link: http://www.17motan.com/

Teacher Kim is affiliated with Shanghai Love Education Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a to promote the concept of family education as the ideal entrepreneurial team, the main provider of intermediary services, will be committed to build China's preferred online tutoring information publishing platform, to provide users with the best experience of tutoring services.

Link: http://www.jinlaoshi.com/

App is focused on mobile platform data mining and data analysis and other fields, to provide developers with professional, stable statistical analysis tools and related services.

Link: http://www.apptanke.com/

Voice pay is a unique payment program and a synthesis of speech biometrics techniques. The speech biometrics system can authenticate the speaker's identity through sound, thus ensuring that people can securely and reliably voice payment on any phone without the need to install other software or hardware. Features that are highly secure and easy to use. Voice pay is a telephone based payment system. At present, the sound is paid in two versions. One version is a simple telephone voice menu system that people can use to call into the system for payment or transfer. Another version can be used as an Android smartphone application.

Link: http://sgl.hk/

Indoorun provides you with customized services based on your industry's indoor positioning and navigation applications to meet your industry needs, reduce industry costs, improve user experience and enhance your corporate image. We provide you with a comprehensive and reliable Wi-Fi indoor positioning and navigation system (WIPS) Indoorun, through real-time positioning and navigation, such as based on indoor location services, to provide enterprises with a significant value of the application system, the offline life and indoor navigation services combined to improve the customer experience and customer number of enterprises, And for enterprises to provide location-based information management, data analysis and product advertising and sales platform, improve the intelligent management of enterprises, reduce the operating costs of enterprises and broaden the enterprise's individual users.

Link: http://www.indoorun.com/

Source Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest online copyright agent service Enterprises. The source strives to establish a fair, transparent and effective business model, protect digital music copyrights and promote the growth and prosperity of China's digital music industry through professional services and self-developed advanced technology.

Link: http://www.r2g.net/

Beijing Wood Warehouse Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, is a focus on automotive consumption in the field of new mobile internet companies. Mukang technology based on mobile internet, deep into the automotive consumer market, for millions of car owners to open intelligent journey. Its products include: Driver examination experts, card mobile, millet driver, illegal query assistant and so on.

Link: http://mucang.cn/

The day was created by doctors at the Union hospital, dedicated to building a doctor's academic exchange platform to help doctors break down geographical limits and share academic research results. In the long run to improve the domestic medical treatment level.

Link: http://www.baitianshi.com/

Yi Bao Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's leading insurance application software provider, is committed to the production, life insurance companies to provide a new generation of Java-based insurance core business application software solutions. Ibau's clients include many well-known insurers from Asia and Europe. Compared with traditional software developers, the easy to protect software products in improving efficiency, reduce costs and shorten the implementation time has a clear advantage.

Link: http://www.ebaotech.com/

Friday is a personal assistant application that automatically records your daily activities, providing you with a history of communication, such as call and SMS. In addition, it can obtain other data information, such as your previous photos and the status of the mobile phone, by integrating this information with the records it obtains from Third-party services such as Facebook and Foursquare.

Link: http://fridayed.com/

The second hand system is China's leading third-party advertising technology company. The second hand current daily average processing data more than 2TB, with daily average processing 100 billion advertising requests data processing capabilities, accumulated storage, processing data over 2PB. Second hand unique Moment tracking technology, can help advertisers and their agents, network media effectively evaluate and optimize the digital advertising effect, improve the return on media investment.

Link: http://www.miaozhen.com/

Asthmapolis provides professional asthma medical services, provides intelligent inhalers, uses Bluetooth and other sensing technology, and uses the data generated by the medical devices to be wired into the Internet data platform through smartphones, so that doctors can master the patients ' situation in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Link: http://asthmapolis.com/

Cloud communication platform is a cloud computing PAAs platform (CPAAS) that provides communication capabilities. The communication capabilities of traditional telecommunications networks, ip-based communication capabilities, through open APIs and packaged SDK are provided to developers and businesses to help partner applications, convenient, low-cost integrated communication capabilities.

Link: http://www.cloopen.com/

Wiplug Inc. is a company that designs, develops, and manufactures intelligent connection devices that can greatly facilitate the user's experience in a particular area through these dedicated intelligent networked gadgets. The current Wiplug AT100 is a wireless smart gadget that connects mobile devices to televisions that can easily push content from a cell phone or tablet onto a TV.

Link: http://wiplug.tv/

Cloud Car Wash Service through the website or mobile phone application on the map to set your car location, the time to wash the car, and through Alipay pay for car wash, you can complete the Car wash service reservation.

Link: http://www.yunxiche.com/yunxi/

Rubik's Cube workshop is a cultural derivative of the cartoon online E-commerce trading platform, animation, network games, film and other cultural derivatives comprehensive trading platform, to provide derivative sales, copyright transactions, information Exchange Services, is an open E-commerce trading platform. Rubik's Cube Workshop was officially launched in 2013, and has been stationed in cooperation brands including: Transformers, many a dream, CF, DNF, Luo Kingdom, Hell Kitty, Barbie, Disney, Mickey, Wen, blessed, my low Energy series, Ah Mile, disappointed robot, roll, a few meters, Plantronics fruit anime, bear haunt, Zhang Small box and so on.

Link: http://www.mofangworks.com/

Micro-step: FMCG Terminal Sales management platform, providing store management, shopping guide to report the store sales, real-time statistics, three level management settings, applicable to the factory sales, audit, marketing and other sales management team, guide management team. Free and paid editions are currently available.

Link: http://www.51weibu.com/

The beginning of the first is to create a platform for all love play, collect and organize a large number of drama related data information, looking for inviting all love drama, organize all kinds of online activities, improve the site community function, is to create a vertical to the theatrical industry community media platform. So that all the people who love drama can build up a wide range of benign interactive communication.

Link: http://www.verydrama.com/

By you, a dedicated young person to exchange ideas and share ideas, to combine the network public community with the university public space, to encourage young people to integrate into groups in the form of group discussions, and then to promote public awareness and the sharing of the spirit, promoting the divergent and innovative thinking of young people.

Link: http://www.unishai.com/

With "Love Bar", Love bubble bar people must apply! "Find it" to help you choose a favorite bar, the scene in time to pass the picture! "Bubble Bar" let the poor talk of you become a pick-up master! "Play" a variety of night entertainment games hold Live! "Learn," let you three minutes to become a bubble bar people! Multiple integration models have the opportunity to obtain value feedback! At the same time to provide Sina Weibo with a variety of simultaneous drying!

Link: http://www.i9bar.cn/i9bar/

Creative network to provide you with the most convenient and efficient design of the public platform to solve all your worries, so that you can complete the design on the computer, printing, support, so as to complete your design dream, earn the corresponding remuneration. At the same time, each supporter needs just a little more aid to the designer, that is, to get the design and the kind, to bid farewell to the times when donations are not harvested.

Link: http://www.ichuangyee.com/

Min Hui is a "agile" community service for the handheld information application, which is carefully built by Xiamen Anglo-Rui Information Technology Co., Ltd. Min Hui is the first in China around the "agile development", "Agile Management", "lean" as the theme, at the same time with social, information, and tools of the subdivision of the field of application.

Link: http://iagile.enways.com/

News Point Technology Services Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in providing development, testing, operation and maintenance technology solutions of technical services companies, dedicated to small and medium-sized or start-up enterprises to provide product agile development solutions, the company has released and mature use of several products mainly include at (Web automation testing and Management), FDK ( Java Internet Application Agile Development Framework, etc.

Link: http://www.gz383.com/

If rice is a tool for authoring and sharing, it can help you take a group of photos, quickly made into a beautiful audio pictorial with a mobile phone; you can insert text into your photos, Mijo offers a variety of fine templates for your own use, and you can add sounds to your pictures to make your pictorial more lively and interesting; every story, A memory, an attitude will be your own unique works, be recorded, be shared; Mijo can also help you to share your pictorial, Micro bo, micro-mail, SNS can be done.

Link: http://imiruo.com/

Fashion Know (uzhidao.com) is the most in the new Media Life Quiz interactive platform. Network gathered a taste, tourism, beauty, emotion, music, health, automobiles and other 16 major areas of star Tatsu people to help you solve all kinds of life problems encountered. Is the most stylish people in China gathered.

Link: http://www.uzhidao.com/

Epidemic prevention: To provide the public with authoritative, cutting-edge reports, and through the professional analysis of clinicians, combined with the first-line doctor real-time diagnosis and treatment of dynamic, open, impartial, responsible for the reporting of epidemic correct understanding, the latest dynamic, scientific prevention and the views of all sides, the avian flu in-depth analysis.

Link: http://www.ucmed.cn/ProductsServices/MasterOfEpidemicPrevention/65.htm

Car parking will solve the problem of parking problems for the technical core to provide local parking location search

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