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Long time no see, today to share a true test results. Last time I said that one of my stations was quickly included, the station 8 days have been included every day, the next day snapshot. However, in such a perfect situation, there will be some flaws. Of course there's a reason for me. Below for everyone to share the ' from being included every day and snapshots ', to be k first page of the situation;

On the evening of August 17, because it is Baidu's big update day, I believe many people are like me, waiting for the big update of number 18th coming. Because I stand only open 8 days is a new station, no advertising, due to their own too much too noisy mood, also delusional Baidu big update, can i more pages included. I put the whole from the freshman into a, like a run to Google backstage generated a few advertising code placed therein. After the thousands of pages were generated, I was happy to embrace the dream. In order to have a better effect, but also the unprecedented run to exchange a few snapshots the next day friendship connection. And then it was a dream. Tragedy begins ...

The next day woke up, impatient to open the computer, using professional Webmaster tools to query the results of the harvest. As a result, I found that this is not happy things. At least let my heart fell to Sandzi eyes. Baidu not only did not include more, the snapshot still stay in the number 17th. and included in the page in the reduction. This is not a sign of performance. Although the home page has not been k off.

Salvage strategy:

See this situation, in addition to dumbfounded also have to do something ah. So I increased the intensity of the update. False original and so on. In a round of tools, Baidu this kid has not woken up, to me still ignore. It's August 20, and the snapshot still stays at number 17th. Even more outrageous is the inside page is still in a piece of the litter .... For me, it was a very big blow.

At first, I also think that is a large number of updates Baidu has been included in the page caused by this distrust mechanism. I guess I'll just have time to talk. But the turnaround suddenly appeared. I was startled before the show. Number 20th deep night, Baidu since put my home k off ... This situation is confusing me enough. I'm thinking, hanging in my mind. In the sight of this scene, I decisively removed the three-day snapshot of the friendship connection. My humble views are as follows:

A daily snapshot of the friendship link is not a good thing

When you exchange the connection, see the other side of the snapshot the next day, daily update, it does not mean that he is a good connection. At the very least, you have to see why his station is updated every day. The poor quality of the station has a good snapshot, which is in the powerful garbage connection exchange for the snapshot. I can not afford the new station from my chain into the past tens of millions of rubbish, so do not be K is strange.

Second, do not believe that the exchange of a large number of links can bring you weight

When I played this headline, I thought about it, to be fair. It should be a prudent choice before you switch connections. Not all stations can bring you weight. Things like me would have been a snapshot of the line, the weight OK station, because three connected to the station by K.

Third, do not link to link

There are a lot of people, a new stand down, and desperately to the link, thought can immediately bring weight, vegetarian don't know, this is a lot of stations can not enjoy AH. Can only bring a reverse effect. So when exchanging links, be careful and cautious. Otherwise you will not lose.

Tail Knot:

Since this article, it must have a good result. The first page was k in the evening of 20th. After I remove the connection. In the morning of August 21, a check, collected back. And the snapshot is number 20th. This shows that by K reason seems light and easy to see.

If you have the same friends, please hurry to try it, you will receive a good effect oh.

Original manuscript of this article, disgusting. A5 start sharing. Reprinted please have links: Stock quotes

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