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Trade show has a history of decades of development, enterprises and enterprises in the exchange and cooperation in an irreplaceable role, can let the enterprise face-to-face conversation, can let the target customer really see the product. For the industry has never met new friends to provide understanding, exchanges and cooperation of the Platform for old friends to catch up, deepen understanding, establish opportunities for cooperation, for enterprises to display their latest products, build brand image to build an optimal platform. At least for a long time to come, the trade show is irreplaceable, it will be with the network, paper media as the Enterprise future Business-to-business marketing 3 important channels. Most of the exhibitors for the industry's large and medium enterprises, the audience throughout the industry's corporate executives, sales staff, marketing personnel, technical personnel, a successful trade show is the industry to understand the development of the industry, the trend of the window.

The customer group of the Business-to-business website is the same as that of the trade show, the audience of the exhibition may be the website's user or the website's customer. Some people often ask me: Xuejiang, what do you think is the best online promotion of business-to-business websites? I think, for most of the industry sites, the best way to promote the line is to participate in the exhibition. Because the Business-to-business industry website participates in the exhibition, not only can show the site's business, strength, more important is to enhance the credibility of the site, in the exhibition so that potential customers to see the real site team members, after the exhibition to participate in the production of special topics, so that visitors to the site to see the reality of the exhibition to enhance the credibility of the site, Enhance brand influence. At the same time, business-to-business websites and exhibitions do not conflict between the provision of online and offline services, can complement each other. This section mainly talk about how to find the right exhibition, how to establish a cooperative relationship with the exhibition, How to do marketing promotion at the exhibition, how to Do after the exhibition marketing promotion, I hope to operate the business of Business-to-business website people have some help.

1 How to find and select the right exhibition and establish a cooperative relationship

This is relatively simple, the key is to understand the business of business-to-business industry sites, the general only need to analyze the trade show industry, looking for relevant industry sites have those exhibitions, and analysis of exhibitors and spectators, analysis of the strength of the exhibition, can know whether to establish cooperation.

A Trade Show category analysis, to determine the types of participation in the show

We participate in the exhibition, is generally business-to-business industry site on the middle and lower reaches of the industry, such as the apparel industry, the upper reaches of the exhibition: Yarn Show, Fabric exhibition, accessories exhibition, textile machine exhibition, and so on, the middle and lower reaches of the exhibition: Clothing brand exhibition, OEM processing exhibition, brand conference Exhibitors of these exhibitions, the audience may and the site's customers, visitors overlap, as long as the user has coincident, can be chosen as the object.

B find the relevant exhibition skills, so that you quickly find all trade fairs

This method is relatively simple, is to the relevant industry site to find, general industry sites have a show column, to the upper and lower reaches of the industry to find the site, to find the trade show name, if the introduction of the official website of the exhibition, you can search through Baidu, be sure to find the official website Most of the exhibitions have official websites. Or look at the companies in the industry are participating in those exhibitions.

C analysis of exhibition exhibitors and spectators, preliminary determination to attend those exhibitions

Generally speaking, the exhibition audience is the Exhibitor's customers, through the official website, know that those are exhibitors, analysis of the exhibitors potential customers, you will know who the audience. The standard for determining whether an exhibition can work with us is that the audience and exhibitors of all exhibits or exhibits of a particular exhibition hall are the same as the customers and users of the Business-to-business website. or by participating in the exhibition, you can find the purchaser of the website. Generally, this information can be learned from the introduction of the exhibition, past review, typical customer introduction.

D analysis of the strength of the exhibition to determine whether cooperation or focus on cooperation

The strength of the analysis, is to determine whether they should cooperate with them, or is a strong cooperation or simple cooperation, the other side of the strength is stronger than us, as well as the following mode of cooperation and negotiations, are very important, so we must correctly judge an exhibition strength. 浏览展会的官方网站,以及在相关行业网站上找展会信息,看这个展会举办了多少届?有那些知名企业参展?观众有那些?举办地点是否在北上广、省会城市、产业集中地?上一届展会回顾情况?展会的主办单位、合作媒体有那些、 Ask peers to understand the real situation of the exhibition, from a number of angles to judge the strength of the exhibition company. Another way is to see if any of our customers have attended the show and ask them about the show.

2 to establish cooperative negotiation skills and various ways of cooperation

Generally do not spend money to buy booths, especially when the site has not yet achieved balance. Unless the site is already perfect, with sales support, or more investment, it is OK to buy a better booth. I once said in the book, "Business-to-business Portal promotion," Business-to-business website and Exhibition Company common mode of cooperation is: to the exhibition company to provide advertising, information dissemination, production of special promotion services, exhibition companies to provide a standard booth, exhibitors on the list of a color advertising or at a certain entrance to put an exhibition rack. Different exhibitions have different characteristics, strength and importance are not the same, to target different situations, find the right person in charge, and strive to achieve a mutually beneficial mode of cooperation, and can have more innovative ways of cooperation, to achieve the best publicity results.

A find the exhibition responsible for media cooperation

In general, each exhibition company has media cooperation in charge (some planning department is responsible for), whether the exhibition companies to find us, or we go to the exhibition company, according to the first section of the method analysis clearly after the exhibition, to find responsible for media cooperation. Generally in the website or other industry websites to publish exhibition information, the vast majority of the media is not responsible, is the sales staff. We can find the person responsible for the media collaboration through them, or through the exhibition site it left behind may also be found.

B before the establishment of cooperation, we should first introduce the strength of the site

In the initial stage of the site construction, most of the exhibition cooperation, we need to actively contact, begged each other and we establish cooperation, if the other party has never cooperated with us, we need to introduce them to the strength of the site. (1) is currently the largest website of the * * * industry, every day browsing has * million times, has * many people to visit, (2) Website visit crowd composition, 70% for ****,15%, these people are also your exhibition audience and exhibitors; (3) We also have a periodical or industry reference book, Also sent to you exhibitors and viewers of the exhibition, a free courier to him, (4) once with the well-known exhibition companies have cooperated, such as: * * * and other well-known exhibitions. At the same time to guide them to visit your site, so that they can have a real feeling of your site, in the telephone conversation process to improvise, always do not forget to show the strength of the site, showing that and their relevance, can establish a mutually beneficial cooperation.

C Clear the Services the exhibition company can offer and lobby them to provide more services

According to various circumstances, we hope that the services provided by the exhibition Company: (1), some exhibitions away from the company, or in the western underdeveloped areas, or the strength is not good, generally only request the publication of color ads version or half version of the exhibition site advertising media site logo and link; (2) We are going to exhibit, the general requirements of the exhibition company to provide standard booth, some of the better exhibition booth to provide a smaller, (3), if this exhibition and the site-related, more than 70% of the audience and exhibitors are website users, and do a good job, you can ask the exhibition company to provide in the exhibition hall at the entrance to put more than one exhibition rack, or pull a banner outside the Pavilion (4), can be in the exhibition all kinds of publicity materials, on-site meetings and other places are written on the media support units, such as: venue publicity, printing materials, network publicity are written on your site for media support. General exhibition companies are only willing to provide (1), (2) Two services, (3), (4) whether two services can be provided to see whether the site has a good strength and brand awareness, but also in the level and skills of negotiators.

D clear the service that the website can provide, and show the benefit that the service can get to the exhibition

According to the importance of the exhibition, the exhibition is willing to provide services, the site itself can provide services to determine the site to provide those services to the exhibition: (1) to provide a site of a two-class home page ads, can bring benefits to each other, for example, in the Information column advertising: "First of all, this section of the visitors are general manager, department manager, Market sales staff accounted for the majority, and the exhibition needs to disseminate the target users are consistent; Secondly, this column is to understand the industry dynamics, Industry Information window, where the exhibition information, and the user's needs are consistent. (2) To provide the first screen below the homepage of the advertising bit: home includes all visitors to the site, can be more limited to the target audience to the exhibition; second, the first screen of the ads to customers to buy or book, not we do not provide; Finally, the display of the first page advertising is not only to get promotion, but also a display of the strength of the exhibition. (3) to provide a large location, or the home page and level two column at the same time to provide advertising, but also to provide the other side of the text chain, such as integrated marketing promotion services. First of all, this promotion to maximize the dissemination of the best results, the second can let everyone feel the strength of the exhibition is very strong, whether to the audience, or to exhibitors, can be a good promotion.

E website and exhibition company corresponding cooperation content

According to the exhibition is willing to provide services, the site will provide corresponding services, if the site is in the early days, we can provide a number of services, the common mode of cooperation are as follows: (1) The exhibition provides the first (1) kinds of services, the site only in the two-level column of the second screen to send a small advertisement, do not provide column large advertising; If the exhibition to provide the two services, (1), (2), we can provide the first screen of the level two ads, but not particularly large, if there are periodicals or industry books, at the same time put a full version of color ads. (3) If the exhibition is very popular, to participate in the exhibition will be very good results, or the other strong request to put the home page, the exhibition is also good, you can provide the first screen or the second screen advertising bit. (4) If the other party to provide the first (3) or (4) services, can be in the home page, two columns provide a good location, at the same time in the periodicals or books also provide a good location, and exhibition companies to establish a comprehensive cooperative relationship.

In short, cooperation with the exhibition company is a very good way to promote, according to the exhibition company's strength, specific problems specific treatment, not necessarily adhere to all of these models, no matter what kind of cooperation, as long as win can, encourage more innovative ways of cooperation. If funds allow, some particularly good exhibitions, you can pay to buy a better booth, to achieve greater promotional effect.

3 Business website in the exhibition to do promotion, play brand skills

About the traditional products in the exhibition to do the promotion, we just go to Baidu search, there are many introductions. But how to promote business-to-business websites in the exhibition, this article is still very few, this section for Business-to-business website how to promote in the exhibition to do some experience, not necessarily suitable for all business-to-business industry sites, after all, all industries have their own actual situation, we contact their industry to do reference can be.

A How to arrange business-to-business website Booth

As a result of the cooperation of the Business-to-business business site Booth is more than 9 square meters of standard booth, here to explain the layout of the standard booth, special installation booth is generally to be outsourced to the exhibition design company to design, they will give you design more professional booth, here do not do detailed introduction. The standard booth generally has 2 wall, the specific size depends on the exhibition company to provide the booth situation, poster design if you want to consider multiple use, the best use of cloth to print, so many times will not be too ugly, poster design content including the site's slogan, strength, but also to include the site to provide members and advertising services, if there are periodicals, Books, meetings and other services, to do the introduction, as far as possible to reflect the strength of the site.

As the standard booth is not particularly prominent, to the main promotional content to do a poster on the X-frame or easy to pull the treasure, placed in the booth next to attract the attention of the exhibition audience. In the booth on the table to put an Internet-connected notebook computer flat machine, the home page open, so that the audience can experience the site. If there is a free book or periodical gift, to do a card, write free books and other words. To print an omni-directional brochure of the website, about 6-10 pages, placed on the table. And a table, buy a little bottle of mineral water, for customers to negotiate and reception convenient, basically a business-to-business industry website Standard booth layout is completed, the specific can be based on the actual situation of the exhibition to make certain adjustments, innovation, although the booth small, but to exquisite, beautiful, but also to save costs.

B participation in the exhibition personnel and the items brought

The exhibition will usually send 2 people to attend, an exhibition generally have to have sales and operation of two people to participate. Because sales are often only to find customers, if all let sales people go, it is difficult to take into account the overall brand promotion; If the sale does not go, the operation of the people due to the sales performance is not related to the initiative to find customers, the effect of the exhibition will have an impact. Of course some popular exhibitions, can also only send operators to participate, one can also, all things through express or logistics company transport. For some important exhibitions, to send as many people as possible to participate. Exhibitors to bring the items include: promotional samples, cameras, business cards, x exhibition racks or easy to pull the treasure, if there are books, periodicals to give away, but also to bring a table card, loaded with information bags and so on.

C How to do the promotion in the trade show

The number of visitors to the exhibition will not be changed by a certain exhibitor, but how to attract the limited target audience as much as possible to your booth, or have some skills, in this simple to do some summary.

(1) For the more important exhibition, to take advantage of the impact of business-to-business Web sites, to carry out the prior to 1 months or so will send notice, tell everyone booth number, and recommended on the home page, or a fixed position to put a picture or text chain ads, to attract those who go to the exhibition booth;

(2) in the booth on the roll up or X exhibition racks, to highlight, as much as possible to attract the attention of the audience, in advertising words to be more attentively;

(3) in the relevant exhibition hall of the important entrance, put an X exhibition rack or easy to pull the treasure, highlighting the focus of the promotion of the business, and marked the booth number;

(4) During the period of development, to allow editors/reporters to do live reports, will be taken during the filming of the pictures, put in the community or information, and constantly updated, so that people continue to understand the situation every day, some Internet users may see the report, if the visit will come to your booth;

(5) The audience to the booth, to communicate with each other, to understand what the other side is to do, if relevant, to guide the other site to visit the website, to understand the gift of books, periodicals, and give him a copy, exchange business cards, as much as possible to communicate;

(6) to the relevant booth visit, exchange business cards, send publicity samples, if there are books or periodicals, to each booth gift, communication, and let them visit your booth;

(7) Sales staff to make an appointment to attend the exhibition of customers or potential customers to meet, face-to-face communication and communication, directly to facilitate cooperation, on this part, the next chapter will be explained in detail;

(8) If with the industry books, periodicals and other paper media, and the exchange of the booth location is not good, and participate in the exhibition of the customer cooperation, in their booth at the front desk to find a place to their name free distribution of books or periodicals, but also to their booth to bring popularity, achieve a win

(9) If the Business-to-business website has made money, or if the funds allow, can provide some printed with the name of the website and logo practical gifts, such as: U disk, umbrella, business card box, bookmarks, desk calendar, pens and other gifts.

(10) If the majority of exhibitors are the target customers of the site, you can at some intersections to the past crowd leaflets or the form of promotional brochures to promote the site, you can also cooperate with the organizer, set up a site online query area, the homepage set to your site.

Here on the list of 10 promotion methods, only for reference, practice to see whether it is suitable. More promotion methods, according to the actual situation, we have to explore and study.

D play a good role in the industry media

I am in the "Business-to-business Industry portal Planning Research Report" chapter II once said, most of the business-to-business Web site in addition to a business-to-business platform, or a media, for some important exhibitions, exhibitors more than the target customers of the exhibition, need to do on-site interview reports. The coverage covers two parts: one is to report the situation of the exhibition, the second is to report the exhibitors, mainly include: whether the introduction of new products, the recent operation of sales, future plans, some of the views of the industry, etc., at the same time to shoot new products, Booth Panorama, after the exhibition to continue to promote enterprises. In the interview process, the general will see the company's top leaders, so that the high-level enterprise more fully understand the site, enterprise-oriented promotion of high-level website. Publish the interview draft on the website, and publish to the related industry website, let the enterprise that read the interview manuscript deepen to the understanding of the website (in the report the suitable place adds the website name), promoted the website influence, the brand popularity, the credibility, promotes the website sale. For the general exhibition, a few articles can be reported simply, for important exhibitions, to do special promotion, many pages in the website to do promotion, and the topic to more potential customers, so that they trust us more.

E important exhibition sales staff to make an appointment with customers to meet and communicate in the exhibition

For important exhibitions, in the first half month of the exhibition, we should find a way to get all the exhibitors ' names through the organizer, then select the enterprises that may become the website customers, and will attend the exhibition according to the actual situation to the sales staff, sales staff through Baidu search and other ways to attend the show's company senior management, And make an appointment with the other booth to meet, the general words of the operation is: we want to participate in the exhibition of the Enterprise to carry out a report, do some interviews, then can bring reporters to his booth to see him, in this process, the promotion of the site's business is also smooth, that is, a better way to let them not reject you.

For customers without a booth, you can ask them whether they want to visit this exhibition, if you want to visit, you can make an appointment to meet, invite them to your booth, deepen understanding, so that some viewers can also become your customers through the exhibition, face-to-face introduction of the website, the strength of the site, directly promote sales. For some big customers, may not be able to talk about two years, need many exhibitions and their various levels of people to meet, establish long-term communication, in order to finally achieve cooperation, according to my experience, the exhibition in the promotion of the site and major customers have a very large role in cooperation.

4 after the exhibition and timely communication with customers, and timely coverage of the exhibition, continue to spread to new visitors, so that they more trust the site

The end of an exhibition, does not mean that the effect of the exhibition has not been, in the exhibition to meet the customers, to timely tracking, to establish cooperation to guide. For the industry web site, to participate in an exhibition played a role, perhaps the site after the operation of a greater role. As I said in the 8th Chapter 12 of the Business Research Report on Business-to-business portals, the credibility of the site is important and needs to run through all the processes in the site. We should not only see through the show whether directly to the customers, but to see through this exhibition, so many of the strength and credibility of the site to see the news of the company to change their ideas, and to establish cooperation with the site.

A timely communication with customers after the exhibition to promote more cooperation

According to my practical experience, within 1-2 months after the exhibition, is the best time to promote sales, to timely communication with customers. For example: Submit solutions to customers, write a good exhibition report article link to the customer browsing, for the interviewed customers to write good articles to them to confirm, if there are sent to other related sites, to provide the number of reprint statistics report, so that they can experience without paying fees to the site to provide free services. Add each other's QQ, often with customers like Friends Chat, guide the other side more in-depth understanding of the site, have more opportunities to facilitate cooperation.

B timely coverage of the exhibition after the exhibition, writing interview draft, to do the project

In addition to the show during the exhibition through pictures and text coverage of the exhibition site, after the exhibition will also write press releases, interview draft, for important exhibitions, to do a special report. This report to the website, the report Enterprise, the reader all is the multi-party wins-win, the general important exhibition must write 5-10 articles about the original manuscript, then searches other media's report to send to the website, and selects all photographs to take the photo album the form to publish, for everybody to browse. The feature report consists of 3 elements: Original press releases and interview drafts, other media reports, part of the picture display, some of the exhibition-related content, so that everyone saw this topic can have a comprehensive understanding of the exhibition, but also through the exhibition reflects the industry trends have a detailed understanding, The most important thing is to see the strength of the site through the topic to enhance brand awareness.

C to report articles, special topics to promote, enhance the credibility of the website

The promotion of reports or topics is divided into two internal and external channels:

(1) Internal promotion: An interview manuscript to publish an article, each as far as possible to ensure that the home page and other important positions recommended more than 2 days, if there are more than 6 reports, there will be up to half a month of promotion. Also put a comprehensive report of the article in the site dynamics, so that those who want to work with the site to understand the site when they can see our participation in the exhibition report. For the production of the topic, to do in many columns of idle location to do pictures or animation advertising promotion, place 2-4 months can be, so that users of different time to the site may see the exhibition's Special report, so that more visitors through the topic more Trust site, enhance the brand influence of the site.

(2) External promotion: Some ads are not particularly strong nature of the interview issued to the relevant cooperation website, more websites will reprint this article, also can arrange the customer or the website promotion personnel, will contain the website name, the customer product interview manuscript sends to more related website, for example: blog, forum, post bar, etc., So that people who do not visit our site can also understand the strength of the site, but also to bring results to customers, corporate interview is a very good version of the Soft Wen, is a good knowledge marketing tool.

In short, for trade fairs, we want to have a sense, to participate in the exhibition is not to directly improve the flow of the site, even if all exhibition exhibitors, viewers to visit the site, relative to an industry site per day tens of thousands of IP traffic is still small. The role of participation in the exhibition is from exhibitors and viewers to find our customers, and new and old customers to meet, deepen mutual understanding, trust degree. The more important role is to allow the current and future visitors to the site through the exhibition related reports more believe in the site, build the site brand, improve the sales of the site. As the CCTV ads said: We have to believe in the strength of the brand, any business-to-business industry site should be as a brand to operate, in order to have better development.

This article original author: Xuejiang, welcome the Exchange instruction, qq:1580658565.

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