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For the webmaster to choose a stable high, fast, good price space for the operation of the site is critical, many will be very headache, especially those who just stepped into the 7474.html "webmaster team" > Grassroots webmaster, often lack of experience and lead to a succession of replacement space. For space, a lot of people often wandering in the domestic and foreign space, the author has been confused about the space, but if today you open my this Kun Xian health Net, feel the speed can also be accepted, then, please look down my choice of space feelings, original.

1. What good is domestic space and foreign space?

In fact, there is no correct answer to this question! For the two kinds of space, they have a variety of characteristics, the choice of space in addition to consider the space of the brand, Word-of-mouth, performance, service, but also with your investment relationship. The so-called a penny, the domestic space may not be better than foreign space.

2. What are the differences between domestic space and foreign space?

(1) Our common sense is that domestic space speed is faster than foreign speed--– but the author thinks, this needs to add a precondition, namely the same sex price premise, domestic space is faster than foreign speed. Even the domestic space, the author also encountered several open speed is very slow.

What is the speed of foreign space in the end? This question depends largely on which country you are buying space, the foreign space we buy now is nothing more than the United States space, Korea space, the former has many types, the latter the author rarely used. In the past, the author has considered the use of American Eagle space, but because the Eagle space independent IP resources are scarce and give up, and then study the Bluehost space, this is a very old American brand space, 15 years of history, in foreign countries is quite famous, its stability in 99.9%, high price, how fast? You can open the author's website any page, test it yourself. The author is quite satisfied with this space.

(2) Domestic space and foreign space price comparison ——— at the same price, domestic space prices are amazing, especially those old brand space such as million nets, new nets and other space, is not only a year thousands, the general agent space, although the price concessions, but perhaps one day suddenly roll money ran, you cry is too late. Foreign space, no doubt, the price is relatively cheap, by bluehost space for example, the official discount code under the sharing of IP space 300 yuan/year, independent IP space 500 yuan/year.

(3) Domestic space and the red tape of foreign space--– Needless to say, the domestic space "strewn", you need to wait 2-3 months or even longer filing time, it is not yet passed, especially at present, the Ministry of Information in the Department of a rule, domestic space due to the failure of the record often open. Foreign space, 100% do not charge these gods.

3. How to choose domestic and foreign space?

In considering the space problem, I suggest that we should have the--– of this phase of thinking to choose stability, speed, price.

A lot of good rankings are due to space instability and led to the fall of Baidu, users will also because the site often can not open and give up patronage. Once, I this information network in one months ago ranked good, which "home internet how to make money," the key word also squeezed into the top 10, but basically because the space instability, resulting in the site was down right, ranking has been down. Therefore, the stability of the space is the first, you do not want to own the site loose fishing it?

In fact, speed, before buying space, you need to study the speed of this space, to Baidu to search the user's evaluation of it, you will get the general understanding, but not too much space for sales agents.

Price, in the guarantee before two ideas, the price is secondary, grassroots webmaster should be able to accept 1000 yuan below/year space, higher than this price is more expensive. Generally speaking, regardless of domestic and foreign space, 1000 yuan/year space is good, my bluehost space + Free 1 domain name + buy independent ip=500 yuan/year, speed, stability, prices are very satisfactory. Here, the webmaster must pay attention to, do not too believe that the small space agent space.

In short, do SEO, the choice of space is very important, do not only consider the price of the acceptance and ignore the stability of the space, otherwise, one day you will find that when your site ranked the top 10 but for the stability of the space is poor and worry. In addition, the purchase of space, the need to choose a large space business space, agent space can be discarded, not to be greedy for petty gain. This article by the Breast Enhancement product list http://himusic.5d6d.net/to share several points to choose the domestic and foreign space the experience, hoped to have the help to everybody.

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