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In "2011 China cloud Computing and Cloud Service Summit Forum", China million network cloud computing business cooperation Vice President Fan Chunying did in order to "let cloud Dream tentacles can and-China million network cloud computing solution" as the theme of the speech, the following is a transcript.

Leaders, friends, colleagues in the IT sector, good afternoon! I am very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the Cloud Computing Summit Forum, today to share with you the theme is to let the dream of cloud is within reach, look at our practice in cloud computing.

First of all, look at the growth of China's network is very alarming, to e-commerce and mobile Internet, including the entire IT industry, including the development of the IDC industry has brought a very solid foundation. Let's take a look at the data related to cloud computing. Global cloud computing has been growing at a rate of 20% per cent, according to IDC and Gartner.

For customers, such as single point of failure, network server storage and so on a single point of failure, a business once online, it is difficult to extend to the new system. There is a cup of milk to raise a cow, cost-effective, their storage and computing does not play its due role. For operators, the same also face considerable pressure, such as million network has tens of thousands of servers, the server management problem will be we are facing a great challenge, is the high cost of IDC. The whole process is not low-carbon, not green, and many of the storage is not balanced. For example, most of the data we understand is in a waste and idle phase.

We want cloud computing to reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of business management. We hope it will enhance the reliability and load capacity of IT applications. We hope that cloud computing, the cluster application, can achieve scale effect and achieve elastic expansion. For cloud computing We generally emphasize three types of resources, storage, computing and network, when we can not meet our needs, we will be from a hard disk into an array, but there will be problems, we need to use cloud storage. Calculation is the same, we can apply to the cluster of computing, if the cluster can not meet, the cluster into a number of IDC to calculate the model. The network is no longer a single point can solve the problem, we need to be in the cloud environment to a number of IDC, through the fiber link, so that these resources can not be shared between the IDC, can play a role.

In this business model of cloud computing, many guests today share Iaas,paas and SaaS, and in these three areas we have all been involved, especially in the field of IaaS. We encounter a lot of competitors, such as Amazon, are very big foreign cattle, if the future liberalization of foreign investment in China's supervision, we will face enormous pressure. In the platform-level service, well-known software providers play an important role, such as Google, of course, China's open platform Taobao, Baidu's open Pingdu, but also try to play its role in the perspective of open platform. Million nets this year through the cooperation with Taobao, to intervene in this PAAs area, today on the open platform of Taobao, all of these relatively well-known SV operations, their services are hosted in the million-net infrastructure, so through the close cooperation with Taobao to achieve the support of the PAAs platform and service providers. In the field of SaaS, tradition is a strong software provider. Million network to provide cloud computing solutions, in fact, is hoping to help enterprises and institutions to quickly use the network mature private cloud and public cloud cloud solution, can use the shortest time to establish E-commerce platform. Million network core technology, including several, virtualization technology, distributed storage, cloud computing, the Unified Management Center, intelligent monitoring and management platform. In these points, virtualization technology China does not have its own core technology, basically in a few strong software vendors, such as VMware is controlled by EMC, we do not have much choice, so virtualization at least today without Chinese enterprises have this core technology. The point of the grid is distributed storage, which is the very core identification of whether cloud computing is a true cloud or a false cloud. When traditional centralized storage does not solve a large amount of storage capacity and scalability, it is necessary to use distributed storage. The distributed system of million network invests a lot of energy, for the latter two is the important index that can monitor.

Today million network launched a lot of cloud host, the characteristics of these cloud host I extracted a bit, the first is to eliminate the characteristics of a single point of failure, each data has three copies of backup, so that will not cause the loss of files. Today, we do IDC operation dimension, not very anxious overnight to repair, just to collect some bad hard drive, and then insert some new hard disk can be solved. Million network CEO also often go to the computer room unplugged power, did test, the fact that the distributed file system has reliability.

The second picture is our photo function, you can choose to return to the history of any kind of scene, when the customer face mistakenly deleted or suffered hacker attacks, can return to a certain point in history. The third picture is to achieve the fault traction, when a server failure, this machine can be automatically copied to another device, so that the normal use of virtual machines. The last point is to achieve dynamic upgrades and extensions, customers have just set up when the company can have a very small cloud host, as the business growth can be flexible choice of storage bandwidth resources, so as to maximize the customer's choice of products to ensure cost-effective.

This figure shows the solution of the private cloud provided by the network for some of the major customers. Customer migration from the traditional environment to cloud computing environment there is a process, it is difficult to apply the one-time to the cloud, which is very difficult, we allow the application to move to the cloud, the formation of a hybrid cloud architecture, while we support internal and external connections. We also support content monitoring for the private cloud, guaranteeing the same quality as the public cloud as a whole. This is what we do visualization of cloud computing resources monitoring management platform, from traffic to port monitoring, as well as content monitoring, the whole is a complete set of monitoring and management platform to achieve monitoring analysis to decision-making optimization.

Finally summed up the advantages of cloud computing, the data is safe and reliable, because there are many copies, we put a lot of money in the load balance and flow cleaning, the overall network reliability is very high. High-efficiency low carbon is the main use, can be used on Demand mode, can reduce customer application costs. Unlimited scalability to share the benefits of cloud scalability as customers grow.

Here are some of the successful use of the million-net cloud computing success stories, the first is Schneider Electric. Xie is always talking about, Schneider Electric is our big customer, we spent a lot of time to study the private cloud of the scheme, the final results of the two sides are very satisfied. Similar to the Haier Group and so on, but also includes some cutting-edge e-commerce sites, these e-commerce needs a lot of resources, but also has a lot of uncertainty, so the need for cloud computing can provide a very strong expansion space and flexible billing mode. We also hope that the million-net cloud computing standardization products can support more small and medium-sized enterprises, cloud computing solutions can help more large enterprises to achieve their own cloud computing dream.

Finally, share with you is this more shocking words, Ryūjō cloud, create brilliant. Thank you!

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