Fast planning "a school bus" to greet the Dragon Boat Festival, prepare the first batch of primary service

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Fees, "A school Bus" is a non-profit-oriented project, the company will invest a large amount of cash subsidies, the price is tentatively 12 yuan/person * times.

Fast planning for the first school bus to serve primary school students
Tencent Science and Technology (Sanghin) April 2 News, a quick car announced a school bus is coming online, the first wave of school bus is the main target of 1-6 grade pupils, the initial plan in the Dragon Boat Festival began to launch 100, pilot in Beijing.
In terms of payment, the "one bus" can be calculated on a daily basis. In terms of fees, "a school Bus" is a non-profit-oriented project, the company will invest a large amount of cash subsidies, the price is tentatively 12 yuan/person * times.
According to the introduction, the school bus unified for the United States imported Bluebird School bus, can accommodate 30-39 students; the body adopts titanium alloy technology which is widely used in aviation, aerospace and military field, and the glass is bulletproof glass to ensure the safety of driving. Each vehicle is equipped with a driver who has been driving for more than 5 years and a female attendant who has been trained in combat training; The car is equipped with paper towels, mineral water, medicine boxes and other vehicles must be goods and electric stick, wolf protection and other security equipment; Each vehicle is equipped with GPS positioning system, parents can always check the driving state of the school bus.
Call the car demand by the parents, in the use of "a school bus" before the parents need to fill out the children's photos, names, gender, address, school, transfer time and other information, the next single time to call the car time before 20:00 the night before.
After the successful receipt, the user client will display the license plate, animation theme, driver, flight attendant information. The driver's side will display basic information on the children and a complete passenger check-in confirmation system. If the child does not arrive at the appointed time, the attendant will call the parent phone for confirmation.

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