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A few days ago in QQ group someone put forward a very interesting point of view: SEO is actually very simple, just do something should be done, but did not do things. He also gave an example, title-title is the homework that every website must do, but many websites do not do. According to this theory, no matter what industry in any field can be categorized as "should be done but did not do things", so the discussion is not very meaningful. But it triggers feathers. Another way of thinking: How to do for their own SEO.

Why do you say that? SEO is an emerging technology discipline, is a search engine after the emergence of a new thing. On the one hand it includes the content is very broad, the refinement of things are very fine miscellaneous and trivial, on the other hand now the industry lacks strong core guidelines and standards, more is the personal experience summary.

Novice friends just contact with the SEO, the face of the site structure, directory structure, internal strategy, single page optimization, weight distribution, site map, analysis keywords, keyword deployment, keyword allocation, long tail keyword mining, chain construction, chain maintenance, link bait, friend chain principles, content sources, high-quality original, false original, soft writing, Content Focus strategy (omit 300 words after) and so on. So many "things that should have been done but not done" waiting for us to deal with the optimization, obviously all have to do bit is unrealistic, then we need to judge-what is suitable for their own SEO optimization; Friendship tips: This article for the original Feather QQ1070058584, reprint please keep. In our limited time to choose the right SEO strategy to make the greatest effect.

Feather in the first chapter on the example title optimization details explain different situations to adopt different strategies.

One, whether the title should strengthen the site main body?

We look at the Shanghai Hundred Dahlia Medical Cosmetology This website title, as shown


Why it is "Shanghai Plastic Cosmetology Hospital, Shanghai Hundred Dahlia Medical Cosmetology Outpatient Department", not "Shanghai Hundred Dahlia Medical Cosmetology Outpatient Department, Shanghai Cosmetic Cosmetology Hospital"?

Because from the user search habits to consider, "Shanghai plastic Beauty Hospital" This keyword can naturally appear in mind, especially in Shanghai city users. But "Hundred Dahlia medical Cosmetology" At least now few people heard. So in the early development of the site, you can put the subject name last, the golden position to more marketing value of the main keyword. But in turn, when the site to a certain scale, the need to strengthen the brand, this time the site subject name appears first is a very good choice.

Two, whether the title party is good or bad?

Feathers around a lot of friends very disgusted with the title party, but at the same time a lot of indulge in the title of the party's world, feel the profound Chinese characters. On this issue, we webmaster friends must not be the same, you have to combine their own situation. The right gimmick is the best solution to attract the attention of the user. For example: "Kobe Bryant will be the enemy said he joined-10086 female nets" like this 10086 women on the website of a news headline, "Enemy" two words is definitely a general viewer of the sensitive words, interested point is very attractive click. In a look, it turned out that the enemy is not what the NBA famous players called Bell, but there is a game of defensive time to strangle Bryant's neck. Turning back, if the title turns into "Kobe Bryant's Pro", the effect is greatly compromised.

This is especially suitable for some of the entertainment nature of strong Web site use, while in the formal professional domain site using the title party, will be very easy to counterproductive.

Third, the title Word segmentation. No search caused by the word segmentation strategy is not the same, we have to according to optimize the goal of different word segmentation skills strategy.

Four, the title length problem, namely the final display effect. In this regard, Lou in his article, feathers will be reproduced to share:


To judge by the composition of the article

As shown above, the homepage is also the most prominent part of the article List, Jiangsu Webmaster Station of the latest 11 articles altogether 6 thick, and even a red. and the main title of the article is uneven, there are long and short, and nothing article time. The overall look, not only dizzy, but also gives a sense of disorganization. Similarly, on the right side of the Chianz home page article list is more neat, and the title Word can be controlled just good.

Note: All CMS article systems have 2 to 3 titles, divided into "title", "full title" and "subtitle". In fact, these headings are a meaning, but will apply to different places, such as when only the "title", the default list page, content pages are realistic this, but if the "title", "full title" are written, then the list page will display a different. That is what you often see in the portal station, you ordered a very tempting title, but there is another title, is this principle.

Examples to explain how to do their own SEO (a) on the temporary for everyone to elaborate under the title in different situations in different strategies. Later on there will be other relevant SEO case details analysis, welcome everyone to shoot bricks.

This article address: http://www.lady10086.com, reproduced please retain the author information: Feather, SEO research center lecturer, Webmaster Exchange Group 74850141, welcome everyone to share, YY6359 welcome everyone to come to learn to listen to questions.

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