Fight with Razer's EA Battlefield 3 collector's peripherals.

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Razer released a full set of "Battlefield 3" theme game hardware and peripheral Products August 17, 2011, Cologne, Germany, Gamescom game show-razer® (LEI) The world's leading high-end high-precision game brand, The global digital interactive entertainment leader, EA, has announced that it will detonate your war gaming experience with exclusive Battlefield 3 peripherals and peripherals.  Players can fully enjoy the integration of the game, and use the technical advantages of the product in EA will be released this year, the most watched first-person shooter game won. Razer Battlefield 3 collection of peripheral products include: Razer Black widow spider Ultimate version of the mechanical keyboard, Razer King Python game Mouse, Razer scarab hard mouse pad and Razer Ansat Ling Leopard Tournament class Xbox 360 handle. This set of Razer games will ensure that Battlefield 3 players win after the most intense firefight.  These devices have been given more powerful game performance, such as the Razer Black widow spider's fast response speed, the Razer Monarch Python's higher sliding accuracy, the Razer Scarab's optimized tracking performance and highly customizable Razer Ansat. Razer Battlefield 3 Collection version of the surrounding products will bring your enjoyable gaming experience to reality. Everything will be all right with the rugged battlefield version 3 IPhone4 protection Shell and the Battlefield 3 release Razer Messenger Pack to store your gaming gear.  Battlefield 3 version of Razer peripherals and peripheral products are using a sharp game elements, so that you immersed in the adrenaline surge, heartbeat accelerated in the Battlefield 3 world. "Now that all the staff of Razer are eager to sell 3 of the battlefield, we will be immersed in the best military game so far with all the players," said Krakoff, Razer US President Robert Razerguy. Our razer will produce Battlefield 3 collector's peripherals and peripheral products – with the best hardware to match the 2011-year shooting game of the most eagerly awaited player. "About the battlefield 3Razer Black widow spider Ultimate version of the game keyboard whether you're shooting enemy aircraft with a fighter plane, bombarding your opponent's base with tanks, or becoming a fearless warrior ready to attack, the battlefield 3Razer Black widow spider Ultimate version with its mature and durable mechanical key structure allows you to go full speed into battle.  In the game, this revolutionary, fully backlit game keyboard provides straightforward tactile feedback as well as an ultra fast keystroke response, making you an immersive entry into Battlefield 3 to bring you the true military shooting game world. Official Price: RMB 1099 pre-sale time:–2011 year October 25 global – October 25, 2011 Product Features: 50g pressure grams of the full mechanical keypad unique backlight key to provide 5-level brightness 1000Hz Ultrapolling™/1ms response time programmable keys with fly-sensitive macro recording function disable Windows key game mode options 10 customizable software profiles with fly-sensitive switches 5 additional macros keys minimize key conflict optimization game key matrix multimedia control Braided Cable Audio output jack/Microphone Input jack USB extension connector approximate size (mm): 475 (Long) x 171 (wide) x 30 (High) Weight: 1.5 kg Learn more Battlefield 3 Collector's edition Razer Black widow Spider Ultimate version Mechanical game keyboard information, please browse Www.razerzon E.COM/BF3 Battlefield 3 Razer Black widow spider Ultimate version picture black background White background Http:// About the battlefield 3Razer King Python game Mouse War, the ultimate weapon is the warrior--a well-trained and well-equipped warrior will at all costs to ensure the arrival of victory. 3Razer Imperial Python has a 6400dpi 4G dual sensing system to ensure that any operation you have is reflected in the ultra high accuracy of the kill. The thumb area of the colloid surface and the ergonomically right-handed shape become an extension of your will and strength.  In the blood spray Zhang, immersive "Battlefield 3" in the fight to make their ultimate pole of weapons bar. Official Price: RMB 599 Pre-sale Time:–2011 year October 25 global – October 25, 2011 Product Features: 6400DPI 4G dual sensor system with a colloid surface of the thumb area, so that better control of the ergonomic principle of the right hand Type design adjustable side button Razer Synapse onboard memory up to 200 inches/sec/50g Acceleration 7 Independent programmable Hyperesponse High speed response key fly sensitivity adjustment Mute Ultraslick Ultra smooth Mouse foot approximate dimensions (mm): 123 (Long X 71 (wide) x 42 (high) to learn more about the Battlefield 3 collection version of Razer King Python game Mouse information, please visit the WWW.RAZERZONE.COM/BF3 Battlefield 3 razer King python picture black background White background Resource/downloads/resc/bf3/photo/ about the battlefield 3Razer scarab hard mouse pad excellent warrior trained never shaken, This is what the 3 version of the Razer Scarab uses the latest fractal 2.0™ surface coating to express. Mouse pad surface by a special crystallization coating, easy to identify the mouse sensor, so that the mouse sensor can quickly respond and tracking.  Feel the precision and smooth movement, more easily and efficiently destroy the enemy. Official Price: RMB 399 pre-sale time:–2011 year October 25 global – October 25, 2011 Product Features: · Fractal 2.0™ surface coating for laser mouse and optical mouse can provide the best performance • Hard mouse pads, can achieve accurate tracking and improved rubber underside, more stable and large size, suitable for most gaming environments: 350 (Long) x 250 (wide) x 3 (high) mm • Enhanced Portable box Have the best capacity to protect the ability to learn more Battlefield 3 collector's Razer Scarab game mouse pad information, please visit WWW.RAZERZONE.COM/BF3 Battlefield 3 Razer Scarab picture black background HTTP://WWW2.RAZERZONE.COM/RESOURC E/downloads/resc/bf3/photo/ White background Bf3/photo/ about the battlefield 3Razer Ansat Xbox360 game handle Battlefield 3Razer Ansat Ling Leopard Tournament level Xbox360 game handle will give warriors the most competitive on the battlefield, With 2 adjustable feedback levers for better sensitivity control, the two fully programmable multi-function keys provide the most flexible customization for the player. On the front, the upgraded D-directional panel features 4 Hyperesponse Ultra fast response backlight buttons, as well as a 15-foot lightweight braided cable and fast-Plug USB interface to make the battlefield 3RaZer Ansat Ling Leopard Tournament-level game handle became the most suitable outfit for the Battle of "Battlefield 3" in Xbox360. Official Price: RMB 499 pre-sale time:–2011 year October 25 global – October 25, 2011 Product Features: 2 adjustable joystick 2 multi-function buttons (Multi-function Buttons [ MFB] 4 backlight bright Hyperesponse Ultra fast response action button High precision D-key non-slip rubber Surface Fast Plug USB interface 15-foot lightweight braided cable approximate size (mm): 109 (long) x154 (wide) x60.5 (high) Learn more Battlefield 3 Collection version of Razer Ansat Ling Leopard game Handle information, please visit the WWW.RAZERZONE.COM/BF3 Battlefield 3 Razer Ansat Ling Leopard tournament level game handle picture black background Downloads/resc/bf3/photo/ White background Bf3/photo/ about 3Razer Messenger Pack battlefield, smoke, dust, shrapnel at any time may endanger your gaming notebook and other peripherals security, then please have a fully armed with high durability and low weight Battlefield 3 Razer Messenger packs to protect them.  Rugged, wearable, all-weather exterior layer uses top 1680D ballistic nylon fabric to keep your notebooks and peripherals away from hard fighting. Official Price: RMB 599 Pre-sale time:–2011 year October 25 global – October 25, 2011 Product Features: Rugged and wearable all-weather exterior layer using top 1680D ballistic nylon fabric made of a special waterproof nylon lining reinforced durability single shoulder strap Design adds flexibility, a single hand can conveniently place and remove items unique to a large compartment design, enough to place 15-inch notebooks and a variety of game equipment and portable game equipment comfortable and soft lining in the course of the road to electronic equipment can play a protective and damping effect to learn more Battlefield 3 collector's Razer Messenger package information, Please browse WWW.RAZERZONE.COM/BF3 Battlefield 3 Razer Messenger package picture white background Http://www2.razerzoneCom/resource/downloads/resc/bf3/photo/bf3_messengerbag.png about Razer's 3 IPhone 4 protection shell in the battlefield, the soldiers who interrupted contact with his comrades will be worthless, So he needs to carry it with his tactical smartphone, the Razer produced by the battlefield 3IPhone 4 protection shell using high-strength silicone design, rough's militarized appearance protects your phone from combat shock.  Call for effective support and air strikes at any time to bring victory to the party. Official Price: RMB 169 pre-sale time:–2011 year October 25 global – October 25, 2011 Product Features: • High strength silicone shell for your IPhone4 bring high strength protection • Colloid Shell provides a good sense of sensitivity • Unique Battlefield 3 Rough's militarized look to learn more about the Razer's 3-collector version of the iphone 4 protector, browse Razer's Battlefield 3 iphone 4 protective shell picture white background Http://www2.razer about Ea:electronic Arts Inc. (EA), Headquartered in Redwood City, California, the global digital interactive entertainment leader. Founded in 1982, the company develops, publishes, and provides digital interactive entertainment software for video games, personal computers, wireless devices and the Internet worldwide.  Electronic Arts sells its products under 4 brand names: EA sports™, Ea™, EA mobile™, and pogo™.  In fiscal year 2010, EA released its GAAP net revenue $37 billion and 27 items sold in millions, and EA's official website is For more information on EA, please visit: About Razer Group: razer® (Lei Snake) is the world's leading high-performance gaming hardware brand. Founded in 1998, headquartered in the United States of California, Carlsbad, currently has offices in 9 cities around the world. Demanding professional players and Razer products in the world-class tournament, with the best technology and the award-winning design, Razer provides players with an overwhelming competitive advantage.  We believe our motto: Start with the player, give the player. For more information on Razer, please visit the HTtp:// Media Contact: China Chris Chen American Melonie Mcelhannon Melonie.mcelhannon@raze European Torsten Meier Asia Pacific Chen Terng Shing Gamers. By gamers.™--starting with the player, giving the player
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