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Time: October 13 9:30
Speaker: Guo Jie (121739852)
Topic: Find out the experience of the online activities of the website
Source: Station Group 17770150

Into this group has been 10 months, today is the third lecture, talk about the local site to maintain the stickiness with the user. So far this year, 3 large offline events have been organized and several small gatherings are not spoken.

1 The six anniversary of spring's backwardness, because the organization is outdoor tree-planting activities, but also this year, the most difficult of all activities, successively five on the big Castle Peak, webmaster Group of administrators also resorted to all the tricks, we and a number of departments to negotiate, because the monument, but also twists, the event has been a lot of people's sponsorship, Also to each person who participates in the event to buy the day of accident insurance. The result is very complete, the survival rate of the tree is also very high, summer to see that a rush of melancholy, the heart is full of moving, in the spring every webmaster one day of hard work, planted is the hope, is green, stay in the mountains are trees, the harvest is friendship and cooperation.

2 Find Chava's 2-year friends gathering, 2 anniversary and 1 anniversary of the biggest difference is to participate in the people, identity diversity, the first year of people are basically through QQ, through the establishment of QQ group, the main line under the party Q Group, the site's users accounted for half. The people who came to this year, the housing agencies, have to unlock the company, there is through to find out the understanding and become a male and female friends, have I met on the train, more is to find Chava users in the site registration, the party webmaster colleagues to participate in a few, mainly the same city users, these people are not very understand the site, Also not very proficient in the application of the Internet, but they are the entire search for users of the Web site, most of the user group, is from the Internet to take the initiative to the line under the subjective hope that through the party to know more friends with the city to accumulate future connections. Looking for a hair is just a platform a link a tool to participate in the people are AA, such a party is also very good organization, there is no danger, compared to outdoor, such a party is a piece of cake, do a registration system, find a suitable environment, the wine set on OK, happy.

    3) Basketball game, this activity is also very difficult for me, because sports activities I will play badminton, other Greek, even see Lively also don't know who win who lose, although watched the cartoon slam dunk Ace, but at that time attention all in cherry wood flower road and red eye fine son body, hehe. On the eve of this year's National Day in Lanzhou, frog on the phone and I said, hey little Jia is going to the national day and find Chava together to organize a basketball game, I came back after the weather has been raining, plus I do not know basketball, I always think that basketball is a man's sports, I even want to organize also feel unable to do, At night, just looking for Chava's group, send a message, look at everyone's reaction to the basketball game, the group of men 4th usually do not like to talk, but a basketball he has come to the spirit, than I am also active, so I have no reason not to organize, so to find the elder user spoon call, Spoon is a sports teacher, and male 4th, 2 people to find the captain of the team, Cui Frog to do a banner on the Internet, this time has 3rd, the game is scheduled in the afternoon of 5th. Hey, it's the old website of Hohhot, 99 by a group of high school students founder, now Hey AH webmaster has been working in the United Kingdom, 8 years along with Hey AH team backbone members to go to college, hey ah the management link appeared a little disjointed, in Zhengzhou, the small Jia was entrusted to hey yes at this stage full head, and a technology-responsible m always, there are small white and decadent, are about 85 years of age, is said to be the basketball ace, Spoon and I whispered, on physical strength, find Chava this side is basically whenever veteran all embarked on the job, how to run too Hey team?

As the enrollment increased, the weather was not as clear as any, think of each other's strength of age, I think I want to give up the game a few times, in the night of 4th, the rain is particularly big, the weather forecast said that 5th has the moderate rain, I was secretly happy, so I thought it rains so big, 5th game can put aside, Even if you stop the site there will be stagnant water, and the days of the body is not very comfortable, then wander on the internet to look at the novel, I was a reading of the novel is still sleepless people, so put a bright sword read, the days are almost bright, then go to sleep, during which vaguely heard the phone call is the frog to pick up, sleep until 10 o'clock, Hearing the phone again, I was accustomed to open my eyes and look out the window, and the sky had gradually cleared up, so hurriedly get up to wash, eat breakfast, 11 o ' clock when the sun came out, 2 point game began, I have nothing to prepare, the frog said there are a lot of people ready for the game waiting for me to reply, so I and each other's small Jia consulted a bit, Make sure the basketball match is on time, if it rains at 2, it will be held in the indoor museum. So after lunch and the frog hurried to the scene, on the road spoon to call me said, look for the team has been to find a person, but Hohhot vocational college door closed, not go, I gave Xiao Jia text to ask the venue questions, Small Halabja in Zhengzhou also beyond, we go to the door to see is also the door closed, so then go, finally see the main entrance is open, the heart of a stone fell, into the school just know unexpectedly is hundred years old school, the school is hanging around the centennial anniversary propaganda, basketball Stadium also no stagnant water, contestants successively to QI.

Look for the team. Most everyone brings a few of them like basketball around, spoon a family of three have come, underwear niche couples have come, underwear niche is southerners, but high altitude, when the soldiers, Mandarin is also good, the ball also played good, underwear business also do a fire, the good-for-nothing to his brother also called to the back, A lot of users looking for Chava to see the weather is good also came, the Air force to fly the aircraft, is learning to open a train slam dunk is a railway professional students. And the referee who became a black whistle for the good-for-nothing, and the little yellow that sold the tea. Small yellow 3rd seized a Canon 800 camera, looking for the site to find the owner, came to the scene also brought the camera to see those photos, hope to return the owner, that morning canon 800 stray a week after the smooth return to the owner of the hands! Plus male number 4th in school he often play basketball brother + referee to find Chava this side of roughly 40 people.

Play the game, 4 games down, looking for a hair 82 than hey ah 68, in fact, looking for more than the advantages of the hair, in my opinion, hey, although the defeat is still proud, hehe competition process exciting, in addition to the other side of the deterioration of that handsome face scrapes outside the episode, others are very smooth. The day of the downfall said that he had slept for 3 hours, ran and fell, unfortunately, the words are really hit the fly, the end of the people who are not busy at night together to eat, drank a little Sakamoriba bucket said no this activity may not know in the life of flying and driving the train and so many local basketball enthusiasts.

In fact, the result of the game is not important, the important thing is the other party hey, the team's small Jia will not play basketball, he is the kind of more Swen Wenjing boy, the reason why he organized this game is because hey, he grew up with him, he loves hey yes hey there's feelings, free for hey yes do anything, so today a lot of people say Hey go downhill, Although the flow of less, but in my opinion a community forum in 8 years after a lot of people so love him, then hey is also successful, at least some people do not for any utilitarian purpose to organize such a game is a very rare thing.

Find Chava Organizer is also a layman basketball, a match between the organizers did not know the specific game position, will not play basketball, small Jia simply is remote control command, but this is not important, it is important to have a favorite basketball people actively participate.

Oh look at our slogan----2,510. I love 11!

Basketball friendly Welcome to join us
How about 11 this year? Travel too expensive, shopping too tired, drinking bubble bar damage gastrointestinal, all day on the Internet tired ...
Why don't you go over 11 in a different way?
If you belong to the following kinds of people, then you must not miss this completely belongs to our own national day basketball friendly match!

1. Students in school can expand their circle of contacts by club members.
2. Every day sitting in front of the computer IT group, stretch the body, relax.
3. A friend who needs to address personal feelings is an excellent opportunity to exchange feelings.
4. Other types of people who need exercise to relieve stress

Purpose of activity: friendship first. Game number two. Exchange feelings. (Individually, by the way, solve personal problems.) There's got to be some pretty guys.

Sitting next to a computer for lack of exercise, the next step is to organize a cycling club that often goes out to the suburbs.

This is the last time offline activity memory is also more clear, you do local station webmaster If you also often held offline activities have any good experience and remember to share with you.

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