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Sustainable development of apparel industry: informatization is imperative

Textile and garment industry is China's leading traditional manufacturing industry, but also China's first to achieve market-oriented, at the same time the market more fully competitive industry. At present, compared to other industries, the textile and apparel industry has developed steadily: exports, according to China's customs data, 2012 1-June, China's textile and apparel exports amounted to 117.1 billion U.S. dollars, maintaining a small positive growth; According to China National Bureau of Statistics, 2012 1-June, China's textile industry has increased the proportion of domestic sales to 84%. In the global economic downturn in the present, China's textile and apparel industry, whether export or domestic sales, a success.

However, how to improve the market response speed, business innovation ability, and achieve better integration with the global interconnected economy, and so on, has become the important joint point that can stand out in the industry. Vigorously promote information construction, mining business data value or will become a booster of enterprise development. Now, more and more textile and garment enterprises begin to change their thinking mode, not only focus on the business growth point in the production and sales, but with the expansion of the enterprise scale, IT support will also be placed in the future development of the enterprise priority consideration, strong IT support to achieve increased business efficiency, strengthen the enterprise supply chain, Background office staff and material management key.

"The pace of information has always followed the business, demand always ahead, we need to find ways to meet these business development needs." "Seven Wolves in Fujian" (hereinafter referred to as "seven Wolves") chief information Officer Zhiyong said. To meet the growing demand for IT support from the business and the sustainable development of the group business, the Seven Wolves group has made one of the important strategic initiatives--new large data centers in Xiamen, and a full deployment of Schneider Electric's Infineon solution Infrastruxturetm at the physical infrastructure level, Strive to build a green data center that is efficient, energy-saving and supports cloud computing.

"A glimpse of the Seven Wolves in Xiamen data Center"

Overall and forward-looking deployment of physical infrastructures

The new seven Wolf Group Data Center is located in Xiamen Guanyin Mountain Commercial Center, covers an area of about 500 square meters. As the data center deployment will directly affect the entire seven Wolf group information Network operations, so in the data center UPS, power supply system, air-conditioning refrigeration systems, visual remote monitoring systems, security systems and data center cabinets matching and so on have stringent requirements. "We have nearly 4,000 stores nationwide, and room downtime has a direct impact on customers," said the company. In the past, the computer room relatively small, reliability, security is not enough, power outages, stop air-conditioning, stop ups Sometimes, these all let us headache unceasingly. As a result, the stability, reliability, and redundancy of data centers is our primary concern. "Zhiyong said.

After fully understanding customer needs and pain points, Schneider Electric, based on its industry-leading Infineon solutions, Infrastruxturetm seven wolves with intelligent, energy-efficient and forward-looking data center physical infrastructure, including refrigeration systems, UPS, cabinet and Cabinet power distribution, security monitoring, Distribution subsystem and data center operation management platform Struxurewaretm. Its modular, scalable solution not only enables rapid deployment, but also provides a guarantee for future expansion of the data center scale as business grows. In addition, Schneider Electric also in the after-sales service and regular patrol to give strong support.

"Schneider Electric provides infrastructure solutions for seven wolves in Xiamen data Center"

"Seven Wolves, Xiamen Data Center component"

Industry-efficient Data Center "model Project"

"Xiamen Data Center project, we choose to work with Schneider Electric, not only because of more than 10 years of good relations of cooperation, but also because of our energy efficiency, environmental protection and other ideas of the same." "Zhiyong said.

Seven wolves as China's private textile and apparel industry leader, its data center planning, construction, operation and maintenance are very representative, in the industry is also at the leading level. They not only focus on the data center for the promotion of enterprise development, in the environmental protection concept has its own insights. Zhiyong said: "The seven Wolf Group's enterprise management concept is energy conservation and environmental protection, this is not only our consideration for cost control, but also our customers are very important place, is the Seven Wolves group Corporate Social responsibility part." ”

With the completion of the new data center, not only can reduce maintenance costs, improve enterprise operational efficiency, but also will be seven wolves in the next 3-5 years of business driving force, and the group planning large-scale logistics park projects, disaster preparedness Center project and so on to provide reference.

The perfect Green data center to support cloud computing

"We belong to the traditional manufacturing industry, now the rapid development of the business needs strong IT support, which depends on the integration of it new technology, such as virtualization, client optimization, server consolidation and other cloud services." Achieving efficient office, efficient production, efficient sales and efficient service is the target of the Seven Wolves data center, but it will also lead to high-density signs in the data center. Zhiyong further stressed.

Thanks to the dynamic load density support of the Schneider Electric Infrastruxturetm Integrated System solution, the new data center meets the needs of cloud computing, providing cloud computing services for the Seven wolves and customers of the information Services group, in order to ensure their own needs It also provides cloud computing and hosting services to other businesses.

Focus on business, drive the future

With the seven Wolf Data center officially put into operation, officially marked the Seven wolves led by private enterprises officially into the cloud era. The data center infrastructure, whose business needs are the core, will provide the safest and most reliable guarantee for the road to cloud computing. Infineon Integrated System solutions help customers quickly build a platform of information construction that is core to business needs, supporting rapid, efficient, safe and sustainable growth of their business.

(Author: Xu Jinyang Editor: Xu Jinyang)
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