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In Friday, the China Ping An bulletin said, the deep development to ping An group's Ping an life of the Non-public offering transaction completed, so far, China Ping An and ping an life insurance company held a total of about 1.045 billion shares of the deep development shares, accounting for the total share of 29.99%. The end of the deal marks the successful completion of the "deep Love" work. How will the two banks be integrated in the future? Industry insiders believe that, because of the deep development of brand, asset size, profit advantage over Ping An bank, ping an bank may inject deep development.  China Ping An is expected to hold the merger after the deep development of more than 50% of the equity, to achieve absolute holding deep development. Subscription funds 6.93 billion yuan according to the announcement, Ping an life on June 28 to the deep development of the subscription of its non-public offering of 379.58 million shares of new shares to pay 6.93 billion yuan.  Deep development in the next day to complete the private issue of the shares registration procedures, and received the company issued the "Securities registration confirmation." Prior to the completion of this non-public offering, the total holdings of Ping An and ping an life in China were 665.74 million shares, accounting for about 21.44% of the total share capital before the development of the private offering.  After the completion of this non-public offering, the total of ping An and ping an life insurance in China held 1,045,320,000 shares, accounting for about 29.99% of the total share capital after the deep development of the private offering. China Ping An merger and acquisition of deep development in two steps, one is the new bridge investment will be held by the deep development of the shares transferred to China Ping An, the next is a deep development to ping an life of the directional issue of more than 370 million shares, but not more than 585 million shares.  Stock prices for the board resolution announced the previous 20 trading days of the average price of shares, that is, 18.26 yuan per share, locking period of 36 months. Ping An said the deal was successfully completed and marks the announcement last June of China Ping An strategic investment in the deep development of the work to achieve a predetermined task, to accelerate the growth of ping ' an bank business, to promote the "insurance, banking, investment" three major business balanced development, to achieve "one customer, one account, multiple products, one-stop service"  Business strategy is of great significance.  According to the relevant announcement, after the closed distribution, according to the core capital, net capital and weighted risk assets balance calculation at the end of the first quarter, the core capital and core capital adequacy ratio of deep development will be raised to 7% and above 10% respectively to reach the supervision level. Deep development or not privatization of the two banks in the integration of speculation, after the ping ' an bank will be merged deep development, deep development may be privatized back to the city, China's peace then clarified that "is to keep deep development or deep development into the peace under discussion."  Sun Jianyi, vice chairman of Ping An, said at the shareholder meeting that the next step in how to consolidate deep development needs to be under the guidance of the regulatory department to develop the program, and through internal procedures for review. However, analysts believe that Ping an bank into the deep development of the possibility of greater, even if China's peace absolute holding deep development, the possibility of deep development of the market is relatively small. Wu Songkai, a joint securities analyst, said the two banks ' integration has two possibilities in the equity operation, one in the deep development to the middlePing An directional additional, the acquisition of Ping An bank, China Ping ' an to deep development holding to 50% or so; the second is China Ping An to deep development of the original shareholders offer to buy, will be deep development privatization, is expected to use China Ping An equity exchange of the possibility of a large.  But he judged that the possibility of the deep development of a targeted additional purchase of Ping ' an bank, which was easily approved by regulatory authorities, had a short integration time and had less impact on the two banks, while retaining the financing platform for deep development.  Guotai Securities analyst Wu Yonggang also believes that, after the completion of directional additional, the speed of business integration is expected to accelerate, ping an bank into the deep development is the most feasible way, one of the deep development of the scale, profitability and brand advantage is significantly stronger than ping an bank. At the end of last year, the total assets of Ping An bank were 220 billion yuan, accounting for nearly one-fourth of the group's total assets, according to the report. and deep development in 2009 reported the end of the total assets of 587.8 billion yuan, is the ping an bank more than one times. At the same time, deep development in the supply chain finance and trade finance and other aspects of the business performance in the industry is more prominent.
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