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Alone in Beijing for five years of the big run Fat supermarket finally welcomed the online partner. The RT-Mart yesterday announced its commercial electronic mall flying Cattle Network officially stationed in Beijing. Flying Cattle Network Business Development Department and the general manager of logistics Distribution department, RT-Fat O2O project leader Shambin said, flying cattle net settled in Beijing is big run hair important and arduous war, big run hair has been done to let the flying cattle net even loss five years of preparation.

Flying cattle network in Beijing self

Since the high-profile entry to the Beijing market five years ago, RT-Fat has been operating silently in Beijing. Yesterday, the big run announced that its flying cattle network to enter the Beijing market, today will take off the cattle network in Beijing to open the purchase, the city of Beijing customers purchase a single commodity, will also be located in the Olympic Sports Center of the National Park store issued. Shambin to Beijing Business newspaper reporter said, because the floor distribution relies on the big run from LDTX team, Beijing within the five ring flying Cattle network can achieve the day or the next day delivery. Shambin revealed that the Flying cattle network this year not only in Beijing, Tianjin and other cities to promote, in the next two months, the big run back will be flying cattle network to the country.

It is understood that the flying cattle network by the big Run and Taiwan-funded enterprises UITOX joint investment and Development, is a proprietary model of the whole category of integrated retail shopping site. The website was established in June 2013 and was officially open on January 16 last year. Flying cattle nets first in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui four provinces and cities to operate. Shambin said that after more than a year of development, the number of flying cattle orders more than expected, the current one province daily order volume of more than 500.

Burn the money and rob the market

In order to increase the volume of orders, to seize the market, burning money to fight the price war is a highly praised by the electric business enterprises one of the means, flying cattle network into the Beijing market will also follow this law. Shambin said that the electricity business competition in the price war is the most effective, but also the most helpless weapon, the price of flying cattle nets war against all the dealers in the same trade.

In Shambin view, Beijing Electric business market developed, as a backward person flying cattle network will inevitably encounter difficulties. But Beijing has the quality of the online shopping environment, flying cattle nets do not need to spend energy to cultivate consumers online shopping habits. At the same time, flying cattle network as a new entrants are still very low visibility, but its offline entity RT-Fat is well-known throughout the country. Therefore, the use of offline entity advantages to expand online more feasible.

However, in the industry, it seems that only a real store in Beijing's big run hair advantage is not obvious, the cost of proprietary distribution is difficult to thin, burning money to rob the market will be expensive. Shambin Blunt, big run hair has done a continuous loss for five years to prepare. Beijing Commercial News reporter learned that flying cattle net loss amounted to 162 million yuan last year.

Not satisfied with the status quo

Shambin Frankly, RT will continue to open a new entity shop, but due to the location and other issues, the last two years did not open shop in Beijing market plan, but this does not represent the status quo.

According to Beijing Business newspaper reporter understand, RT-Mart last year began to diversify business transformation, in addition to opening 40 stores outside, but also in Wuxi to buy commercial plots, test water shopping malls, and quietly out of the first new concept of convenience store "Hi-many" cloud supermarkets.

At the same time, RT is also looking for the right partner. Last September, Sinopec (600028, share bar) and the great run hair hi-fat Convenience Chain Co., Ltd. in Shanghai to cooperate in the official business of 8 easy Czech convenience stores, the two sides will continue to operate in convenience stores, commodity procurement, e-commerce and other aspects of cooperation.

From the point of view of the North Business Research Institute, the Beijing RT-store, the Flying cattle network can at least enhance the efficiency of the store, in the procurement, warehousing and other links to form a resultant force. But in the short term, the Flying cattle network is just a big run hair store online supplement, it is difficult to become a big run internet transformation of the move chess-at least in Beijing market resistance.

Beijing business newspaper reporter duo Sun Qixiang

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