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Hong Kong (HK) Rumors: China (01918).  HK) oversubscribed subscription is about 4 times times.  Financial Weekly reporter Link: Rong Chuang China Company Affairs personnel said, specific oversubscribed details in the stock after the official listing may disclose.  Hong Kong news that mainland property developers in China has now been funded by CIC and Taiping Life for $2500 and $10 million. Rumor: China's biological resources (08129.  HK) plans to invest HK $40 million to buy electric vehicle manufacturers.  Financial Weekly reporter Connection: China Biological Resources Enterprise Communications Department officials said the company has indeed signed a letter of intent.  Hong Kong news that China's biological resources recently planned to buy an electric vehicle manufacturer, involving a capital of HK $40 million, the Chinese biological resources is an investment holding company, the majority shareholder for Cultural Messenger company, but the specific acquisition plan is not out.  However, the market has not been informed about the target details of China's biological resources acquisition. Shanghai (SH) Rumor: Zhongtian Technology (600522.  SH) Optical fiber preform trial production is expected to increase by 200 million net profit if it can be mass-produced successfully. Financial Weekly Reporter Connection: Zhongtian technology company Securities department personnel said that the optical fiber preform test production of the success of the news.  But the company does work. It is understood that optical fiber preform is the most "source" of optical fiber production project.  At present, there are about 200 optical fiber cable manufacturers, most rely on the purchase of imported optical fiber or optical fiber preform to produce optical cables. Rumor: Xinhua Media (600825.  SH) Company will release 3 in the near future: The company's share of Hyun-move spread recently listed, will take the lead in the Pilot E-book Education Application field, the end of September to invest 3 billion into the animation industry. Financial weekly reporter Link: Xinhua media Group Dong Secret office officials said, Hyun-move the media listed as true, they have reported data. The Pilot ebook Education application field is true.  September 3 billion funds into the animation industry news is not true. Shenzhen (SZ) Rumor: Jerry shares (002353.  SZ) in the hand coal-bed gas fracturing equipment has many orders, the performance is expected to continue to explode in growth.  Financial Weekly reporter Link: Jerry Chengyong, the group's chief executive, did not respond to the rumours. According to the research report, Jerry shares the main income from the rig supporting equipment.  The product is closely related to the amount of drilling effort and replacement equipment invested by the major oil companies.  Rumor: Wuhan Plastic (000665) is expected to enter the telecommunications business.  Financial Weekly reporter Connection: Wuhan Plastics director of the office, said the company in the steady advance of the acquisition of the number of Chu days related matters, the expansion of telecommunications business will be ripe after the schedule. Wuhan Plastics will be played as a platform for the integration of Hubei province's cable TV network resources.  In the second half of the completion of the asset replacement, the operation of cable TV network, digital TV and other business assets which may be competitive with listed companies will be injected into the listed companies. Reorganization Rumors: Flying music Audio (600654. SH) September 27 3:30 P.M. The top brass will meet to discussFlying music reorganization matters.  Financial Weekly reporter connection: company dong secret office personnel said that the relevant information inconvenient disclosure, to the announcement.  According to the recent announcement of flying Music audio, the company intends to be publicly listed in the Shanghai United Property Exchange Company held a Huaxin securities 3% equity (corresponding to the evaluation value of 65.61 million yuan), the listing price is 144 million yuan. Rumor: Digital source technology (000909.  SZ) will be Hua number numerical control backdoor.  Financial Weekly Reporter Connection: A number of sources of science and technology company Dong Office said it is not clear. At present, in Hangzhou as a triple-net integration of the first pilot cities, China numerical control is expected to use existing resources to enter the Internet and communication network, with the help of several sources of technology listing to assist its financing to open up three network integration business.
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