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Although cloud computing can bring a lot of technological progress, such as improving efficiency and reducing the cost of data center operation, any new things have pros and cons. Cloud computing is inextricably linked to virtualization, and cloud computing requires powerful technology to support the implementation of remote information interactions and related virtualization operations, so the cloud's security issue is another hot topic in the cloud.

The application of cloud computing to information security will become increasingly sophisticated, just as all new technologies provide both security for the business and convenience for the lawless. Business executives need to be prepared as soon as possible to experience the flexibility and benefits of cloud computing security services.

Cloud-based virtualization can get more benefits. You can customize the "safe" or "reliable" state, and create your own VM image without being cloned at the same time. However, it should be noted that this may require the cooperation of third-party tools. Installing patches offline can greatly reduce system vulnerabilities. Mirroring can be synchronized in a secure state, and even offline VMs can easily install patches in the event of a disconnected network.

Although cloud computing is widely used, the powerful resources of cloud computing are likely to be exploited by cyber attackers, which may be more helpless in the face of certain security threats. For example, with the cheap and huge computational power provided by cloud computing, it will be easier to crack down on illegal activities such as cryptographic security keys.

For the application of cloud computing technology, the most intuitive image is to complete the data centralized storage, data centralized storage easier to achieve security monitoring. If the data is stolen, the consequences are unimaginable. By storing in one or several data centers, data center managers can manage the data in a unified, responsible resource allocation, load balance, software deployment, security control, and more reliable real-time monitoring of security, but also to reduce user costs.

Cloud security in technology requires a strong distributed computing cluster, which is usually called the cloud, coupled with the client, can build an effective intelligent threat collection system, Computing cloud system, service cloud distribution system. Although cloud computing has so many temptations, many companies are not planning to follow up immediately, the main reason being security concerns. Because of the use of cloud computing, it means that companies have to put their entire data into the cloud computing services provider's computer, which many companies do not dare to try.

Cloud security questioning in experts ' eyes

Many analysts claim that today's cloud-computing hype is too exaggerated, and a number of vendors have followed the cloud security solution, and the professionals raised five questions about cloud security:

The first to first strong, secure cloud security solution will affect the performance of the enterprise network itself, and even lead to additional points of failure.

Second, many users want to be able to quickly and accurately detect the security threats from the Web, but users are not concerned about the security device itself threat signature list database capacity is large enough.

Third, as more and more security threats are embedded in the application, simple, traditional packet detection is still manageable.

Four, if the vendor can not provide a multi-region distribution database host services, whether the support will face the risk of cloud unresponsive.

The cloud security scheme offered by different vendors spans the terminal and gateway, and whether the compatibility risk will occur during the application and update process.

Cloud computing technology has been widely concerned about the community, each industry is eager to gain some benefit from cloud computing, but then again, in considering the adoption of emerging technologies, to fully aware of its drawbacks, as we call this "cloud security", In fact, many companies in the face of cloud computing this new technology have a skeptical or negative attitude.

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