Fog Day calls for energy saving and emission reduction Yili "green chain" is concerned

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To ask what is the hottest topic on Weibo recently, it must be regarded as the recent haze that has pervaded the past few days, and the demand for environmental protection is getting more and more urgent. How to implement energy saving and emission reduction in enterprises? Experts and the industry once again mentioned Yili in the dairy industry pioneered the green industry chain. Experts believe that in the face of environmental pollution and waste of resources more serious period, yili "green industry chain" successful case worthy of other large enterprises for reference. In the area of energy saving and emission reduction and environmental protection, Yili has set up the management organization and management network of energy saving and emission reduction led by Chairman of the group, and has formulated the system of environmental management system of Yili Group and Emergency Plan of environmental pollution accident of Yili group. Each month also needs to develop detailed water, electricity and other consumption indicators, the molecular companies in accordance with the requirements of the monthly report of energy statistics and environmental statistics report, to receive monthly assessment. In addition, as mentioned above, Yili has also set a 3% annual decline in energy requirements, as well as every plant to build a sewage treatment plant and so on. In terms of technology, Yili has been innovating in a number of leading industries. For example, tube exchange cycle, boiler innovation, heat energy cascade utilization, waste heat recovery, improve thermal efficiency, acid-base recovery, sewage treatment, biogas power generation, sewage power generation, saving electricity, cold storage, refrigeration energy saving, water saving and so on. Last year at the fifth session of the World Environmental Protection Conference, the "Carbon Gold Award" Yili Group has been advocated and practiced the green industry chain has been the strong support of the internal and external, for many years to make contributions to environmental protection. At the B4E summit in South Korea in 2010, Yili further put forward the development idea of further green industry chain, promote the green development of each link in the whole industrial value chain, realize the benign interaction with nature and all related groups of society, achieve the unification of short-term benefit and long-term development, realize the sustainable development of industry.
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