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"Tenkine Server channel December 30 message" Lumanager is based on freebsd/zijidelu/ ">Debian/ Centos/ubuntu 32 and 64-bit system software, as long as you will be online, you can build and manage the server! Perfect support for Discuz, Phpwind, Shopex, Ecshop, Ecmall, Wordpress, Dedecms, PHP168, Cmstop and other common php+mysql structure procedures.

Why Choose Lumanager:

Alibaba, Taobao, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu, Baidu, when, Tianya, Youku and other large visits to the site, ICBC, Construction Bank, Alipay and other requirements for highly secure trading sites, most even all use is Linux/unix server. When Ding Lei, the founder of NetEase, started out with the UNIX system (FreeBSD), he could see that he wrote "PCs are not just cheap workstations".

Lumanager is a web-management software based on Linux and UNIX systems, which means that you can manage servers all over the world as long as you're online! Freebsd/zijidelu/debian/centos/ubuntu 32 and 64 bit systems ( Currently support FreeBSD and Linux system Control Panel is very rare), perfect support Discuz, Phpwind, Shopex, Ecshop, Ecmall, Wordpress, Dedecms, PHP168, cmstop and other common php+ MySQL structure program.

What are the benefits of using Linux/unix as a server?

1. Free: Lumanager support systems are free, such as Zijidelu/freebsd/centos/debian/ubuntu.

2. Open Source: As an ordinary user, we do not need to understand. This is the integration of a lot of experts around the world also developed the wisdom of the system, once found a loophole, will be patched in time.

3. Security: The virus on these open source system is almost impossible, if not the website program itself or FTP password stolen, the site is very unlikely to be hanged Trojan.

4. High efficiency: Whether lamp or LNMP, Famp, FNMP, efficiency is very good, here, we do not bother to take other combinations to compare, haha ...

5. Stability: Two years do not restart is often the case, and forget the server password is not a new thing, here to mention FreeBSD, it is called rock solid stability system.

6. Lightweight: Minimize the installation of FreeBSD, the disk space occupied only about 125M! Installation speed is also fast, 5 minutes can be installed system.

What can Lumanager do?

We want to give you more energy to run your site than to be bothered by some server problems. We offer two options:

1. Complete fool type: We provide the Zijidelu Linux system, you just download the ISO file, burn into a CD-ROM (or burn into a U disk), set up in the BIOS CD-ROM or u disk to start, select your program and enter, over 20 minutes, automatically for you to install the web/ftp/ MySQL server. Then landing lumanager (http://server ip:8888), quickly create a Web site, you can upload the Web site through FTP program. Using Linux is that simple!

Zijidelu OS Installation Interface

2. Half-fool type: Lumanager can manage Freebsd/debian/centos/zijidelu/ubuntu system, support one-click installation, no manual intervention (if the Entity machine installation, the general can be installed within 1 hours). It often takes several hours for us to configure a server, and it is possible to forget some of the commands, and there may be some vulnerabilities ... Lumanager can save you a lot of time, it is convenient, safe, fast, stable characteristics, will send you to the tea table to watch the beauty or handsome man! In the near future, but also support the use of mobile phone management! Of course, you can refuse all of this, as long as you are willing to toss, we have nothing to say, but we still hope you can try!

Installation method:

1, minimize the installation system (preferably a new system, we recommend you choose Zijideluos);

2, download and upload to the server or direct login to the server to perform the download operation:

A. After downloading the to the server via SFTP (SFTP tools have WINSCP and flashftp, etc.)

B. Use the SSH tool (putty) to log on to the server and download the (download method is shown later)

3, change file permissions: chmod u+x (or chmod 750

4, install Lunamp and lumanager:./ (if you need automatic installation, please use./

Download Description:

Under normal circumstances, simply download the method as follows:



Then perform the installation:./ (for automatic installation, please use./

You can also download the installation separately

Install script URL:

Lunamp URL:

Lumanager URL:

Upload zijidelu_install.tar.gz to server, extract (Tar zxvf zijidelu_install.tar.gz)

After extracting zijidelu_install.tar.gz, there is a zijidelu_install directory, then LuNamp_last.tar.gz and LuManager_last.tar.gz are placed in Zijidelu_ Install directory, execute./ (or./, can also be installed!

(Author: Server Channel News Group Editor: Li Pong)
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