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How many global domain names are there? Leaflets do not know the exact number. However, there are so many types of domain names, do we want to take the essence of it? In the last written "Tencent by the cottage incident triggered by the alternative domain name Cottage thinking", leaflets will simply mention a few interesting Chinese foreign domain name, in this, leaflets will be connected to the vanguard of the 1108 domain names in some of the domain name in the collation. And there is such an interesting and Chinese domain name suffix, the following easy to share with you, for the registration and domain name Investment friends as a reference.

. ai Domain Name

Ai for Anguilla domain name, and AI can be Chinese characters love, cancer and other pinyin. Then we can deeply associate: cute, cherish (matchmaking dating good choice OH), treatment of cancer (leaflets did not query the name of Lenovo is registered, the following is the same, it will no longer do analytic OH).

. ao Domain Name

AO for the Angolan domain name, AO can be Chinese characters, proud and other pinyin. Lenovo: Proud, cotton-padded jacket.

. ba Domain Name

BA for Bosnia And Herzegovina domain name, BA can be Chinese characters bar, eight pinyin. Lenovo: paste, 58.

. bo Domain Name

Bo for Bolivia domain name, Bo can be Chinese characters Bo, broadcast and other pinyin. Lenovo: Gambling, broadcasting.

. ci Domain Name

CI for the Republic of Côte d ' Ivoire domain name, ci can be Chinese temples, ci and other pinyin. Lenovo: West Shrine, lyrics.

. de domain Name

. de is a German domain name (this domain name has become more than. NET has leapt to the world second OH), de can be Chinese characters, Germany and other pinyin. Lenovo: Good, character.

. er domain Name

ER domain name is Eritrean domain name, er can be Chinese characters bait, pinyin. Lenovo: Haier, Youer bait.

. GE Domain Name

GE is the Georgian domain name, GE can be Chinese characters song, lattice and so on pinyin. Google (a parody of the Great God), style.

. gu Domain name

Gu for Guam domain name, gu can be Chinese character stocks, mushrooms and other pinyin. stocks, mushrooms (there is a mushroom street OH).

. hu Domain Name

Hu Hungarian National domain name, Hu can be Chinese character Tiger, Fox and other pinyin. Lenovo: Souhu Sohu, Yahu yahoo (pretty good cottage domain name OH).

. ke Domain Name

Ke for the Kenyan domain name, ke can be Chinese characters, customers and other pinyin. Lenovo: Taobao Guest, science.

. La Domain Name

LA is the Lao domain name, la can be Chinese characters, spicy and other pinyin. Lenovo: I want, hot.

. li Domain

Li for the Liechtenstein domain name, Li can be Chinese characters Li, Lilly, Li and other pinyin. Lenovo: Gifts, Beautiful (this domain name for a family name, oh, for personal blog is also a good choice OH).

. lu Domain Name

LU for the Luxembourg domain name, Lu can be Chinese characters Lu, recorded and other pinyin. Lenovo: included, morning dew.

. mu Domain Name

MU for Mauritius Mauritius domain name, mu can be Chinese characters screen, tomb and other pinyin. Lenovo: God Tomb (once very fire fantasy novel Oh, as if also adapted for the online games OH), Insider.

. na domain Name

. Na is the Namibian domain name, NA is the Chinese character, Tina and other pinyin. Lenovo: Qunaer to where, Xie Na (also to spoof our horse slope of the slope of the main).

. ni Domain Name

NI for the Nicaraguan domain name, ni can be Chinese characters, mud and other pinyin. Lenovo asked you, stamp.

. Re Domain name

Re for the Reunion, I. De La domain name, re can be Chinese characters hot, provoke such as pinyin. Lenovo: hot, provoke.

. ru Domain Name

RU for the Russian domain name (the registration of the domain name is also rapidly rising oh, also ranked the world's tenth OH), Ru can be Chinese characters milk, such as, Confucianism and other pinyin.

. sa Domain Name

. SA Saudi Arabia domain name, SA can be Chinese characters, sprinkle and other pinyin. Lenovo: Chic, Bodhisattva.

. SE Domain Name

. SE is a Swedish domain name, se can be Chinese characters, astringent and other pinyin. Lenovo: erotic (be described as the fine of Human website), shy.

. su Domain Name

Su for the Soviet domain name, Su can be Chinese characters speed, Sue and other pinyin. Lenovo: fast, Jiangsu.

. yu Domain Name

Yu Yugoslavia domain name, yu can be Chinese characters such as fish, jade and other pinyin. Lenovo: Mu.yu wooden fish, pu.yu jade.

It's finally finished. 1108 Kinds of domain names, also do not know whether there are omissions (if there are omissions can be contacted Q228833841 together to discuss OH), but these are only for everyone to reference, the association is also so, just a thinking of the introduction, we would like to diffuse their own thinking, to explore more, More shiny domain name, find the domain name you want. The above collation of the content for the internet pioneer Jianhui Original, collection and collation so hard, you eldest sister reproduced to give a note of the origin of it, leaflets appreciate it.

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