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Open directory Project (ODP) is the index-class search engine for manually operated directories after Yahoo. Unlike Yahoo, the editors for Open Directory Project (ODP) are volunteers, not employees. Currently, the number of voluntary editors has reached tens of thousands of.

ODP is similar to Yahoo in its web site structure and content. In addition to providing search services independently, also with Google, Lycos, Directhit (Directhit was in April 2002 by its parent company ask Jeeves Close), ask Jeeves, AOL, Netscape Search, Many other search engines, such as AltaVista, Fast/alltheweb, and so on, often use the ODP to provide directory registrations to users, and some to rank registered sites from the ODP.

previously compared to Yahoo, the cycle of the login ODP is much shorter, typically around 2 weeks, which is related to the number of editors. However, according to users, landing the ODP has been very difficult at this stage, sometimes even six months is not on the log. The reasons are manifold.

According to the ODP editors said the user irresponsible random landing is one of the most important problems. For example, the site submitted to the wrong directory, the title and description of the site does not conform to the provisions of the site information is filled with too many keywords, and so on, virtually increased the workload of the editorial staff, resulting in the submission of the site can not be dealt with in a timely manner.

in view of the above reasons, when we log the website to the ODP, we should carefully consider the information submitted and try not to inflict additional burden on the editorial staff.

DMOZ Website Submit Registration matters

Submitting your website to the Open Network directory DMOZ is an extremely important step in website promotion. This is because there are many very important search engines and online portals that use DMOZ search results as their own search results. As one of the largest web directories on the Internet, DMOZ is not like Google and other search engines to use automatic search program to index and edit the site, and its browse catalog of the editing work is done by manual. Therefore, when submitting your website to DMOZ, to ensure that the site is included, you should pay attention to the following matters:

ensure that the site content submitted is original and not reproduced, mirror or copy

If your site content is only a few affiliate links, or other site content cloning, then your submission is very likely to be DMOZ rejected. DMOZ is not included in those reprinted, mirror image or copy site. For the site included, once found that they are mirror image, copy or not original, DMOZ will also be removed. So if your site is really about affiliate products, you can add some information or additional information to your site. So DMOZ's editors will think your site offers at least some original content.

Check the site for spelling mistakes and make sure the site looks good

Although the editors look at the actual content of a website, they are just like us, and the bad spelling and poor appearance of the site will give them a lot of impression on your site. According to my experience, those who have been professionally designed and content good site, will always be included for DMOZ.

ensure that the submission site contains specific contact information

If your site has only one e-mail address as the contact information, that is far from enough. I asked a dmoz editor, who told me that when he checked the submission site, if he could not find an actual address or phone number to contact, he would think the site was not trustworthy. Especially for a product sales site, you must and your customers to establish a good credibility. In this case, for a DMOZ editor, he will ask you to provide the correct contact information.

ensure that the correct directory is selected for the submitted web site

Submitting a Web site to a search engine that uses an automated handler is a relatively easy thing to consider. But submitting to a network directory is different, and choosing the right directory is a play in the network directory submission process. You can take a look at the site similar to the content of those sites are placed in which directory, if you think that the directory does fit your site, then simply click on the directory "add site link" can be. In some directories you may see a description of the editing restrictions on a submission to the directory. When you encounter such a directory, do not rush to submit, read the instructions carefully, until you confirm that your site does meet the requirements, and then continue your submission work.

write down the dates and directories you submitted

to DMOZ after submitting your site, it is best to remember the date of submission and directory. If you have an editor in the directory you submitted, it's best to write down the name of the editor. This information is useful when you need to ask about the processing status of the submitting site. The next most concerned question is-dmoz how long does it take to collect a website? That's not necessarily the same. I have a website, two weeks after the submission of the DMOZ included. The other sites submitted at the same time were not included until eight months later.

do not repeatedly submit to DMOZ

After the
website is submitted, you need to wait patiently for the results. Generally a website is only allowed to submit to a directory under DMOZ. Only when the site is very large and has many branches of different content can you be allowed to submit pages of different content to the respective directories under DMOZ. For DMOZ editors, it takes a certain amount of time to process a submission site, especially if there are many applications under the directory. Since the submitted web site is stored in the order of submission date, if you can't wait to repeat the submission to DMOZ, you will only drop the site you originally submitted to the final position of the queue to be processed.

the problem that occurs in the submission should be contacted by the appropriate channel DMOZ

If you have an editor in the directory you submitted (you can find the editor information for that directory from the bottom of the Submit Directory page), you can get in touch with them. There is also a better way to get in touch with those online editors through the Open Directory forum. The URL is: You can through this forum to the editor to ask you to submit the content of the site, when asked to remember to submit the specific date of the site and the submission directory to tell them. You can also ask them questions such as editing and reviewing steps. But most importantly, don't argue with editors. Once you know how an editor for an open directory edits and indexes your catalog, you just have to do your best to meet their requirements.


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