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2010 happened a lot of things, some people excited, some people miss, some people sad ... The game is the same, perhaps they are not the worst game of the year, but there are always some works so that your full of longing into a void disappointment. Overseas Famous Game information website Kotaku recently selected 2010 year five most disappointing game, let's see what we have: 1. "Final Fantasy 13" as a long history, prestigious 3 A-class top brand series, "Final Fantasy 13" seems to have a big joke with everyone.  The game seems to degenerate overnight to the original era, the system closed and the story of the single line of people crazy, in addition to still exquisite graphics effect, this game is almost useless.  Comment on: "Final Fantasy 13" failure represents the end of the Japanese-style RPG era. 2. "Medal of Honor" from the game itself, the content is too little to make the fatal wound, just 5-6 hours of the plot content even less than the other game of the length of DLC. There is a significant difference between multiplayer and single mode, and the consistency of experience is compromised.  More regrettably, EA actually succumbed to the pressure of public opinion and eventually abolished the "Taliban" appellation in the multiplayer mode.  Comment: EA's series of innovations has just begun to end in haste. 3. "Psychic Killer" It is hard to believe that developers spent five years in order to create a clone version of the "Biochemical crisis", as a want to win the story of the work, "Soul Killer" story can only be said to be passable.  It is hard to imagine that they can even ignore the great writers and game cooperation to achieve the possibility of success.  Comment: Why not try to invite Stephen King to write a script for the game? 4. StarCraft 2 wing of freedom the vast majority of people think that "star 2" even if it is not great, but also a very good work. But for those who have been hoping for a decade of Blizzard innovation, this is no doubt a disappointment to them.  "StarCraft 2" did not bring any change to the immediate strategy game, as compared to the first of the series.  Comment: After ten years of blizzard unexpectedly did not innovate, it seems to be a bit indefensible. 5. "Sonic 4 Chapter" Sonic Series of the decline has been a long time fact, even though Sega in 16 years after the introduction of the series of the Orthodox "Sonic 4", and in the form of chapters landing digital gaming platform, still can not reproduce the glory of the past.  The familiar gaming experience is so outdated today. Comment on: Sonic is no longer the trump card of the world, but completely reduced to the mascot.
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