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Site URL optimization, is a lot of webmaster ignored, but this site optimization is very important. Below Yangqiang seo to give everybody some suggestion about the URL!

URL Design Recommendations

The shorter the 1.URL the better

This is mainly to facilitate user memory, especially the domain name, must be streamlined, has connotations. For search engines, the URL as long as not more than 1000 letters, will not affect the included. And there are investigation experiments found that the short URL click rate is 2.5 times times higher than the long address. Also, short URLs are useful for replication and propagation.

2. Avoid too many parameters

Whenever possible, use a static URL. If this is not technically possible, then use a dynamic URL to minimize the parameters. Too many parameters, users look bad, but also to the search engine included will have a certain impact.

3. The level of the directory as little as possible

The directory hierarchy here refers to the physical directory structure. Of course, there is a great relationship between the physical directory hierarchy and the site classification structure. There are many categories of catalogs, and the level of directory is bound to increase. In static URL, try to use less directory level, because Baidu is easier to include less directory level pages. Of course, also can not put all the pages are in the root directory, in that case, it will appear very messy site directory, so that search engine can not find which pages are under which columns, inconvenient management.

4. File and directory names are descriptive.

For the site classification URL, the directory should have a certain descriptive, that is, when users see your URL link, you probably know what the content will be.

5.URL contains keywords

If the keyword appears in the URL, can also improve the relevance of a certain page, in the rankings, there are certain advantages. The better the key words, so the keyword effect of the domain name is the best. But in the Chinese website, the URL does not have the Chinese character, then we may use the keyword Pinyin, also has the certain effect

6. Letter All lowercase

The reason is two points.

1, all lowercase convenient manual input, not because of the case of mistakes

2, some servers are case-sensitive, such as Linux servers

3,robots.txt is also case-sensitive, one-letter problem that could lead to a whole directory not being included.

7. Use of conjunction characters

It is generally recommended that you use a dash (-) separator between words in a table of contents or file name, and do not use underscores or other symbols and letters, as the short horizontal line in the search engine bar is used as a space and the underline is ignored.

8. Does the classification use the catalogue form or the file form?

Most CMS systems can be categorized into a directory format or file format, take dedecms, the directory form of the default file for Index.html, and then in this directory there are list pages and articles also, This causes the first page of the list to be the same as the default index.html content, which means that the same page will have two different URLs, which is not conducive to inclusion. Webmaster can choose one of them.

9.URL URL Normalization

Web site normalization refers to the process by which search engines pick the most suitable URLs as real (normalized) URLs.

Examples of common nonstandard URLs:

With www and without the WWW domain name, as well as whether the end with index.html file name of the page, resulting in the same homepage, there are four different Web site addresses.

There are several reasons why URLs are not standardized:

1.CMS system causes the same article to appear with different URL links.

2.URL static Setup error, there are multiple static URLs in the same article.

3.URL static, static and dynamic URLs coexist, there are links, can also be accessed.

4. Encrypt websites, http://and https://.

There is a port number in the 5.URl.

6. Tracking code.

7. The contents of the home page are displayed

Problems caused by web site normalization

1. Decentralized page weight, not conducive to ranking.

2. External links may also point to different URLs and distribute weights.

3. Search engine to judge the standardized web site is not the webmaster want that Web site.

4. If the problem is too serious, it will also affect the inclusion.

5. Too many pages of the same content may be identified by search engines as cheating.

Address Normalization Solution

1. Ensure that the CMS system used only produces a normalized URL, whether or not there is static

2. All internal links are consistent and point to a normalized web site.

3. In 301 from the orientation, the non-normalized URLs are all redirected to the canonical URL.

4. The XML site map submitted to the search engine uses all the normalized URLs.

And so on, there are other ways.

Article by Chengdu Decoration Company submission, reproduced please keep the link, respect for the work of other people's achievements!

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