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There are some labels in our website that are advantageous to website optimization, because these tags can help to optimize the website in the future, and it is very helpful to improve the "> Site weight. So what are the labels? Last time we talked about the "basic principles of simple optimization in Web site HTML code" These three tags are also the most important to optimize the site, as we have said last time, we will not talk this time, we talk about other labels in favor of website optimization. Small head promotion Assistant to explain to you in detail today.   H Tags   h tags include h1-h6 these six tabs, one of the H1 tags can reflect the title of the article size of the text of the property, in our design site in the title of the content page to add H1 label on it, do not go to its font size, because the H1 label font size has been set. H1 tags play a great role in website optimization, H1 tags can focus on the weight of the page, you can also let search engines know what the main content of this page, more important is to express the central idea of the content, so that search engine more convenient to confirm the theme of what the page is, you can improve the friendliness of the search engine.   ATL Tags   ATL tags are also important, especially with a large number of images of the site. The ALT tag is in the IMG tag, and the label is meant to express the image. Now the site has a large number of pictures, which are based on the likes of netizens to do, in the content of the site to add some pictures can increase the interest of users to read, thereby enhancing the user experience, more effective to attract users ' eyeballs. The ALT tag is what the search engine can do to identify the image, can improve the friendliness of the search engine, and in addition to friendliness, the picture can also be included in Baidu, can also improve the ranking of the image, you can improve the Site keyword ranking and conversion rate, so that the site optimization of the ALT tag is not less.   nofollow tag   First, I want to explain the attribute value of the nofollow tag, which tells the search engine not to track specific links to this page. What is the use of this label for website optimization, many people feel that there is no use, but I do not think so. We all know that every page is a right weight, of course, the weights on each page are not the same, for example, the weight of the home page is higher than the internal pages, then what is the use of SEO optimization, which I did a small experiment, is that I do not need the weight of the page with nofollow tags, so that the weight of the site has been concentrated, So as to effectively improve the ranking of keywords.   Bold label   text bold sideThere are many kinds of laws, so what is the use of bold text? In fact ah, to the text is bold to emphasize the word, let search engine know we mainly optimize which keywords, of course, we generally bold words are we want to optimize the keyword, So the general bold word is to let search engines know this keyword again.   Small head bidding software trial phone 025-68781273 qq:210683731
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