Four major banks or the joint-stock banks cancel the first set of mortgage rates

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After the joint-stock banks to completely abolish the first set of home loans preferential rates, recently, the four state-owned banks also began to the first set of mortgage, the first set of loans preferential rates faced by the fate of the total cancellation. It is reported that, due to the tight credit line in 2011, Nanjing already has Minsheng Bank, deep Development, Citic Bank, Xingye Bank, China Merchants Bank, Everbright Bank and other six banks to cancel the first set of mortgage 85 percent preferential rates, is based on the benchmark rate of implementation.  However, compared with joint-stock commercial banks, ICBC, BOC, CCB, Agricultural Bank and other state-owned banks still carry out 85 percent preferential rates for the first suite, but a number of banks also said that the discount may be canceled at any time. Recently, Beijing broke news that ICBC in Beijing since yesterday began to implement the New Deal, the first suite in principle in accordance with the benchmark rate of implementation, the cancellation of the previous interest rate on the downward concessions. Guangzhou, general manager of the mortgage company Lu Zhiguang said that the four big banks who did not dare to stand up to do the first, so the first set of mortgages can still get the highest rate of 15% lower interest rates, but the first set of mortgage interest rate floating out of the few.  In the last two days, four lines have finally moved, and bank lenders have said to the mortgage companies that if they accept the benchmark interest rate, they can make immediate loans, and if they can only accept the downward interest rate, they will queue up and when they will be able to lend. Lu Zhiguang said that although the bank did not explicitly say will abolish the first set of mortgage interest rates, but has deliberately led the customer to benchmark interest rates, it is estimated that soon the market will be fully changed, as long as there is a big line first, other banks will immediately follow up.
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