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A problem that many people in the inner circle have been talking about especially as a county level, a lot of large network or classification has not yet done this, but we just search the various search engines all over the site is a lot of, to our main, Yongcheng information network, Yongcheng port, Yongcheng classified information network, such as more than 10 stations, This is a big part of the situation, do the station is really relatively easy, from the network to find an open source program slightly modified, a local station can be opened. People say that it is easy to play Jiangshan, but the stability of the Jiangshan is very difficult to do the same site, to do the same thing, to stabilize the site how to do, frankly speaking, we stabilize the main stability of the user's heart.

I am a 7474.html "> Grassroots webmaster, starting from the establishment of the station has 5 years of the scene, can not say that failure can not talk about success." Because of such a long time, I did not make a fortune on the website, this is not the side of success, but because the network I got the reality of too many things, I personally feel successful, and at least said do not need to pay for the station to dig their own money! Now do the site, not as early as a few years so easy, although do more stations, But the real intentions to do very little, too many people put the program after the election, no longer asked, you think if so, you can be rich, this money to the people incredible, of course, is impossible.

I have been operating in the next few years the local station Yongcheng information port is not very mature management so that we feel, can be based on personal facts for reference.

First, do the station need perseverance

Above mentioned this point, do the station and the real work, need a perseverance, do not have this assurance, advised friends not to do. Do stand, I have no technology, I am what? adhere to, adhere to or adhere to, June 07 began to build, now four years, others asked me, I can only say that the results of persistence!

Second, to treat children like to manage

Management should be in place, the management of the site like the management of their own children, can not half-hearted, otherwise it will not be healthy upward development! Try to manage the day three in the morning, once in the afternoon, once in the evening, manage what you need to know, like the information content has no offensive language, duplicate information, etc. to be processed off, And, of course, to remove information relevant to the country.

III. cooperation with local industries

At the beginning of the construction station, try not to put down any unit that cooperates with you, no matter how you can get traffic from them, and their group can give you a lot of publicity, during which I have a total of three newspaper DM cooperation, but also with a number of business cooperation, you on the site to their publicity, They use the shop's promotional page to hit your Web site to increase the amount of browsing.

Four, the quality of the site to carry up

We must do to put the quality up, this quality refers to the minimum standards, the speed of the website does not say too fast, but absolutely the same, can not let others wait for a half a minute to go up, you think you will often visit such a station? Often can open, can not say today can open tomorrow will not open the situation, Personally, I think: the user experience should be put in the first place, as for the aesthetic procedure that is secondary! It's like looking for objects. The beauty of the mind is important, can finally be recognized by everyone, of course, on the basis of the user experience of the site beautiful better!

Above four points I simply put my four years of experience to everyone say, if you feel my station four years to get the effect how, you can open our website Yongcheng port, look carefully, thank you for your support!

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