Foxconn Chongqing Recruit thousand people: Probation month 2000 yuan

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The newspaper yesterday, the City Employment Bureau released talent recruitment Information said, September 27 to 28th, Foxconn Technology Group will be in the City Employment Bureau Human Resources Market (Jiangbei Red River to build Mart next to) on-site recruitment of 1000 people.  Its work mainly includes IE engineering personnel, quality engineering personnel, BIOS research and development personnel, production line leader and other positions. Foxconn Human Resources director Jiang said that after the recruitment, will be signed a one-time three-year contract, the probation period of 6 months, the probation period of standard working hours system, undergraduate graduates can get 2000 yuan one months, after the positive income can reach 2500 yuan to 3300 yuan. At the same time for the recruitment of personnel to purchase old-age, injury, unemployment, medical care, maternity insurance; free accommodation or subsidized accommodation, free meals (meals per day) on statutory working days; provision of work injury leave, leave, maternity leave, statutory holiday (11 days a year) and paid annual leave (5 days a year) as stipulated by national laws and regulations During the holidays, there will be opportunities for further studies. Reporter Chen
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