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"How to do the site update, at random is copied, copy copy that copy, only for the site ranking copy." "Feeling in the Internet of serious plagiarism phenomenon, I can actually poetry, of course, is purely fabricated, please do not shoot bricks." Now the internet has changed, the site can be said to be tens of thousands of dead, and a heap of N, but a good site is less and fewer, good article is like milking, half a day to see one.

Website optimization theory has not been widely before, large part of the webmaster are honest to operate their own that a three-acre station, daily or weekly update original articles, with a view to search engines more pro-lai their own site; but when you understand the SEO, the original motivation is gone, replaced by the false original obsession, The Chase for Black Hat seo. Admittedly, now is indeed false original, collection, all kinds of false original tools, acquisition software rampage, perhaps you just sent an original article in their own website, may be a few minutes later, on the other site, make you sad disappointment. Is the original really no longer important, the answer is no.

"Content is king" The truth of this site optimization is still, false original is not more than original, and to pseudo original to achieve the search engine to determine the original requirements, in fact, you have been writing an original article. We all know that soft text is the most effective way to optimize website. A good article can let you quickly increase n high-quality outside the chain, and for search engine especially Baidu is particularly important. Baidu published in April, "Search engine Optimization Guide" mentioned that the original article is not only an important way to enhance the user experience, but also an important reference factor in the site rankings. After Google quit the mainland, Baidu has been evolving, the original article to judge is increasingly standard.

Now there are a lot of local SEO blog, ranked in front of the SEO blog, the site inside most of the articles are original, these SEO blog outside the chain is not much, in which the original article on the ranking of the site played an important role. Then look at "SEO blog" keyword ranking in front of the site, although some of the other optimization means, but the original article is indeed the biggest contribution.

Original article function not only embodied in the site and the addition of the chain, it also contributed to the user click. Search engine to give the site ranking an important reference factor, is the popularity of the site. When users visit your site and are deeply attracted to the content of your site, you become a frequent visitor, and then more and more people come to visit, with more visits and repeat customers. and search engines to judge this site is very valuable, and give high weights, such as some SEO celebrity blog is so, ZAC, Le Shu blog. This is also some SEO ranking software principle, analog users visit the site, click on the site, to deceive search engines, get a good ranking.

Original content is the site's fundamental, if a site without it, it is equivalent to no soul, ranking again high, only IP no PV.

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