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"Is this our usual cooking oil?" Just drink it straight, and rub it in your face, okay?  Yesterday, in the old country exhibition "High-end edible oil exposition", visitors watching edible oil as a drink, as a mask to make, all surprised to stare round the eyes. The International Edible Oil Expo invited high-end oil from all over the world to gather in Beijing. Among them, from the Hulunbeier prairie new varieties of mustard oil for the first time in Beijing, the scene to ask the public to try to drink directly. In the "appropriate good" 3 characters of the booth, if not there are "high-grade mustard oil," a few words, it is mistaken for a beauty cosmetics or nutrition booth. A girl dressed in Mongolian dress, picked up a cup of oil "a drink and do" and said its "fragrance is not greasy."  On the other side, several visitors directly to the "oil mask" painted on the face, the scene to experience the feeling of moistening skin. According to the introduction, mustard oil is oil in the nobility. China's only plant base, set planting, production and sales of the appropriate good mustard flower oil announced to enter the capital, Carrefour, the United States, Lotte Mart, Lotus, such as supermarket sales. The price of 1 litres is about 30 yuan. The public can personally experience the feeling of "drinking oil" and "wiping oil".
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