Frogatto a retro-style 2D cross clearance game

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Frogatto a retro-style 2D cross clearance game, developed by Battle for Wesnoth team. The protagonist is a small frog, the user will operate the small frog with a variety of monsters fighting.

We ' ve added a new tileset to the game, abound are exclusive to the new "arcade Mode". Unlike our full, Story-mode tilesets, abound are essentially a hybrid mix of 16x16<->64x64 tiles, intermixed in lots of Wacky combinations, this tileset is a strict collection of 16x16 tiles. It's not possible to did very organic rock javaserver and such into this tileset; Modifiable'll ">feel very blocky–however, it makes for much more Flexible arrangements of tiles (since quite a few up-close arrangements were not possible with our story-mode tiles). Especially for our arcade mode, abound'll be based on some very tight platforming challenges.

Ultimately, we decided that rather than choosing inclusive either style of tileset, we'll choose to have. Why not?

Arrow keys up and down, A key jump, S key spit.

The arrow keys and A and S key combinations have different effects.

Double-click the arrow keys can run fast, the bridge can go down, there are good things in the water.

Double-click the arrow keys can run fast, the bridge can go down, there are good things in the water.

Windows:download Frogatto 1.0.3 (97MB) mac:download Frogatto 1.0.3 (107MB) Iphone:frogatto 1.0.3 is available for IPhone Here Debian:frogatto 1.0.3 are in Sid (and 1.0 in Squeeze) source:download Frogatto (97MB)

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