From Norton to the stew

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From Norton to the stew

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When I received an assistant call, I thought she had been molested, until three minutes later to understand: She turned on the computer results Norton Anti-Virus software alarm-system instantaneous crash! Solution is not possible. That moment is already late at night 12 o'clock, I am sleepy in pondering what is the problem ah? Later, the assistant told me that all the company's computers are installed genuine Norton Antivirus software, which means that the next morning everyone to open the computer within five minutes, the company's computer will be a large area of paralysis ... Looks like a big deal.

Although we do a variety of preventive measures, such as in the people before the boot, restore their respective operating systems to upgrade before, and then quickly uninstall Norton and other means, or at least four computer blue screen, I really do not know whether to scold Norton or scold Microsoft, the Internet before understanding, security manufacturers Symantec Norton Software May 18 staged manslaughter "Oolong , there are two versions of Windows system files that have been incorrectly added to Symantec's antivirus software definition by liveupdate or Web download file updates. In other words, Norton's brain is flooded, killing windows directly! After the Symantec although deeply apologized, but did not wait for any other measures, that is to say, although the pants to recognize the account, but it is a "Lao Tze in the city not to spend money, ruined you a few bad computer how?" ”

If you follow my logic, Symantec's behavior shows two actions: first, they made a user survey to see how many Norton loyal users were, and they challenged Microsoft's hegemony with real action and launched a counterattack against Microsoft! Both of these may exist, the purpose is to say that the user is blind fool, only know updates, blindly believe that the second is Microsoft is the world's largest rogue software, then anti-virus software maintenance justice must kill this super rogue ... It's enough to write about it. It's a science fiction story, I don't know what people think, just admire Symantec's courage and thick skin face. Also has a little sad idea emerges, the domestic anti-virus software how to be so disappointing? A considerable number of users just use Norton or Kaspersky Foreign anti-virus software, this time "manslaughter" is the domestic antivirus manufacturers to fight back, elated signal it?

No! This is never the only way! Rising card as the domestic anti-virus small pioneer, also known as antivirus manufacturer Kaspersky defined as "Virus", and its total deletion, resulting in the rising card can not upgrade. Rising said is currently with Kaspersky Emergency communication, and Kaspersky responded, whether the killing is actually determined by the user. It was a great flood of small computers, anti-virus also do not recognize a home. Before all anti-virus software and rogue software war, or virus and anti-virus war, now is antivirus software and system war, or anti-virus software to catch the assassination! It's hilarious! Users can not be a Mountain View Tiger bucket-can only look at the collapse of the computer helpless, helpless.

They are brand names that put users ' interests first, and all the signs that they are the first to abandon at a critical moment are the users! From the spear and shield to the conflict, from Norton to the stew-have you eaten?

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