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When we enter a supermarket, the first thing that comes in front of us will be an array of products, however, in order to make the sales in an orderly manner, the supermarket management will regulate the reasonable display of products according to the scope of the mall to divide the different regions And product display area, in order to induce customers in the store to spend, especially in some important locations, such as the supermarket near the door, supermarket promotions area, new area and other places elaborate layout, the purpose is to arouse the impulse spending of customers. The page design of the website is the same, just like the display area in the supermarket, each page module needs careful layout and planning in order to attract users to the maximum extent.

On the one hand, the site's page design to grasp the key areas. Recall that while we were shopping in the supermarket, we found that many hot items were often placed in the most eye-catching display areas, and when we felt the price was acceptable, we could easily put them in the shopping cart. This simple truth also applies to the website's page design. Each page length and width are limited, even if the content of the page to be more and more rich, a user can not seriously read all. Each page of the site will have a focus area, this area is the most attractive to the user's eye. Although our goal is to make web sites serve all types of users to the maximum, in a complex and volatile internet environment, web users are diverse and have different habits and needs. Therefore, the key areas of the site need more effort to retain the most important users.

On the other hand, in the website's page design, to meet the needs of most major users, but also need to take into account the needs of other users to access and browse. Everyone entering the supermarket is not necessarily the intention of the purchase of users, often there are many come and go, even in this part of the people are numerous. However, this part of the user did not buy the intention of we can not ignore, because there may be brought by accidental big spending, impulse consumption to understand the situation has occurred too often. For websites, website visitors who do not intend to stay or wander, although the requirements are not always as clear and clear, can often achieve unexpected results if properly handled and laid out on the page. Suppose this is an e-commerce platform site, coupled with the special nature and price of goods and its reasonable, they looked at, accidentally become the site's purchase of users. Therefore, in the site's page also have to consider this part of the user's location. For example, a well-known international e-commerce website in the navigation column to add a "second-hand treasure," for those who do not need new products and the pursuit of low-cost users with the opportunity to Amoy goods, as long as there is an entrance, there May lead to trading.

In addition, the website's page design should also be differentiated. In the supermarket, we often can see that if the store is very large, then will be divided into different types of product areas, food areas, daily necessities, etc., the purchase intention of clear signs of the user can directly reach between, to buy daily Into the daily area, to buy food to the food area, the different needs of the purchase to distinguish, more conducive to the efficiency of the purchase of goods, it will not be too complicated because of too complicated to look down. Web page design also needs this kind of differentiated design, different areas of the Web actually represent the needs of different users. In order to make the Web site structure clear and efficient to use, it should be a clear planning and setting of the Web page area Some more professional website analysts analyze the click-through rate of click-through rates in different regions of the web page to improve the layout of the website and enhance the website user experience and traffic.

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