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For seo, the original article is a very important part of website optimization. It is also a lot of new seo aspects must go through. As a new seo, I want to talk about the original experience from the site on the issue.

Must not dare to write

When I first came into contact with this business, I felt fearful because I was unfamiliar with the industry. I was afraid of making mistakes because I was unfamiliar with the industry. Therefore, I only read other people's articles everyday and did not dare to write it myself. This problem will appear in many new seo. But then I suddenly realized that if you do not write by brush, you never know what you are doing right or wrong, and if you do not make mistakes, you never know where your deficiencies, and you will never make progress .

When we are original, we may not be able to get started. There may be some things that we do not like, maybe not many. But those are not problems. The "great gods" in this industry also have their own new age. They can achieve their current status because they find reasons and make improvements in a failure, and then make their own original The more exciting, more and more attractive eyes.

Therefore, when the site's original creation, we must not fear the fear of foot, who better than anyone? Dare to go to the pen, it is possible to create a better original.

Must have its own style

Many people now write their own articles to some platforms, many of whom are very good people. As a seo novice, a lot of time to these platforms to "steal teacher." Some people see their favorite articles, always unconsciously to imitate. But everyone's writing style is not the same, and sometimes your favorite style is not for you.

Our style of writing has been accumulated for so long and has basically come into shape. Perhaps you see a very delicate soft paper, so you start to imitate the author's style and make your own original. At this moment, you will find that The article is actually "four different". Just like "Handan Tutu", blindly imitating others is likely to make your article completely failed.

You have to believe that your own style, although not everyone likes, but it must be the most suitable for you. You find your own style of writing to create a good original, so that your site more people to browse, so that the site is better optimized.

Must not be behind closed doors

Now that we are in the background of the Internet age, there are many new things happening every day. And these things are very good when we are original material, so seo in their own original, must not "ears do not smell out of the window," but to more outside to collect, only sufficient material to write better Original.

In addition, in the process of communicating with others, it is also a good way to promote the quality of your original articles. Now that society is a communicating society, unlike the past, all things need to be hidden, behind closed doors is not suitable for the original seo now. When we finish writing an original, we can look for some more experienced people to comment. From the perspective of onlookers, it is very easy to find out the problem. Therefore, in the process of communicating with others, we also improve our creative level the process of.

As a new seo, writing original articles is a necessary prerequisite for our website construction. This requires that we continue to improve their original level, so that their website has a good start.

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