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Http:// ">seoer view of the site is included in the work every day must do homework, included Rose, included down, included a serious decline, Will immediately go to A5 forum post to find out whether your collection is also down. The reason is so nervous, because we believe that the fall is the site of the right to drop the omen. But does the fall really mean that the site is down? The seoer analysis of Yi da capsule net is as follows:

We generally use site this command to query the site's collection, and Baidu's collection of libraries is only a certain period of time for all the page keyword ranking of a copy. It is not a timely data. In other words, the data from our site is not the content currently included in our website.

Understand these, we again to analyze the site included the reason for the decline, it may have two kinds of situation: a false is included in the decline, because the Baidu database is not synchronized reason, so that we see the results are not real data. The other is the true collection of the fall.

Then how do we know whether it is false or not included in the actual fall? We can judge from two aspects:

(1) The flow rate of the website is decreased? Of course, this flow rate is to meet the normal flow fluctuations. If not, then your part of the keyword ranking was banished, the site has been Baidu down right. This is part of the real fall of the collection.

(2) keyword ranking is stable? If the keyword ranking is still very stable, then can be judged to be false included down.
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