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about problems with FTP sockets not connected:

When users upload files using FTP, there is an inability to list, possibly due to the choice of the PASV way to upload. Therefore, the user will change the upload mode to port. The same software, different versions, the setting method is slightly different, so you need to set according to the actual situation (if the cancellation of PASV can not be accessed, please try to pasv the front of the "Use firewall access" check and try again).

CuteFTP 5.0XP Setup Method:

1. Select Edit--> Click Settings


2, select the firewall--> click "PASV mode" Remove check box in the Tick option--> Click OK


If "Data connection closed, transmits aborted" appears after the connection, select the Enable firewall access option

cuteftppro3.x Setting Method:

1. Select tool--> Click Global option


2, select the connection--> Select the data connection type for:port--> Click OK


Other ways to set up ftp:

Cute FTP 3.5 English: Ftp-settings-options-firewall, "PASV mode" before the check box to remove the tick.

Cute FTP3.5 Chinese Version: ftp-Settings-Options-firewall, "PASV mode (A)" check box before the tick is removed.

Leap ftp2.7.2:sites-site manager-advanced, remove the tick in the check box before use PASV mode.

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