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Because the various laws and regulations of the Internet are not very sound, all kinds of marketing means are too complicated. So whether the enterprise online rights, or personal online complaints. Its identification and implementation of the process are relatively tortuous, and relatively long. Many times, can only be dismissed.

March 6, 2012, the author of the country as an E-commerce marketing experts attended the "home textile industry anti-unfair competition Victory Conference." Understand the story: September 30, 2009, netizens in Google's Chinese search bar in the input "rich Anna" and other home textile brand text, the search results came out is "buy rich Anna, to Lovo", click into the www.lovo.cn site.

After the first infringement, rich Anna found in the National Textile Industry Association to coordinate, Raleigh home textile cancellation for a period of time related links. October 2009, Raleigh, in Google's Chinese search bar input "Rich Anna", click the search results in the first column of "Rich Anna, full 10 percent", the entry is still www.lovo.cn website.

Fuannacompany in July 2010 to formally prosecute Raleigh in the event of ineffective regulation. February 2012 Rich Anna Anti Unfair competition case formally issued a verdict, Raleigh lost. The verdict reads as follows: Raleigh Home Textile Co., Ltd. and the defendant Shanghai Raleigh Household Textiles Co., Ltd infringement of the exclusive right of rich Anna trademarks, 48 hours in a row on the home page www.lovo.cn statement, for the elimination of the impact of Anna, overdue performance will be published in the relevant media judgments related content, the cost of non-performance of the obligation of the Raleigh Bear; Raleigh to fuannacompany compensation for economic losses and litigation reasonable expenses amounted to 100,000 yuan. Both parties have no objection to this decision, and the result of the judgment will come into effect.

The authors believe that in a highly competitive e-commerce environment, such as Fuannacompany home textiles well-known brands, has a great opportunity, can directly face hundreds of millions of potential consumers, fully display the quality of products and services. And the entire platform is fully open, with unlimited development potential.

The biggest challenge, however, comes from two areas, from inside to outside. From the internal point of view, the traditional channel and network channel integration speed too fast, leading to the lack of professional talent, which has become a common problem of e-commerce in China.

At the same time, most home textile enterprises are still based on product sales, lack of overall brand marketing planning. Result in the electronic Commerce environment, the product quality is uneven. Because, the material composition of home spinning is relatively complex. People in the purchase of home textiles, often with pure cotton or cotton to determine the grade and price of goods. Because many netizens still decide to buy by Price, also give a lot of pusher opportunity.

Taobao shop, even a set of bedding four sets price only 99 Yuan. And 99 yuan in fact even the production cost is not enough, but the netizen natural selection cheap, do not choose expensive. However, in the careful analysis of the material can be found, one is less than 20% cotton content, did not wait to wash began to pilling static electricity.

From the outside, also because of the opening of the Internet platform, China's Internet management mechanisms are not sound. Some enterprises in order to maximize profits, will violate the principle of good faith management, using a variety of network means to obtain benefits, or even malicious competition.

Need to be rich Anna home textile in the strengthening of professional team building, through the brand marketing, and constantly enhance the brand cover force. As long as the quality of products and services, in a transparent and open e-commerce environment, will naturally receive the support and affirmation of consumers and society. And those dishonest enterprises, although short-term gain some profits, but lost Word-of-mouth, lost the trust of consumers, is not conducive to the growth of the brand.

China's textile enterprises to carry out the future development of E-commerce, also requires the rich Anna home textiles These well-known brands, can have a professional platform in the continuous expansion of brand influence at the same time, to solve the line can not be screened product quality problems. At the same time, to provide quality services, driving the whole home textile industry in the field of E-commerce healthy development.

Home Textile Enterprises engaged in E-commerce, if you want to make the brand bigger and stronger, we must give up the short-term profiteering, take the long-term road of brand building, can be more consumers accept.

Any reprint of the article, must be labeled "soft and original source from the country fanatical marketing agency: http://www.suozhiguo.com", otherwise I will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility.

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