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January 31, 2012 News, China Mobile Communications Group Fujian Co., Ltd. (Fujian Mobile) announced that the deployment of Oracle Exadata Database cloud Server to create a new generation of business Analysis System (Business analyze Support systems, Bass system) to further support its all-round development needs.

Fujian Mobile is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile (Hong Kong) Limited, under the jurisdiction of 9 municipal branches, 61 counties (city) branch. At present, Fujian Mobile has been built to cover a wide range of business variety, high communication quality of the integrated communications network, become operating mobile communications business, IP telephony and Internet services, specialized mobile communications operators.

In the past more than 10 years, the size of Fujian mobile customers from 2 million to a breakthrough of more than 30 million, the growth of 10 times, user demand is constantly changing and growing, the company's existing bass architecture performance, capacity, scalability can not meet its development needs. In order to continue to maintain Ngbass's business advancement, Fujian Mobile has decided to deploy a ngbass Oracle Exadata database Cloud Server to build a new generation of high-performance bass systems in the context of China Mobile Group's request to complete the construction of the 3.5 in 2012.

Oracle Exadata Database Cloud Server is Oracle's first integrated hardware and software integration System for data management (including data warehousing, transactional, and integrated hybrid application workloads) in the areas of the portfolio of applications, servers, storage, and network services. With Oracle Exadata, the Fujian Mobile will build a new data warehouse platform for the system, and all new application data requirements will be met by Data Warehouse based on Oracle Exadata Database cloud Server, The simultaneous migration of existing data warehouse applications based on Teradata platforms to Oracle Exadata enables bass systems to achieve higher performance, higher availability, and security on Oracle Exadata.

By deploying Oracle Exadata Database Cloud Server, the new generation bass system in Fujian will be able to further expand the storage capacity of the system, increase the data storage compression rate greatly, and provide the data lifecycle management function, which can improve the system performance.

With the help of Oracle Exadata database cloud Server preconfigured configuration, Fujian Mobile's new generation bass system no longer requires months of configuration, scheduling, tuning, rapid deployment, and online expansion and rolling upgrades.

In view of the higher energy utilization and lower space requirements of Oracle Exadata Database cloud Server, the deployment cost and maintenance cost of Fujian mobile new Generation bass system will be greatly reduced compared with the high maintenance cost of the original system, and promote energy saving and emission reduction of enterprises, At the same time to meet the future planning needs of enterprises.

As a data warehouse base platform, Oracle exadata Database cloud Server can help Fujian Mobile to achieve flexible expansion of capacity and the sustainable growth of system performance, so that it can obtain more storage space to store longer period of data, and improve the system's business intelligence analysis ability, Provide more opportunities for business innovation.

In order to guarantee the success of the new Generation bass system, Oracle will fully cooperate with Fujian Mobile, provide different technical expert team and project management support for project implementation at different stages of the project, and provide multi-level technical advice from local, Asia-Pacific and headquarter to reduce project implementation risk significantly.

Oracle Global vice president, Greater China Technology Products division general manager Lin Shinghua said: "We look forward to the joint efforts of the two sides, Fujian Mobile using Oracle Exadata Database cloud server built by the core of the system, can achieve a very good implementation effect." Oracle's comprehensive, open, integrated technology solutions and integrated systems have extensive deployment experience worldwide, and we will continue to leverage innovative technology offerings to provide strong business development support to more local businesses!

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