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Recently, EA published data that "Battlefield 1943" of digital sales of up to 16 million U.S. dollars, and due to the FIFA "ultimate Team cooperation Model" launched, so that players spend as much as 700 dollars in the FIFA game point card. Robert Kotick, chief executive of Blizzard, told investors that expensive games around, limited edition games plus game expansion packs cost players more than 500 dollars on a game.  At a meeting with investors, Eric Brown, US EA chief Financial officer, confirmed that the player was willing to spend that amount on the game expansion pack. At UBS's annual media and communications conference, Brown stressed that sales of digital sales and individual game expansion packages were being played by issuers between the palms.  In the fiscal year, the US EA said digital sales-expansion packs and game digital downloads are about 7.5 million dollars in revenue, accounting for 20% of total sales. FIFA series launches team ultimate collaboration Model Brown gives an example of a significant profit that is the FIFA team's ultimate teamwork model. The so-called "ultimate team-Work model" is that players only need to buy a point game card to add the role of the game, and then can be combined into the mind of the player's dream team. Let the player use this fantasy team for the game in a particular game.  Point card points can be earned through "normal mode" games or through micro trading.  Brown told investors: "The player spends 500, 600, or even 700 dollars on the point card to play the ultimate team-work mode." FIFA09 as the first game to introduce players to the "Ultimate Team cooperation model" of the game, to the American art electricity brought 15 million of dollars in digital sales revenue. Brown said that the development of the "ultimate team-Work model" in the million, since the launch of the FIFA09 in 09, FIFA09 probably to the U.S. arts electricity has brought 30 million of dollars in income, FIFA11 sales share has not been counted. Brown said he thought the trend of digital sales growth would remain.  Although the model was ported to EA's "crazy Rugby" and "ice Hockey League" two games and commercialized sales, Brown did not mention the two specific sales of the game with the "Ultimate cooperation model". "Game Digital download" has gradually become a big business of American art electricity. This year the company estimated "game digital download" Business has 90 million to 100 million U.S. dollars of sales. The business has also been successful on the console platform. Brown pointed out that "battlefield 1943" in 09 years respectively in the Xbox Live and PlayStation receptacle debut. Even though the development of Battlefield 1943 took only millions of, it brought 16 million of the revenue to EA. (excluding Microsoft and Sony gaming console platform usage fees). (Edit/Fang Haibo)
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