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Page 1: GAMER STORM top radiator Assassin

Bubble network radiator channel February 10 Although for the majority of cost-conscious players, the high-end radiator is far away from us, but these still do not affect them by the DIY enthusiasts sought after. After all, in the top processor + ultimate overclocking players mind, not enough to suppress the anger of the CPU anger will feel the platform will never be complete, so the high-end products is the most controversial radiator performance, the positioning of the product performance will always It is everyone's focus.

A fever-class radiator is even a fraction of the processor's price, high cost and at the same time they are also more suitable for enthusiasts needs. Xiaobian today for you to collect some of the top products in recent time, do not know which of these radiators are you using it?


heat sink

Features: Twin towers dual fan eight heat pipe

Price: 499 yuan

purchase address:

Jingdong Mall

GAMER STORM Assassin (ASSASSIN) shocking appearance design has long won its highly recognized, after nearly a year of preparation, Assassin (ASSASSIN) finally waiting for the players in the assassination of Assassin Assassin (ASSASSIN), the market!

GAMER STORM Assam Jingdong starter GAMER STORM Assassin Assassin shark tooth fin shape

Assassin (ASSASSIN) is GAMER STORM introduced the first top CPU coolers, two sets of tower cooling fins, clever fin arrangement to ensure the superior ASSASSIN performance, and the overall nickel-plated Not only does ASSASSIN look longer, it also enhances overall appearance. Light flash, assassin out, in a flash, at peace, Assassin (ASSASSIN) performance, fast and ruthless.

Double tower fins eight eight 6mm heat pipe to play the ultimate performance

The arrangement of each fin in the designer is even more inventive and imaginative, shark tooth-shaped fin appearance, not only to optimize the fin heat arrangement, while enhancing the overall appearance of the glamorous temperament, the overall appearance more domineering, Assassin (ASSASSIN) from the debut began to attract the media and players attention.

Full mirror polished base

In order to ensure the superior performance of Assassin, ASSASSIN selected eight high-purity copper heat pipes, the scientific design of heat pipe bending angle and the optimal performance of heat pipes and fins to ensure Assassin ASSASSIN) super cooling performance, at the same time bring players speed cooling experience. Of course, Assassin (ASSASSIN) details of the deal, the designers are also excellence, the first contact with the heat source base processing, the use of a copper base, excellent cooling effect, and the use of mirror polishing convex bottom process, so that the base The perfect combination with the CPU, the rapid transfer of heat, allowing users to enjoy high performance experience.

Unique double UF all-inclusive plastic fan Assassin's luxury accessories lineup

Assassin invincible as assassin, assassin (ASSASSIN) keen perception of the changes in the market, not only in terms of performance determined to better buckle equipped with the same time advance in support of the latest intel 2011 architecture.

Page 2: Feng Shui cold overclocking three deep blue radiator

Overclocking three dark blue

heat sink

Features: Air-cooled water-cooled design

Price: 489 yuan

purchase address:

Jingdong Mall

Overclocking three prestigious South China series radiator, apparently they did not stop there, over the years the accumulation of outstanding design and manufacturing process for overclocking three launched a more unique flagship radiator, as the world's first "feng shui Hybrid "cooling artifact, overclocking three dark blue W120 with the peak pressure of 500W high-power performance and outrageous! More importantly, it can not only be used as air-cooled, but also can be used for water-cooled, and even mixed applications to fully meet the different needs of players, creating a new world of heat! And only 500W this unique shock cooling power design, the history of the most powerful thermal artifact's title deserved!

Overclocking three dark blue W120

As the industry leader in thermal management, overclocking three dark blue W120 for the first time the "air-cooled, water-cooled" two different cooling the perfect combination of ways to break the shackles of air-cooled and water cooled to achieve the dual cooling effect, which has a novel cooling structure, expansion Large space, powerful thermal performance characteristics. Scientific tests show that: 450W in the case of high fever, dark blue W120 will always control the CPU temperature below 58 degrees, which shows its powerful performance!

5 heat pipe + reflow soldering process

Overclocking three dark blue W120 The overall size of 140mm (L) x50mm (W) x150mm (H), the use of single-tower side-blown structure design, the whole wave-shaped nickel-plated fins. At the same time, comes standard with 5 6mm heat pipe, copper base, and also uses the top reflow soldering process, thermal conductivity is excellent. In addition, this radiator is also equipped with 12cm 4Pin PWM intelligent speed LED fan. Therefore, even if the dark blue W120 water-cooled equipment, the performance is also very powerful.

Hybrid works

"Dark blue W120" cooling principle is actually very simple, it fully combines the "air-cooled" and "water-cooled" two cooling advantages, natural cooling effect is extremely powerful! Its unique 5 6mm heat pipe +4 water pipe cooling design, the heat conduction through the copper base to the heat pipe, through a large area of ​​the fins, and finally by the cold wind out of the heat. In addition to the cooling of the cooling body, the water-cooled equipment assists in dissipating heat and conducts the heat to the outside of the chassis to dissipate the heat so as to improve the overall cooling performance. Compared with other water-cooled radiator, hybrid W120 has a larger cooling area and greater thermal performance advantages, which overclocking game player, is undoubtedly a better choice.

It is worth mentioning that, dark blue W120 comes standard with a full platform buckle, not only supports AMD AM2 / AM2 / AM3 / AM3 + and INTEL LGA775 / 1155/1156/1366 platform, and also supports the latest AMD bulldozer and Intel LGA2011 platform.

Page 3: Cooled semiconductor radiator

CoolerMaster V10

heat sink

Features: Semiconductor cooling giant radiator

Price: 1299 yuan

purchase address:

Jingdong Mall

CoolerMaster V10 radiator we are not unfamiliar, I believe this "monster" friends will have a deep memory of it, many of my friends saw the box when the printing pattern that is the power supply, and indeed its shape It is too offbeat.

Full set of buckle

V10 is a 2009 product, it has a proud life cycle, to meet the mainstream introduced at the time with the attached LGA1156 clip does not seem to see it after the upgrade message, the known parameters it supports LGA1366 / 1155/1156 / 775, AMD AM2 / AM2 + / AM3 platform, still compatible with all current mainstream platforms. V10 huge size, weight reached 1.2kg, but in the high-end radiator it is still within the normal category. It is worth mentioning that, V10 addition to two 12cm fan cooling also has semiconductor cooling technology.

Packaging and products

V10 radiator sports car with the general shape, we can often be shocked by the shape of the box printing and heat sink, radiator size 236.5 x 129.6 x 161.3 mm, it is clear that it is consistent with the monster body, no wonder people were mistaken for power , Radiator history is hard to find like V10 general sturdy products.

Radiator overall double 12cm fan cooling

The purpose of the V10 design is not only to heat the processor, but also to cool the PC peripherals, most notably by the fact that it blows the wind into memory. Cooler work in this part of the design, even if you use the pirate ship Dominator type "tall" memory, and will not conflict with the V10, but if you use Kingston HyperX T1 so high memory, I am afraid it will happen Conflict. In addition to the cooling part of the memory, so blowing the way on the motherboard power supply part of the cooling also played a positive role. And it takes full advantage of the size of the dual-fan + large-area fins so that the V10 has excellent cooling performance, at the time was the title of king of air-cooled.

What kind of bottom

From the bottom to see the party was luxurious, as the fins are too large, can only be designed into two parts, respectively, by two fans hair from different directions.

Fins and heat pipes

Near the radiator material is also very luxurious, the application of a large number of heat pipes and fins, are nickel-plated, the fan also has installed LED lights, red glow at work, very beautiful. Fins and heat pipe using the more popular FIN technology link, outside the plastic cover can well protect the fins from extrusion damage, it will not slippery hand.

The base is also nickel-plated

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