GDP growth in the second quarter is expected to be no less than 10%

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Into the July, the macro-economic figures were staring at the two-quarter growth rate of China's GDP.  Earlier, economists and financial institutions have also published forecasts, the more consistent view is: China's economic growth in the two quarter will not be less than 10%. "GDP growth in the second quarter is expected to remain at 10.4%, with a full year of around 10% should be fine."  "Societe Generale senior economist Lu Commissar said. Huangguitian, vice president of Peking University School of Economics, also said that from the electricity generation, industrial electricity consumption increased by 23.33% in May, indicating that the recovery of industrial production is still very fast, and the overall development trend of China's economy is still good. "GDP growth is expected to be faster in the two quarter, at least 10%."  "There is no denying that the growth rate of the Chinese economy has slowed more markedly in the first quarter after entering the two quarter." But the slowdown does not mean "two dip".  Laid-off, Director of macro-economic Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said Huangguitian that if the international economy continued to improve, domestic consumption growth continued to grow by about 15%, and investment growth was around 25%, China's economy could not have big problems.  Huangguitian that the year's positive fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy should remain unchanged at 9% per cent of the annual economic growth. (Source economic Reference)
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