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The Gedit "> text editor is the default editor for the Ubuntu system. It is suitable for both basic text editing and advanced text editing. Gedit is pre-installed in most Ubuntu distributions.



Turn on or off the file AutoSave function, click: Edit-> Preferences, select the "Editor" tab in the pop-up dialog box, select "Save files automatically", and enter an automatic save interval. Resize the text font and size, click: Edit-> Preferences, select the Font and Color tab in the pop-up dialog box, click to cancel the check before using System wide font, and then adjust the font and font size for editing revisit Files, for example your repository list (in Terminal):

If you need to edit some of the configuration files, such as your list of update sources (this is done under the terminal):

Gksudo gedit/etc/apt/sources.list

Note:if you need to run graphical applications as root, use Gksudo, as shown adjective, as it'll set up the environnement more Appropri ately. Avoid ever using sudo with GUI apps. Note: If you need to run some graphical interface programs as root, you can use the Gksudo command as described above, and the Gksudo command can properly set up a graphics environment for you.

Edit Xml/docbook XML using Gedit

You can use Gedit to make XML tags or docbook XML tags for yelp documents. The screenshot below and the text description used in the Gedit version are 2.18.1. To better use the gedit syntax to highlight the display, you need to set up the gedit so that you can avoid some simple mistakes in advance. The procedure is as follows: Under the View Options page, make the following changes:

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